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  1. Just a suggestion but with the priority to strengthen other areas and the fact that we have full backs that can play centre back, should we bring Adel Gafaiti into the first team, he seems highly rated and it would be good for him, he''d be fourth choice, realistically 5th with RM covering because is it worth bringing in a new centre back to be 4th choice as Ryan Bennett has established himself as a strong 3rd choice.
  2. Although I have 9-2 on my flag I agree it''s a bit tinpot but I got the flag soon after our promotion and it was a popular idea at the time, I''m now considering various new flags but don''t want to rush the process.
  3. Go for it, my flag in my picture, constant reminder of them two games, barmy flags is a good place to get flags, although pricey they come with a fire certificate on the back, some Prem grounds do check this and the flags are high quality.
  4. From my seat near the front of Block D to Block E, purely because I''ve recently had a growth spurt over the last season which means when I stand those behind me cannot see without standing, I enjoy standing and they didn''t so to prevent confrontations I moved.
  5. FA Youth Cup winning loanee goalkeeper has been offered a pro contract by Southampton, I know a few did wonder if we''d try to keep him, glad for the young lad, the way he acts on twitter it seems like he''ll always have a soft spot for NCFC now and I hope he has a good career. http://www.saintsfc.co.uk/news/article/201213-released-list-854898.aspx
  6. Last couple of years AST''s have been limited to 700 and have sold out.
  7. [quote user="ncfc_greg"]Not a home season ticket holder but does anyone know about away season ticket renewals?[/quote] Asked in the ticket office yesterday, letters were sent Monday.
  8. Still not had mine through, usually comes through with last away tickets of the season but didn''t this year, starting to worry I may miss the deadline, glad it''s not only me as it probably means they''re sending them all out later than usual.
  9. Sorry about late notice but I''d organised two tickets for friends for tomorrow only to be let down, if anyone is selling two tickets together, or relatively close to each other I''d definately be interested, thank you.
  10. [quote user="NCFCJE"]Is he suspended definitely?[/quote] I''m going on the assumption two yellows means one game ban and cannot be overturned apart from for mistaken identity, it''ll be interesting to see what Neil Adams does for the second leg as Cameron Norman has been an efficient player, all depends on how whoever replaces him performs I suppose.
  11. Harry Barker in for suspended Cameron Norman, apart from that you can''t justify anyone being dropped unless there''s any injury doubts.
  12. I know they''re talented but they won the FAYC last year and we drew with them in an even game and had chances, if the Murphys attack how they did 2nd leg vs. Forest and pass well, I''m confident.
  13. [quote user="morty"]Honestly?Unless Chelsea have two massive off nights, I really can''t see us winning this.And theres no shame in that frankly.[/quote] The same was said when we got them in the FAYC last season, many of our players are now a year older and we have some promising first years, we lost to them lost year on penalties after a 0-0, honestly the big crowd could give us the edge to take a lead to Stamford Bridge. I understand their players are also a year older and highly rated but we''ve got to the final, why admit defeat before a ball has been kicked in the final? If the Murphy twins look up and pass and our other players continue to get into the good positions we should do well if our defence stay strong like they have been.
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