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  1. It looked black and white to me last night.
  2. Howson is entitled to his opinion but I''d bet if the team spirit they reckon exists is really there they will be giving Jacob a bit of stick for it in training next week. That''s how it was meant to my mind. Not everything in life has to be taken literally. Us dole money boys call it "banter". Try it sometimes, it''s quite good fun.
  3. We did the q&a this arvo and he missed that for the same reason. He also had boxes 37 and 38 (same floor as the lounge) booked from 4PM so sneak out and have a look who he has got in there!
  4. No way from me either. Same with the Academy Jackpot they keep ringing me to ask about. What bugs me is the insistence this is for the kids - it''s not. It''s a way to get more money, plain and simple. If the club - and all it''s millions whether in the premier league or not - cannot afford to run a few kids sides then those at the top do really have to take a look at themselves. Yeah, I''m happy the CE had an £850k bonus for keeping us up last year. I didn''t get a bonus, despite working hard. So that £19 can stay with me. In fact, if he halved his bonus none of us would need to pay the £19. Won''t happen tho will it. That said, if they said I''d get a dividend on any players sales that came from academy players - then I might. But no, they''ll want to keep that money too.Take, take, take. Which shone thru when Rodney Rude in the ticket office took my order for Luton tickets over the phone. He wouldn''t last 5 minutes in the real world if he had to compete to gain an order. Horrible people to deal with. No personal skills whatsoever.
  5. My vote goes for the one I''ll sing when we play Villa at home first game of the season:Lambert, you''re a cun7Lambert-Lambert you''re a cun7
  6. Betting suspended on it now too. That''s the cue for me to go off to bed. It''s done.
  7. Yep, done it too. Great day. Picked up at the station. Ride thru London. Tour of the studios with Nigel Spackman. Well looked after.I''ll have to doubt yours being the worst game tho - mine was 4-0 loss at Wolves with Hamilton in charge, Derveld, De Waard, Sutchy et al. Seriously hard to keep chipper watching that. Do recommend it as it''s a great experience. Not allowed to swear tho...
  8. Great day. As has been said before we took a lot of lip during that first half and I can recall the celebrations for the 2nd from Phyllis saw me entering the no-mans land to large it at the tape that kept us from the Gooners and being led away by the orange bibber - only to then give him the slip during the mayhem that greeted Fox''s goal. And then being treated like kings by Spurs fans in London all night who absolutely loved us for doing that to them!
  9. [quote user="Ren"]I am with you, but it does not quite work like that does it as 20,500 are STs. So there are only 6,500 tickets to sell, of which only just over half were sold. £31 x 3500 = £108,500 £25 x 6500 = £162,500 + the extra that they may send in the bars, shops etc.[/quote]Bang on with the sums. If £25 tickets then we''d have had to shift just under 1000 more to hit the same returns. plus, as you say, the potential for more money being spent in the ground.Mcnally has been right so far but he got this one wrong - and I hope he learns from it.
  10. I''d never use a colour photocopier in such circumstances. Ever...
  11. Flew to Teeside in 1993 to watch us clinch spot in Europe. In the pub on friday night and chap said "do you want to come to Middlesbrough tomorrow?" - naturally said yes. He picked me up next morning and to my surprise took us to the airport. Close friend of a current director - flew up with Chase et al. Champagne on the way back. Got vey, very merry. Cost me nothing! Who''s in Europe now Scum? Who''s in Europe now...
  12. Mine have slipped in and slipped out again! Sold. Good luck with yours.
  13. Please explain to me this: Jamie O''hara is stuck because he has played for spurs and pompey this season and (in the words of the press) "FIFA rules state you cannot play for more than 2 clubs in a season". Fraser has been on loan at Bristol Rovers and us this season. So why does the "2 clubs" rule not apply to him?
  14. At the risk of sounding a lightweight, stayed up to watch it - loved it all over again. Front row today, drenched, couldn''t give a monkies. No voice left - will have to write a note for her to tell her what i want for dinner tomorrow. Cracking day. Night all.
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