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  1. 1-1 pukki scoring our goal after we go one down
  2. I’ll go with 3-0, we should have too much for them, after our Wednesday game
  3. I’ll go with 1-3 we will win but may not be easy
  4. 1-2 there’s been a theme of 2-1’s for city this season
  5. RIP Sandy.Just shows you how time fly''s. Used to watch him from the river end as a kid. We always got sent to the front of the stand. He was like 5 foot from us.Them were the days. Football then on way home fish and chips.Wow time sure does fly !!!
  6. [quote user="xymox"] Have seen mentioned on here android boxes, does anyone have a view on them? Are they better than the streams? Match choice on Sky is great now we are back in the prem but doesn''t beat watching the match live and of course nothing beats being there and respect to the faithful that get to all the away games.[/quote]I have a fire TV box, I love it.Had Liverpool on it tonight and only buffered once ( near the end of the game )I watch tv on it now as i have about 200 channels from all around the world. But remember its all from the internet. Was well worth the £79 !!
  7. [quote user="True Grit"]Trying nod off to sleep but can''t. thought it was down to the balmy atmospherics at first, but realise it''s due to an acute and generalised worry about the club. AN has never managed a game in the PL, doesn''t that worry anyone else? We''ve made no signings of note and doesn''t look like we will, does this worry you? Are you worried too?[/quote]Just tell me again, whats to worry about ?No need to worry, AN will. sort it, plenty of time yet.
  8. I myself got a fire stick, does everything i need, cept my 18 month old TV just broke :( Should get it back today or tomorrow, so yeah the stick was going great, till me TV went wrong.You will get some programs not working, but dont worry, they sort them out when they find any.Best £35 I ever spent.
  9. [quote user="city4eva"][quote user="bloodwagon"]Do ref`s not like us ????Every time we get hammered by the bloody ref !!!![/quote] do you know wot he did or are just clutching at straws[/quote]Clutching straws :(
  10. Do ref`s not like us ????Every time we get hammered by the bloody ref !!!!
  11. TeamPGDPts Bournemouth464289 Norwich463387 Middlesbrough462985 Ipswich461682 Derby462679 Watford463278 Wolverhampton461176
  12. Just wanted to wish all a very appy Christmas and a very appy New Year
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