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  1. The only consistent thing about us is we’re always permanently broke
  2. Won’t be a problem next season in TC as we’ll probably win more games hopefully if we can keep most of the squad together. Remember TBOD insist we be a top 26 club.
  3. The club is probably out of it’s depth being in The Premiership under the present regime compared to other clubs setups. The stadium needs upgrading re main stand, toilets food vending area’s etc. It’s only this season that the dressing rooms have been upgraded and that was a league rule. Literally millions need to be spent just to survive and despite all the money this club has received through sell out season tickets over the years and selling players we always seem to have no money.
  4. Looks like he got them from a Christmas Cracker
  5. Go1st class for a tenner assured of a seat and free biscuits and coffee
  6. We blew any chance of staying up when we failed to take any points off West Ham, Burnley, Palace, Villa twice, Brighton, Watford, Southampton, Sheffield United all sides we thought were winnable when fixtures were announced. Now 7/8 wins from 15 games Seems a hard ask to me
  7. Other news Is l’m off to Aldi’s
  8. Max could be gone in days and then Lewis comes in
  9. Thought Cantwell was Man of the Match 2 teams that will meet again next season in TC
  10. Godfrey’ probably just added another nail in the coffin
  11. You’re all lucky I have the future England Manager, a guy who permanently tells the linesman or as he describes him “””Lino””” where to stick his flag and a couple who double up as tic tac men waving their arms about
  12. We don’t need any more bargain basement players to help us make the top 26 we are doing fine
  13. Kings Lynn in Div 2 not in the next 5 years
  14. You’re all redundant Master Tom got it and he didn’t even have to put in a resume
  15. What are the odds by the bookies on renewing next seasons derby
  16. When you are in the position of being in the bottom most teams will do all they can to insure they stay up. With the season ticket freeze the BOD have given up and are realistic that we are down and will not spend
  17. He still couldn’t keep in his trousers
  18. Does that mean we’re doomed to T C
  19. Should be up to speed by the Man City game seriously though think he will be given game time this weekend
  20. Thought it quite funny but then I’m quite happy to please
  21. If we lose the majority of players as mentioned above we can look forward to years of mid table mediocrity in The Championship.Think it’s disgusting how this BOD have learnt absolutely nothing from previous promotions and know that season tickets will sell out whatever league we are in
  22. No more slipping the man on the police gate a couple of bob then.
  23. So planning for next season is to sell off the family jewels
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