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  1. Very pain free for me also. Waited 4 minutes in the que, registered my Grandad'' ST on my account, picked the exact seats we wanted and then easily upgraded my Grandad''s ticket to Adult before paying. I received my confirmation email at 6:20.
  2. Russell Martin. A true leader both on and off the pitch.
  3. [quote user="Twitchy"]Bump.............................anything?[/quote] Someone asked McNally if the signing of Camp meant that Ruddy was on his way out; McNally replied with "no". The fact he acknowledged the question without being dismissive of Lee Camp suggests there probably is something in this rumour, may be wrong though.
  4. I may be wrong but thought Forest offered him a new contract but negotiations broke down. The impression I got was that he was unhappy about being denied a move to the Premier League, then Forest became a club on the decline. Their once popular player and then captain Luke Chambers spoke out about how things weren''t right at Forest and was then soon sold to Ipswich. So it seems like Camp wasn''t the only player to fall out with the club.
  5. From what I can remember, Camp was very highly rated at Forest but I believe things turned a bit sour after he was denied a move to Swansea during the summer after their promotion. Forest then had a poor season and his attitude started to have an impact on his performances, so my Forest supprting mate told me. If he can rediscover his good form, then Camp on a free isn''t a bad bit of business. Therefore, If we are to believe that we''re in the market for yet another keeper now that Ruddy is injured, I wouldn''t necessarily question Camp''s ability but more so the club''s confidence in Bunn.
  6. Probably just trying to wind up the Swansea fans again
  7. I wouldn''t worry about hearing the goal music....[;)]
  8. Not really bothered about our away kits as we don''t have much  need for one but really liked last year''s away kit, not so keen on this one  -  looks a bit like a training kit.
  9. [quote user="Thingamajig"]Has news filtered though on colour / style of the new kit yet? Slightly inpatient as it only got shown at 5 but news travels quick (supposedly)! Canaries.co.uk is not loading up on my laptop where I was expecting to find it. Guess it''s due to the website update[/quote] Same here + Twitter also seems to be down. 
  10. Has there been any pre-season pictures - was just wondering if Tierney is able to train yet?
  11. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Some good points there alysha and well made as usual.[/quote] Thanks Bury Yellow, likewise [:)]
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