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  1. That''s good to know! I will make sure I lock myself away in dark room until its all over!!!
  2. Having gone for the cheap option regarding the manager there''s no reason why the board shouldn''t be putting their hands in their pockets for a decent striker!!! We definitely need more strike wise as at the moment we are looking like a team that''s happy to settle in the Championship. We don''t want to be making the same mistakes up front as last season.
  3. All this Snoddy stuff is really starting to get on my tits! I think he''s been great/very passionate, but I wish he''d just hurray up and go as he obviously doesn''t want to be here and is clearly longing for any move back up north he can get. All that banging on about wanting to go to Celtic his boyhood club, and then he goes to Hull, who will probably struggle in the prem next season anyway due to the toll of Europa football. The sooner the deal is done/made offical the better so we can move on and get back to Benno''s pace on the wing!
  4. I can see why He''s annoyed though! We have all renewed our season tickets at premier league prices to watch championship football under Adams!! After paying the same money to watch last seasons trash! Will just have to hope things aren''t as bad as they seem and hope we win more games
  5. Because were are Norwich City a great club who should never have been relegated in the first place!!! Let alone be appointing an inexperienced manager who thinks he knows the business coz he took charge for a few odd games!
  6. Hughton has seriously screwed up our entire team!! We are a hopeless cause! Unless we bring in pretty much a whole new squad we look doomed for next season.
  7. The fans are the only loyal thing about our club and yet we are the ones who have to put up with bad luck, all the stigma of being little Norwich the joke of the football world, players who don''t give a damn, a board who make poor decisions and now relegation and pathetic scum fans!! Of course I will be there next season but I wont be going to Arsenal next week I don''t want to see any of the players ever again!!
  8. F***in Fulham and their dump of a ground!!! hope it collapses into the river Thames! Once again we are asking for the one thing we are incapable of providing ....one Sodding goal!!!
  9. Well I personally think Snoddy is a bit of a hunk! Plus at times he appears more passionate than the rest of the team put together!!
  10. Terrible result tonight!  I''ve lost the tiny amount of hope I had left in me, and Wigan havent even played yet!! Another sleepless night! I hope the players are crapping their pants!!!!!
  11.  This is PATHETIC!! We are in such a sh**ty mess!!! It''s no good having to rely on stupid Stoke!! they deserve to be relegated on their performance tonight alone!!! I''ve never known any results to go our way! All the other teams have a fighting spirit and we dont!
  12. I want us to win so much I feel sick!!!! But west brom have man city on Tuesday night so they will probably lose! Which means they won''t want to lose three in a row!!!!!
  13.  I hope McNally/the club think up something better than putting stupid paper clappers on everyones seats in an attempt to get the crowd going on sunday!! At this rate we are gonna need a bloody firework display followed by the team performing the conga as they come out of the tunnel, if we want to raise the roof!!
  14. Although Chelsea won hopefully they will know Arsenal are still on their backs to snatch 3rd place back! Therefore Chelsea will want to secure 3rd place for themselves with a win against scummy Villa.
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