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  1. We put in a written application for some Bristol Rovers tickets. I''m sure I read somewhere that all written applicatons had been successful but I haven''t received any tickets yet. Are these being posted out?
  2. As they say, every player has his price. Personally I think he is one of the best players in League 1 so he must be worth a good couple of million at least.
  3. I am certainly not a fan of Doc but I think he has found his level and is doing an OK job. Personally, I didn''t think Nelson looked that great yesterday and he wouldn''t have looked out of place in their team.
  4. Only if I can charge rent every time a player runs through it.
  5. [quote user="Wes Hoolahanraha-hanrahan"][quote user="Major Bumpkin DSO"] We don''t need no education! Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone! [/quote] Pink Floyd are bloody amazing, easily one of my favourite bands, however in using that double negative they clearly DO need education! [/quote] Or was that actually their message?
  6. Things really are bad! Is Radio Norfolk still on air when there isn''t any football?
  7. Of course they''re still looking busy. It''s only 5 minutes since you last bloody told us!
  8. "Been around for what seems like donkey''s years, I''d say he''d be a decent squad player to come in if we had any injuries instead of relying on the youngsters but I would rather keep Alby and Nyatanga." Did he mean, "He''s been a bit of a donkey for years...", do you think?
  9. We signed a young full back from Crewe Who is pretty quick, that much is true He is ok attacking But is often found lacking With the defending that he''s supposed to do.   Last season was the Glen Roeder show He released lots of players in one go The replacement loans Brought nothing but groans When we dropped to the division below
  10. Our best players we couldn''t keep So we signed a few men on the cheap Our gaffer tried to be cunning And we hit Leage One running But we ended up bottom of the heap  
  11. We had a young winger from Pool Who''d make his marker look like a fool We tried hard to keep him But our gaffer was so dim He gave him away for a mule
  12. There was a sh*t player called Doc Whose defending was often a shock With the pace of a snail He rarely did fail To make himself look like a co*k
  13. [quote user="Mazy Run"]So we were in a relegation battle before last season even started? A touch of the Mystic Megs there, methinks...[/quote] Hardly needed a Mystic Meg to see that coming though did it. We''ve been on the slide since relegation from the Premiership. And, to be honest, looking at our current squad I wouldn''t say it''s over yet.
  14. [quote user="glove1"][quote user="glove1"] for me its any london game as a few drinks on the train and no driving which is nice. there are a few more london games in league one.... charlton, orient, brentwood and possibly millwall. i know so many fans are looking forward to yeovil, exeter and carlisle NOT!!   CTID OTBC [/quote] brentwood / brentford...same thing!! lol. [/quote] Don''t worry - we''re probably only a few seasons away from visiting Brentwood!
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