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  1. I''m black and it''s laughable to consider Sampson''s comments racist. This is nothing more than a ploy to increase the profile of women''s football.
  2. Would''ve thought we''d be the premium client. http://todosobrecamisetas.com/wp-content/uploads/15MKDONS-1021x577.jpg Anyway, 2017/18''s kit looks really nice. http://www.mkdons.com/cms_images/mk-dons-white-kit2-4x392-3147305_478x359.jpg
  3. Alex neil is achieving a lower points per game ratio at this level than nigel worthington did
  4. Our away support is full of embarrassments these days Just listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnLbyJuJZv8 FFS
  5. [quote user="iron_stan"]what you get when you SPEND MONEY and take a risk on big money players to stay in the top flight [/quote] But he might have got injured once we signed him
  6. [quote user="Crabbycanary3"]In other news, we are 13/8 to sign Patrick Bamford![/quote] What site do you get odds on players signing?
  7. Bournemouth don''t mess about, they want him they go and get him. Unlike ourselves
  8. [quote user="jedi"]The beast is by far the best build for Kodi, don''t waste your time with any others and don''t sign up to payed streaming sites they''re a con you can get it all free and as good or better quality.[/quote] 95% of the free kodi streams are not as good as the reliable, hd streams from paid sites
  9. Do you really trust our scouting department and board to get it right? Don''t forget we''re playing in the biggest league in the world but no one wants to come here for less than 100k a week.
  10. I''m embarrassed for young Ipswich fans who harp on about history. Football is all about experiences and memories Ones like beating your biggest rivals in a semi final. Ones like seeing your team lift a trophy at Wembley. I''d rather that than have to live vicariously through something that happened 30 years before my birth.
  11. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]Many shops nowadays do contactless payment, for up to £20, you just need to find somewhere between now and Monday - maybe go get a coffee from Costa, they certainly use it.[/quote] I''m too embarrassed to go into a shop and ask to use contactless tbh, so I will just pay the extra.
  12. [quote user="Matt Juler"]Probably just need to make sure you''ve used contact less card once before so not to look a plonker at the tube station. I know the first time I used my card contact less I had to enter a PIN for verification and you can''t do that at the ticket gates.[/quote] Yeah. Just read I will need to have used contactless once before elsewhere before I can use it on the underground. WTF is the point in that.
  13. We never even got the ball forward vs man utd so how exactly is rvw supposed to do anything with something he doesnt have
  14. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]I''m pretty sure this was mentioned way back and the club said there''d be no reduction, more games for same £ = cheaper per match. To be fair, most of the Champs/PL sides are inter-changeable, it is only the 5-6 sides that people are willing to pay more for.[/quote] There is a massive gulf between the quality in the pl and champ.
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