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  1. I''d actually go for a German. Hopefully he''d bring with him a class German centre back and a ball winning German centre midfielder. The players are used to the German style fitness regimes and discipline, and it would be a nice big fat middle finger up at Lambert. Germans are all really competitive winners, they build teams, and don''t put up with egos. I actually think our team embodies the German mentality, the never giving up particularly, the 92nd minute goals, the closing down every ball. I don''t know any German managers, I''m just talking a load of BS really. I''m wary about an Italian though.... Ancelotti was rubbish at Chelsea, Di Canio is a nutcase, Trappatoni isn''t picking Irelands best midfielder (Hoolahan), that crazy bloke that they had at Watford started signing 40 year olds out of retirement. Vialli was rubbish at Watford too. I''d make an exception for Di Matteo, I can''t think of a single other success story in English football though?!
  2. Grant Holt, as fantastic as he is, as much as he still would have been quality for us this year, would soon be a player in decline anyway. We have many players on the up. Elliott Bennett, Anthony Pilkington, Johnny Howson, they are players who will get better and better. Daniel Ayala or Ryan Bennett could end up being the next Gary Cahill''s. Wes Hoolahan is already a living legend in my eyes, and another season like the last and John Ruddy will become one too. A few players with points to prove, Surman was late into the season, Simeon Jackson is still waiting for that goalscoring run which we know he is capable of, and Steve Morison in my opinion could score as many as Holt did this year if he keeps fit and confident and can nail down his starting place. There is no lack of talent in our team, and if the new manager knows what he is doing and is backed like Lambert was (with £15m!!!) then we could end up better than last year. A manager who "knows what they are doing" is the big sticking point though, my optimism hinges completely on who it is that we appoint. If McNally gets this appointment right, then it is time to petition Alan Bowkett demanding McNally enters the hall of fame. Half of me thinks that McNally is going to pull another masterstroke like Lambert, half of me worries that he is going to bring in a Lawrie Sanchez. It''s like flipping a coin to decide whether we get relegated this year..... I wouldn''t like to be the man having to take the gamble (and every manager is a gamble).
  3. No I wouldn''t. But I would buy myself the most expensive box in the stadium, on a 30 year lease, cash up front. And I''d help out in other small ways.... if there are any sponsor boards left unfilled I''d fill them, with an ad for a charity of my choice. If there were any players without kit sponsorship, such as kids or new signings, I''d sponsor them to fill the gap. If we had a really important game in Newcastle, a relegation decider or something, I''d make sure that the players flew their in the finest private jet I could find to keep them in good condition. I''d allow the club free use of my huge state of the art mansion to house potential new signings (Dunstan Hall is getting a bit grotty) or to woo sponsors. I''d just up my level of fandom to match my finances, I wouldn''t be charitable. I''d be tempted to buy Kings Lynn or something though and their ground, I''d give Huckerby the managers job and throw a bit of money at it to see if we could reach the conference or League Two! Maybe sign a few Norwich old boys, I''d get him to sign Adam Drury in a year or two.
  4. I''ve been feeling really sore for the past day or two, like most I suspect. In fact, I''ve lost a tiny sliver of faith in humanity, I feel like I''ve been cheated on by a bird and then had the humiliation broadcast to the world. But then I remember..... I remember Darren Huckerby.... I remember how he said he would never play against Norwich again, and stuck by his word. I remember how he said that if Norwich were struggling in League One he would have considered pulling on his boots and playing despite it potentially having jeopardized his health and well being. I just remember, and I always will, and I hope that you all do too. He isn''t the only one who bled yellow and green from the time period.... big Iwan did too, and so did Malky, I knew that by talking to them over a drink one night in Delaney''s.... you could just tell, they became Norwich fans, there was no other club for them from the point that they joined us. Somewhere in our squad, somewhere in that dressing room, will be three or four players who will be sitting there thinking to themselves "I never want to leave Norwich". We don''t know who they are, and they may be forced out at some stage irrespective, we may never work out who they are. You either fall in love with the club, the city, and the fans, or you fall in love with your gaffer, or you don''t give a sh*t about either. I thought that Grant Holt was our new Huckerby, I don''t know what else we could have done to make him love us. I know that we loved him like we loved Hucks, I''m sure of it. Some people just don''t want to be loved, they don''t allow themselves to be brought into the family, or they have a lack of understanding of what true love is. I thought that Holt was our Huckerby. He isn''t. Somebody in that dressing room will be, that''s why I am just looking forward to getting behind all of the boys next year, I can''t wait for the season to start.
  5. Might be worth the £1 million a year NOT to give him to a relegation rival. I''d tell him that he can go wherever he wants as long as it is not in the Premier League, effectively leaving him with the following options: 1) Celtic 2) Leicester Cheerio Holt!
  6. I''ve been absolutely devastated all day, got a few parties lined up for the Jubilee including one that was tonight..... going to ruin all of them. I am looking at this forum constantly, I''m angry, upset, worried, in fact petrified. I just want us to appoint a manager as soon as possible, I think that will really help. A positive manager with lots to say about his visions and ideas, and for that manager to make his first great signing. We need our new manager as soon as possible, then I can start to think positive things again. Maybe even a manager who can bring Grant Holt back on side, perhaps mediate between himself and McNally. Things would be a lot better with a great new manager and a new contract for Holty.
