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  1. Hi all, First of all I have sent a PM to Spence about the stupidity of myself a few years back. I hope that I am able to resolve this issue fully. Secondly I am not touting just trying to help out fellow Norwich fans to enable them to go rather than sending it back to the club where Arsenal fans can get their hands on them... Sorry if this is wrong. Cheers
  2. I have one spare ticket for Arsenal if you want it. £27 is face value.
  3. Went in there yesterday but said there was only singles... Why is everyone so rude on here?
  4. Hey guys! I am looking for two tickets for Saturday! Can anyone help? Cheers
  5. What do you lot think of Kevin Doyle? Celtic had bid of 750k rejected would be good to change the shape of the team and a snip at 1 million.
  6. I am still slightly concerned about the amount of chances we are creating..
  7. How poor has Tettey been? Given the ball away several times and been pushed off the ball nearly everytime!
  8. Hey, I am looking for either one or two Liverpool tickets for the game on Saturday. Could anybody help me out? Ring/text me on 07833525994. Thanks
  9. Hey, I am looking for two Man Utd tickets for tomorrow please text me on 07833525994 if you have any spares. Thanks Mike
  10. Me and my three mates are interested in doing this. Could you let me know how much asap as if not I will have to start thinking about other ways of transport. Thanks Mike
  11. Just thought that I would mention it on here as I thought Norwich fans stick together. It isn''t like I am a fake fan who hasn''t been to any away games! Went to 10 this season and lots in league 1! Unfortunately Dad threw them out when moving out. I don''t think I deserve to be slatered for that! If I could be helped I would appreciate it.
  12. It would seem a shame if they have. It isn''t like I didn''t go to the games last season! If the club had thought about this more then they could have had something on computer when buying tickets!
  13. Hello everyone, I went to 10 away games last season but my dad has seemed to have chucked 4 of my away stubs out! Which I was very angry about. Anyhow has anyone got 4 stubs I could buy for a small fee? Thanks Mike
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