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  1. Driving up to the game tomorrow, have been there before but not for a few years, best place to park?
  2. I don''t know if anybody else witnessed some of the commotion going on below the concourse after the game, but I did witness some Norwich fans winding up the Middlesbrough supports as they went to their buses, but in particular I was amused for some reason as a man(not sure of which team) enticed a M''boro fan to hit him and he got absolutely pasted before the plod took him out... Not the post game atmosphere I expected!
  3. I do apologize if there is another car parking post but I''m just looking to see what people know. Me and my friend are driving down to the game and as far as I know Wembley official parking is sold out. Now I''m just wondering about what other car parks are avail in the area? Really the best idea is parking in one of the London suburbs and tubing it in but I''m pretty sure my friend won''t be comfortable with leaving his car there as he doesn''t trust the areas... so suggestions for lesser dodgy suburbs and wembley car parks please? :)
  4. I was pretty sure he was meant to re join the squad last monday..(fer)
  5. Now, please forgive me, I might be out of the loop and the stuff i want to know may be common knowledge but.. Wheres Fer? Wheres Becchio? Wheres Basson? Wheres Fox? Wheres Pilkington? I''ve heard either nothing or barley anything about these players and I''m just wondering, what, in fact, the situation is, if there are more educated people which could tell me these things!
  6. Got an over 65''s ticket for sale for tomorrow. Central Jarold, block J near the front. £30!
  7. still looking for 2 tickets for Sunday. Norwich want to charge me £55 for upgrading an u21 and a over 65 so, I''m still looking!
  8. I''m looking for 2 Arsenal tickets for Sunday. Norwich want to charge me £55 to upgrade an U21 season ticket to Adult and downgrade a 65+ so, I''ve been forced to look again. Willing to pay face value.
  9. Looking for 2 tickets to the Arsenal game, willing to pay face value, 2 adults or an adult and a 65+ is ideal!
  10. I have an over 65''s season ticket for sale for the Everton game tomorrow in the Jarold, drop a line if interested!
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