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  1. oh dear.....its going to be a long game. Just hope the flood gates don''t open
  2. sadly I see a 3-0 win for Chelsea.....
  3. [quote user="BB"]oh dear having a bit of a shocker i will be proved right[/quote]   some people are privvy to information about signings, formations and team selections.....I would suggest if you are told this information by a players family member or friend you keep it to yourself next time. You risk getting a player in trouble for the sake of looking "important" on a forum....grow up
  4. that was a good find. I remember Andy signing for us and was considered a great young prospect.....just shows we never truly know what goes on behind closed doors. The good news is he identified his problem and addressed it, good for him
  5. football songs are usually quite cheesey but that was fairly good
  6. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"] The goal celebration music has a really valuable use folks; that of thoroughly demoralising the opposition!   Psychologically it helps to significantly dampen the spirits of the other team’s players as well as their fans. What price does that have?   Thinking of the many occasions last season I heard the De Janeiro music in the 80th, 90th and even the 96th minute, it is synonymous with success. On that basis alone I welcome hearing it many more times in similar circumstances next season! [/quote]   I actually agree with that......I follow NHL (ice hockey) and the Chicago Blackhawks play "Chelsea Dagger" after every goal scored....the crowd get going and the opposition players get p*ssed off the more they hear it. I think it adds a bit more atmosphere.....the countdown to OTBC needs to go though
  7. I heard PL wanted to sign Boris Johnson......by the time he realised it was too late
  8. [quote user="PurpleCanary"] [quote user="Rum Ol Boy"]yeah I saw that, good stuff. I also caught an unwanted rumour circulating from Leeds fans that Wes has fallen out with Lambert[/quote]   Well I can''t say I''m surprised if Lambert keeps forcing Wes to wear that psychedelic rubber swimming ring thingy...[:D][;)][:D]   [/quote]   yeah, that would pretty much seal it for me too! street cred well and truly down the pan!   DDD, I made sure I told Leeds they were dreaming =)
  9. yeah I saw that, good stuff. I also caught an unwanted rumour circulating from Leeds fans that Wes has fallen out with Lambert
  10. [quote user="Grant Holt is a Monster"]It takes a lot of scrubbing for them to get the stain of Dirty Leeds off him before we can have a proper look...[/quote]   =) better get the bleach and wire wool out!
  11. AJ, I got a message from Michael Bailey saying the Bennett deal won''t be announced until next week due to him being on holiday....We might announce the Johnson signing and unveil him at a press conference with Bennett after the weekend?
  12. I may stick £50 on City surviving....I really fancy us to stay up
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