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  1. This is more than just a football stadium, you must appreciate that.
  2. *Let''s make Norwich City the Premier League''s first carbon zero club!
  3. I have written an Open Letter to David McNally for The Norwich Radical http://thenorwichradical.com/2015/07/20/an-open-letter-to-david-mcnally-make-norwich-city-fc-a-zero-carbon-club/ and have set up a 38 Degrees petition alongside it https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/make-norwich-city-fc-a-zero-carbon-club?source=facebook-share-button&time=1437381689 I am calling on the club to take action to improve their environmental sustainability, following the model of Forest Green Rovers. Let''s make Norwich City the first Premier League''s first carbon zero club!
  4. good post, ignore the doubters, get him signed!
  5. against no more than a ''pub team'' in the words of infamous Barry on canary call. Actually I have a home and away season ticket thank you very much.
  6. We need goals to keep us up in the premier league and Wilbraham will not score more than 1 or 2 even if he started every game, he can''t hit a barn door, even in training. Lansbury and Pacheco need to be signed without a doubt.
  7. Defenders are very unlikely to change the game in the attacking sense that I am talking about. If Barrnet was having a poor game, I would likely mean we would be a goal down; Even if Whitbread were to come on and play out of his skin, the outcome is likely to still remain negative, as he is unlikely to change the result in an attacking sense. It is quality attacking players, like Lansbury and Pacheco that change games and we do not have enough players like them in our squad at the moment. Wilbraham will not make any sort of an impact in the premier league and quite frankly you''re deluded if you believe he will. Neither Lansbury nor Pacheco are likely to feature in their managers plans so it would be reasonable to say they would be available to purchase. We need to put more money into enhancing the quality of the squad, rather than quantity at this moment in time.
  8. You have not understood the point being made, clearly. The players we have that could be considered to be attacking or creative midfielders are as follows: Pilkington, Bennet, Hoolahan and Surman. 3 out of 4 would be likely to be playing at any one time, therefore if one sustains injury, we then have not one substitute available who would be capable of replacing such a player from the bench, whilst still giving the same quality. I am not saying Lappin or Smith could not fill in as cover, but they are not players who could come on in the premier league and make considerable impact on the game, when inevitably it will be needed.
  9. All of the names above mentioned bar Crofts and B Johnson, do not possess the quality needed to compete in the premier league. With the exceptions being defensive players, which brings me back around to the point of quality in-depth for attacking midfielders, with further emphasises the need for Lansbury and Pacheco to be signed up.
  10. OK, i''ll put it a different way, Hoolahan, Bennet and Surman start at Wigan, and we are 1-0 down with 30minutes left. Chances aren''t being created so Pilkington comes on for Surman, 10 minutes later and nothing has changed, what other options are there in midfield to make a creative impact. The answer is nobody. Your argument for Wilbraham is bonkers, I wouldn''t want him up front back in league 1, and as stated Jackson will have minimal impact as premier league defenders are much faster and stronger than before. The Parma chances he missed prove he can''t be relied on.
  11. Vaughan will be injured most of the season i expect, and if you expect Jackson to make an impact in the premier league you need to think again. Hoolahan is clearly a game changer, but he will start when available and there has to be options when he is not at his best or the game doesn''t suit him. There is clearly not enough quality attacking midfield players in our squad to have a range of options for PL when needed. Both must be signed.
  12. Or lack of..... Looking at the squad of players we have it is clear to me that we do not have any sort of quality to bring on from the bench when the inevitable situation arises, where we are losing and need someone to bring on to change the match. Particularly in the midfield area, where the likes of Lappin, Smith and Johnson will do not much more than provide cover for injury, or to maintain a lead. Pilkington offers one option, but one is clearly not enough. Lansbury and for a few games Pacheco, provided this last season and in my opinion must be signed prior to the end of THIS window to avoid the Dean Ashton type of situation we were faced with last time round when it was too little too late.
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