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  1. He plays well when he is in space.. yesterday Preston got there tactics completely wrong and Hoolahan found himself in so much space! I just hope other clubs adopt the same tactics as Preston did !! [;)]
  2. I think Wynn Jones gave Lambo a lap dance because he drunk abit too much on the way up there.
  3. Nee Norr Nee Norr   Evadentual*    
  4. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Chris why are your opinions FACT?[/quote] Evidentual facts.
  5. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Crofts Number 1 Fan"]At last someone sees sense.[/quote] It didn''t need a whole other thread though. [;)] [/quote] It did.. The only way to make a stand is to make a thread !!
  6. 1. He''s out player 2. Got potential 3. He''s injured (get over it) 4. We will not sell him for a wage cut. There we go, now shut up.
  7. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Chris."]The club was founded.[/quote]Source? [+o(][/quote] Some man in a blue jumper.
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