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  1. If we can beat Newcastle and Sunderland and get a point at Palace we should certainly stay up. The other two around us have tough run in. Lets hope Neil keeps with Olsson and Brady combo and starts Mbokani and Naismith up top. Bennett and Klose look very solid at the back. O''Neil''s overall play is stronger than Tettey. Hoolahan and Bassong weaken us and Ive got no time for them in these key fixtures.
  2. Mitrovic is going to get absolutely bossed off the park next week by Klose. Hopefully start the same team apart from Naismith over Bamford and Bennett over Bassong!
  3. Really great to see this change!! Hopefully will start a run
  4. We are a joke!!! Our top goalscorers are all midfielders and have less goals than Defoe between them. We deserve to be where we are as we haven''t bought players with end quality. 1 Nathan Redmond 5 2 Wes Hoolahan 4 2 Jonny Howson 4
  5. hogesar just be gone you air thief. Kyle Lafferty is a proven goalscorer when he plays as a number 9. He''s dangerous unlike Jerome who is a total donkey.
  6. What''s going to be different about the games against Sunderland and Newcastle? Alex Neil and the team have made the same mistakes all season. We lost 2-0 away to Aston Villa and have thrown away pretty much every advantage we''ve had recently so its highly unlikely we will be top of that mini league. Sunderland look much better placed and have the best manager of the 4.
  7. Alex Neil is way to arrogant and set in his ways to budge on this one. It''s his way or no way. Lafferty would have been our top goalscorer by now had he had a run. Currently our top goalscorer is Redmond with 5 which is a joke!
  8. I''m 100% sure that they will keep him and let him build again to go up from Championship if we do go again. He''s a great bloke and leader he just didn''t have any Premier League experience. That is also why Sunderland will win the mini league, as Big Sam knows how to scrap in the Prem. I think with a second chance at the Premiership he would do much better as he now knows the league. We still aren''t relegated and April has 4 games we could win.
  9. ....probably because he is dangerous... the converse of Cameron Jerome
  10. You have to look at the teams around us player for player and based on form/cutting edge. Newcastle looked really poor last night but they do have a lot of quality in the side (look how they skittled us at their place). Swansea have a better current cutting edge currently. Richards is a far better cb than any of our lot and I''d rather have Ayew on the end of a chance than Jerome. Ki is very tidy and has far better distribution than Tettey. Gylfi SigurĂ°sson is a top top player capable of changing a game and much stronger than Wes. Brady, Howson and Redmond might get in their side. Norwich have shown that they have some really great build up play and have held our own in most games, however currently we have a disastrous lack of end product / concentration / quality at the back and up front. I don''t think this will change unless we make a statement of change with Naysmith and Bamford partnership up top and Bennett and Klose at back. I really BELIEVE we can win on Saturday but it''s more likely to be heartbreak if the manager and the team show the same traits they have shown all season.
  11. You make your own luck. Teams with a killer edge have more luck. We don''t encourage luck and haven''t has a killer edge all year. We certainly had a lot more luck with with passion of Bradley Johnson in the heart of out team.
  12. The difference between us and Swansea is they put their chances in the back of the net. We''ve lacked that killer quality all season. We need to be going all out to get wins and finish chances, so I see Naysmith as no10 and Bamford as no9 as the only sound and dangerous option. Redmond looks worth 5 goals before the end of the season and hopefully Bennett and Klose can form a strong partnership to keep em out! If we can''t get it right against Swansea on Saturday then they go 9 points ahead of us and it''s then down to us and Newcastle. Newcastle undoubtedly have more quality.
  13. Superb performance. Dangerous and hungry from Redmond.
  14. Great performance but yet again we''ve thrown points away and not killed the game off when w''eve had the chances. Defence looked must better in that shape and I''d expect us to be able to get 4 points from Chelsea and Swansea
  15. "And thats why they are top and we are bottom they have players who can kill the game off" Yet again we have thrown points away despite a great performance
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