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  1. The problem Leeds have is that they already have three more games than us to play with the JPT area finals and with still being in the FA cup. All these games mean additional weekday games. I''ve no doubt they''ll get to Wembley in the JPT which is the same weekend as they are due at Carrow Road . . . which means another Tuesday night game sometime in April. While I think Leeds will go up in the automatic places, I feel the fixture congestion might ultimately do for their points lead.
  2. Our local forecast doesn''t have Walsall getting above -1, even in the daytime, for the next five days. I wonder at which point they''ll make a decision this time?
  3. We got there at 1.45 and parked in the first industrial unit we came too, just before the traffic island. It cost £6 but was well worth it as we were in the car just after 5.00, on the M40 by 5.30 and back in Rugby for 7.00. What a brilliant little club though and like the rest, we loved the penalty shoot out (the boy''s coach also very much appreciated a raucous City support for our end) and I thought the welcome and banter from the club announcer was excellent too, especially when trying to pronounce Otsemobor and getting the mickey taken out of him by us.
  4. How many people complained after Sunderland was called off? Not as many as this forum I suspect. Ok so it was a late call but it''s happened. The only fair thing you could say for the car drivers would be to offer free parking for those still with a ticket from yesterday.
  5. We were just walking down from the car park when we heard it was off. Thankfully we only had an hours drive back to Rugby. I did note however that the car park admission stewards had disappeared by the time the car parks were emptying....Hopefully they''ll spend our £3 on more braziers for the replay! Disappointing but the right decision, just a shame it was so late. Having been in Sunderland the day we had that game cancelled, I do feel for those who have travelled from Norfolk
  6. But Butterworth and Crook, in the same vein as McLaren at England under Sven (and Duffy under Grant for that matter) are as equally culpable in the coaching and selection of the team that ran out yesterday. Therefore, neither should remain in the post if Gunn goes.
  7. I will say one thing RTB. I can''t recall one of the female posters on here starting a thread about how good looking a certain footballer is or any other attributes he may have. The one thing the forum mods are guilty of on here, rather than banning women posters, is that they let narrow minded topics like yours get through. As someone who occasionally trains people in Dignity and Diversity at work, I suggest you go look those words up.
  8. Unless either of them want to stay, which it doesn''t appear they do, they should go. However, whether a team makes an acceptable offer remains to be seen. If they''d wanted to stay, they would be in Scotland now. I don''t see how selling these two epitomises a lack of ambiton, it reflects reality.
  9. Given how there is already a huge kudos to be had from being "in the know" as it were on here, I can just imagine that those posters close to those in the ST will absolutely delight in having even more reason to crow about nothing in particular on the basis that they may or may not have priveleged information. Given the bickering between posters on even a single player (Alan Lee for example) what hope has the Trust got of getting anything right decision-wise?
  10. [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]Perhaps Gunn wants Doc to play as ''the big man up front'' He is prolific in front of goal!!!!!!!!!![/quote] You stole my thunder there Tim, I was thinking the same thing. Doc''s always wanted to play up front, even when Worthy was here. So I wonder whether he''s being thought more of in a Dion role, mainly playing up front but dropping back into defence if required?
  11. Surely Boxing Day has to be Carlisle away doesn''t it? Oh no, hang on, that''s probably reserved for the last Tuesday in January...... Either way, I''m looking forward to seeing some different grounds. We''re down so lets just get on with it.
  12. The thing that really annoys me about Gunn''s appointment is that along with making the same mistakes they have before, the board then announce that one of the outgoing members had "endorsed" the appointment to bolster the remaining members'' case. Unfortunately, said departing boardmember was doing just that because of his previous failure to find the right candidate. Isn''t this a bit like employing a sacked, self confessed pocket lining, MP as manager of employee expenses at a company? What credibility would they have?
  13. I''ve just emailed Kathy via the NCISA site asking the very same thing. Likewise, much as Gunny is an undoubted asset to the club, it isn''t in the role of first team manager I''m afraid.
  14. [quote user="Badger"][quote user="jordimurrell"] whats an anagram? [/quote] Magnetic imaging over the lower intestine. [/quote] Outstanding Badger. Made me laugh..... lots.
  15. Jordi, Can I please ask that you don''t write in yellow font as it doesn''t work on pink backgrounds. Cheers
  16. I think the really sad thing here is - and no one has thought of this yet - we''re all arguing about who the manager might be, who''s good enough or not to wear the shirt next year etc, whereas the following line from the statement "The ramifications of this financial situation for the business as a whole" inevitably means that the real innocent victims of this crisis - the clubs junior staff and infrastructure - could very easily find a large proportion of their number out of work in the very near future. With that in mind, the board simply have to be given the time and space to work things out and I''d have said that for now, the manager''s name is the last thing they should be worried about and respect the truly affected individuals.
  17. I''d like to know how the board can allegedly make a managerial appointment when there has been a vote of no confidence in their ability to run the football club effectively.
  18. How? By people potentially out of a job in a few hours? What a joke.
  19. While this doesn''t surprise me to read this, given that the board as-is may not exist in a few hours, I fail to see how this appointment can be confirmed by people potentially out of a job. He may be manager until such time as new board members are elected but until the official statement is issued, I''ll be sitting watching.
  20. NQ, There''s probably not 10 things in total, but there''s no denying that between Gunny and his team of four, we have been found soundly wanting when it comes to tactical changes. I''m not convinced that we would see much different in League one. At one stage I asked on this forum how much it would cost us to make (for example) the Northern Ireland team an offer to have Worthington back compared to the cost of relegation. You have to agree that we really needed an experienced manager at the helm with 10 games to go.
  21. Well that just worked out fine and dandy didn''t it? What a bunch of bottlers. I''ve said it elsewhere and I''ll say it here. The management team are Spineless, Clueless and Worthless. Get out now, and take the board with you.
  22. Him and his management team have showed no bottle today whatsoever. The whole lot of them deserve to go. The starting line up we had today would have been ok for a mid table team but to not play 3 or 4 up front was simply not acceptable. Clueless, Spineless, Worthless. Get out and shut the door on your way out. That goes for the board too.
  23. Given how Gunny and the management team have failed to grasp the importance in the last two games of substitutions that change our formation to any extent, hence placing us firmly in the situation we are now in, I can''t help but feel that tomorrow we simply must start with either 3 or even 4 up front. Any other result sees us down anyway, so what is there to lose? The ability to take a brave pill and go with this lies with Gunny but surely they must see that the only way out of this is to be well up against Charlton by half time and make sure Barnsley know about it. OTBC
  24. Edworthy was better than any of the right backs we''ve had since. Reading would have had to work much harder to get the crosses over on Monday to score rather than being given freedom to run around over there.. Those kind of players are exactly what we need should we go down.
  25. I''ve been to Charlton twice by car and have parked on the industrial estate down by the river both times. You''ll need to get there early as it does fill quite quickly (the last time was a Tuesday game and we were running late so struggled to find anywhere other than 100% pavement!). From there it''s a 10-15 min walk.
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