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  1. I''m only going to get a season ticket when i''m 100% sure we''re an established Premier League team. Then i''ll be watching us against the big boys each week :D p.s does anyone know how easy it is to get tickets to Man CIty, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea home and away?
  2. I think the overseas Premier League tv rights are up for negotiation soon as well, which would bring in even more money for clubs.
  3. Guessing that with Chris Hughton being the new Norwich manager that means Lambert has left?
  4. True legend, love the guy! Took a 50% pay cut to come to us, not many footballers would do that these days.
  5. Yeah Man United want Kagawa and have offered him a contract worth £100,000. Plus Dortmund want £16 million for him. So obviously we''ve got a great chance of signing him ...... :)
  6. According to this article on the Sky Sports website we made a bid for Snodgrass in January. So surely we''ll go in with another bid this summer? http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11688/7769875/Snodgrass-keeps-open-mind
  7. Liverpool are apparently wanting to speak to many managers about replacing Dalgleish. Sky say up to as many as 12, so yeah it is true. Bit of a weird recruitment process from Liverpool though.
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