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  1. [quote user="MCWILL"] Wake Up at about 9-ish, have a shower, have a shave, get dressed, eat my breakfast, have a cuppa, brush teeth, watch Soccer Am for a bit, meet Gary and Ryan in their car at the end of my road at around half 11. Go to the California Tavern, meet Mark, Steve, Gina and Steph there, have a hot meal and a drink, play a bit of pool and go on the pub machines and hopefully win some money(Won a fiver a while ago!) Say goodbye to Mark, Steve, Steph and Gina. Drive to Norwich, park near that Chinese place near the Mustard Pot, might pop in for a drink if we''ve got time, head down to ground, by programme and Evening News ''''Goodie Bag''''. Pop in to Yellows for a while and speak to Peter and Stanley, might buy a Golden Goal if I have a quid spare. Hang around for a bit go to the club shop and maybe JJB if time. Find my seat, read programme, talk to Mark and John wait for game to start. Eat my Cadburys choc bar, give a bit to the old boy next to me, Gary and Ryan, same goes with the Crisps. Watch game, hopefully celebrate goal or two if not laugh it off. Half time wait for the scores to come in and watch the crossbar challenge read programme and paper if I didn''t have time before, have a drink. Second half, hopefully get a result, full time, wait for man of the match to be announced clap/boo the descision leave ground. If there''s a camera around say something funny whilst frantically waving my scarf like a loony. Drive home, get laughed at by my Everton supporting family, have a cuppa and maybe a sandwhich if I''m hungry watch MOTD go to bed.   That took a while! [/quote]     I do exactly the same ( hi will, peter said hi when i saw him the other day!!!)            
  2. this may sound stupid, but i agree with banana man. in the 1st round theres a high possibility of getting a non-league club. what crowd would we get if we got the likes of ebbsfleet (no disrespect to them), and we had to pay £10 to get in?
  3. i feel the same as you victor. top 10 would be more realistic than top 6 finish. fingers crossed gunny can live up to the increasing pressure
  4. Just a quick question. Does anybody know when next years exhilerating fixture list is released?
  5. "For those fans travelling on the away supporters'' coach, please be advised that it has broken down." Announcement at Aldershot v Dagenham and Redbridge, followed by loud cheers from the home support.ment that made me laugh.
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