  7. Hardly gone in hard on Holt there have I mate! Malky has over-achieved for two consecutive seasons with two different clubs. Both times having to rebuild a team which needed to drastically cut expenses. Cardiff lost Bellamy, Bothroyd, and a few other good first teamers... their fans were expecting mid-table at best. He signed 11 players, to replace 12 that left, and 8 of those were freebies. To achieve 6th was an astonishing achievement considering the circumstances. At Watford they were dead certs for relegation, he led them to mid-table playing a bunch of 17 year olds..... he was left with a few senior players and a youth team. The man is a class act and his players love him. And he got Cardiff to the FA Cup final for christs sake! Incredible achievement considering the players that he lost and the budget that he was given. With all that said, I would be 100% happy with Hughton too. But could do a lot worse than Malky, trust me. I''m petrified that we will end up with Steve Bruce, that scares me. Tim Sherwood is a worrying one too, he has NO managerial experience, could potentially be our next Peter Grant. Malky is a safe enough bet for me.
  8. The more I think about it, the more that I realize why I am angry with Paul Lambert. Yes, he saved this club (along with McNally), yes he has done fantastically to get us where we are. Yes, he has left us in good shape on the pitch, financially, and yes he will be remembered now as an all time Norwich great. I just don''t feel like his job was done here, I feel like he bottled it, he didn''t finish the job, and the reasons are really very simple. Last year he wrote off the League Cup in order to win league points. He took a huge gamble in the FA Cup which failed to pay off. He effectively threw two cup games. I didn''t mind, I assumed that in his second year he would have given them another go, that''s the only reason why I didn''t (at the time) get angry about the f''in money and time I''d wasted to go and watch a shower of sh*t lose to inferior teams. I assumed that he would give both of the cups a good crack in his second year, just like Martin O''Neill took Leicester to Wembley a few times. Cardiff went to Wembley. He now leaves several of HIS signings in complete limbo. Not the people that he signed at the start of the year, but the people that he signed in the middle of the year. Daniel Ayala, Johnny Howson, and Ryan Bennett. For me, those three deserved a second Lambert year. They would have joined because of Lambert. I feel sorry for those three lads. Lambert said that he couldn''t take us further. That was a lie, he could have taken us further. Perhaps not in the league (bar +/- a couple of positions), but he could have had a real go at the cups. Lambert could have taken us to Wembley for the first time since 1985, and if he had have done he would truly have left this club as a legend. Martin O''Neill never achieved any better than mid-table with Leicester, but he is a pure legend there for his cup runs. So no Lambert, you weren''t stuck with mere consolidation at Norwich, yes you could have taken us further, you just bottled it. Cardiff got to the FA Cup final last season, Birmingham City WON it the year before. You are the first Norwich manager that I have ever known to have purposely f''d up in the cup. Generally they f''d up because they were simply rubbish, but they tried. You bottled it because you were scared of second season syndrome. You bottled the two cups last season. Thanks (and I genuinely mean thanks) for getting us where we are, but it is in our best interests to get somebody with the mental strength and desire to take us to the next level, and that means keeping us in this division while building on our very proud history in the domestic cups. 1962 League Cup Winners 1972 League Cup Runners Up 1975 League Cup Runners Up 1985 League Cup Winners We are desperate for success, we want nothing more than our fifth cup final at Wembley, 27 years of hurt. If you don''t have the bottle to take us there, then we need a man who does.That man is Malky Mackay, he has shown us that this year at Cardiff. F*$k the fight between 15th and 12th, f*"k the £750k per place in the league, you bottled the FA Cup. I will always remember you as the great manager who bottled the League Cup and bottled the FA Cup. And in all honesty, I would love nothing more, absolutely nothing more, than for us to get a day at Wembley next season, to stick two fingers up at you and Grant Holt. But good luck at Villa, you are whether of that and I can''t wish you ill. Step forward Malky Mackay.
  9. Culverhouse has a UEFA Cup Winners medal from 1984. That''s a little known fact. Shove your Champions League medal up your hairy Scottish ass Lambert, lol.
  10. [quote user="Pyro Pete"]Just wondering how an agreement like this is lawful? If I was a player at Swansea and wanted to be employed by Liverpool, how could a completely separate employment agreement affect my choice of employer?The agreement must surely only be a gentleman''s agreement. Or one where Liverpool agree to pay some kind of excess fee on top of any normal transfer fee should they break the agreement.[/quote] If you were a Swansea player you would have absolutely no ''right'' to play for Liverpool while under contract whether they had such an agreement in place or not. Until your contract expired, at which point you would have your right to play for whoever you wish.
  11. Why would we want players off of Paul Lamberts f''in ''list'', if we are getting a new manager? If we got Hughton for example, why the f would he want us to spend £15m on Lambert''s list? He will write his own bleedin list, probably one based on players that he wanted to sign when he was at Newcastle before getting unfairly sacked. If your daughter rights a Christmas list for Santa, do you think your son would be happy if you used it to buy his presents? Forget about Lambert''s list.... new manager, new ideas, new styles and formations, and that means different players.
  12. [quote user="Dodds"]We''re the fourth most successful club in English football. If so many have failed at Villa Park then god knows what that says for the other 88 clubs.[/quote] Not this old crap again. Televisions used to be black and white too, and humans used to live in caves and hunt with spears. And your not the fourth most successful club in English football, you are sixth most successful club in English football. With Chelsea in 7th and Man City in 8th, it won''t be long until you are the 8th most successful club in English football. Of course, none of it REALLY matters, because Wolves, Nottm Forest, Leeds, Blackburn, and Sheffield Wednesday are all the top 15. And guess what?? They won''t be playing Premier League football next year. Cheerio.
  13. He can put that bit down to accent, and pretend that he said: "you''ve been a big star for a while" Could work?
  14. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]He''s done, injuries have destroyed his career and even at 5k a week he wouldn''t be worth it.[/quote] 11 goals in 27 games last season. If that''s ''done'', then what is James Vaughan? :-o
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