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  1. Same. If they are on no more than decent Championship wages, to reflect their decent Championship standard, then I also want them both to stay.
  2. Can we have 3 guesses each? If so... Besiktas, Sheff Utd, Copenhagen
  3. European Golden Boot, UEFA Cup runner up with Celtic, World Cup 3rd place with Sweden, Euro 2004 Goal of the Tournament and team of the tournament are things you are missing from his time at Celtic. That's before we talk about how he came on and won Barcelona the Champions League in a half an hour masterclass. Also, 242 goals in 313 games for Celtic is 1 goal in every 1.29 games in all competitions. Even considering the standard of the league games that is astronomical, and far superior to Hooper's approx. 1 in 1.70 over a much shorter timeframe. Alex Ferguson, Ronaldinho, Martin O'Neill, Sergio Busquets are amongst those to call Larsson 'World Class', nobody said anything about Hooper other than he looked like somebody who might be able to pinch 1 or 2 England caps at some stage, which he probably would if he didn't make the terrible decision to join a Chris Hughton side that summer. Did you go to the Tim Shepherd testimonial in 2001? Was a pleasure to watch him tear us apart in 1st gear like a prime Suarez, and scored one of the best free kicks I've ever seen.
  4. Eh? You don't know who Chris Sutton is? If you mean the two world class strikers, then Shearer and Larsson of course.
  5. There is no coincidence that two World Class strikers played their best football with Chris Sutton as their foil, and he played top flight football at centre back, centre midfield and centre forward. Sutton was the most intelligent of them all.
  6. There would have been a fan mutiny if we'd sold Pukki in the summer for any price, and then been 7th in the table like we are now. It would have 100% entirely have been blamed on Pukki being sold, with people saying he was a 30 goal Championship striker etc. Nobody thought that flogging Pukki in the summer was a good idea, only with hindsight as you say. In hindsight getting £5m for him and the buying a striker would have been sensible, but literally nobody would have seen it that way I'm afraid.
  7. McGovern and Josh Martin also to come off the wage bill, out of contract.
  8. Whether Pukki rates the current manager is one factor. Whether Wagner actually wants Pukki might be another, Pukki has only scored in 1 game for Wagner.
  9. If he didn't want to do this season in the Championship, what makes you think he wants to do next season in the Championship.
  10. That was the wage that Michael Bailey said he was on the top tier. But our players all have hefty relegation wage cuts in their contracts, I believe Webber has said 50%. So more like £25k a week?
  11. "I’m happy at Norwich but I want to play in the Premier League again" - Teemu Pukki, September 2022, when talking about the interest he had from clubs in the top tier in the summer. Its was noted as a rather damning 'but' at the time, and it did imply that Pukki had no faith that we had the manager or playing squad to get back there.
  12. I was considering this possibility. Still time for a final couple of Pukki braces!
  13. That could go down to the last game though, and I can remember the backlash when the club didn't announce Huckerby's departure until a week before the end of the season.
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