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  1. Surely every point that you have made can be pretty much made for any new head coach that is appointed. Plenty of mangers/head coaches with less, equal or more experience have been appointed at others clubs and have either failed, done not nothing of merit or have been a success. We have absolutely no guarantee that any manger/head coach that comes here will do any of the three things mentioned previously.....its just how football is.....no guarantee of anything. I think this is where you have to trust in the people that are in the know, give them adequate time and then criticise if it doesn''t work well, anything else at this time is just unjustified moaning in my books.       
  2. http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/norwich-city-statement-chairman-alan-bowkett-2840038.aspx!!!
  3. I don''t think we have ever played Lafferty in a striker position, only ever as a wide left player. Maybe, just maybe give him a chance in what seems to be his most effective position and he may actually score a few!
  4. Thank god someone else feels the same! When I saw the team selection I thought it looked balanced and able to deal with things defensively! Lo and behold we got a clean sheet!... The rest will come!
  5. And some of the other times..... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0ifjCR9SL0s
  6. And he has gone on a 93 day loan......bizarre!!!
  7. [quote user="morty"]Redmond completes his hat trick![/quote] Ish!!! Major hand ball from his team mate, great run though!!!
  8. To be fair he has had a knee injury for a large part of this season!!
  9. Please feed my ignorance? Too expensive? Not good enough?
  10. If we keep Hooper, would Georgios Samaras be a good buy? Looking at everything that Hooper produced for Celtic, it seems as if this block knows how to find someone in a position to score!! Please tell me if I''m barking up a really wrong, huge tree!!!
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