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  1. Ruddy Martin. Bennett. Bassong. Garrido Tettey Whittaker. Fer Jonas. Olsson Redmond
  2. Sorry guys and gals we are going to the walkabout pub , corn street as the HORTS is closed for refurb
  3. Hi everyone in bristol , when we were in league one a load of us used to get together and watch the footie in the roo bar Clifton, we have a great following in bristol I and we have recently been getting together in the HORTS pub bristol, BS12EP in broad street. We would love it if we could get our numbers up again , there will be a crowd of us there tomorrow for Chelsea game so get your norwich kit on and meet us there.
  4. Must admit that the day in portsmouth has been one of the best days of my life and will remain a memory for the rest of my life !!!
  5. After reading that people would not sell their ncfc shares, what do you own that you wouldn''t part with ? I own the number plate Y444RMY . Would never sell that !!!
  6. Are they not refering to us cheating them out of some money ? I know that when a club runs up £170 M of debts , then have the cheek to accuse clubs of not playing fair when it comes to signing players that have officially no employer !! And serve them right for trying to sign Holt for £200,000
  7. The masks looked fantastic today, there are just a few left so if you want some for the last home game, order now to get them in time, many thanks for all the pictures.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290708147276    
  8. anyone else think we could russell martin another shift at the back and elliott bennet at right back, bennett  bennett  martin  naughton could do with the pace against the gunners !!!
  9. sorry for adding twice but the first one had no link....
  10. Many thanks to everyone that has bought masks, due to the supplier trying to cash in on the current success we have moved the listing on ebay, to the following link or search on ebay for holty4england. Just to confirm that orders in by tuesday should get to you by friday !! See you at the emirates !!! did anyone spot them yesterday vs Liverpool http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/holty4england-/290704941837?pt=UK_DVD_Film_TV_Autographs_CV&hash=item43af5d630d        
  11. Im not the only person to think that GOD has done a job at norwich that has just blown all expectations. Even Mcnally back in league one would admit that his 5 year plan would have taken 10 years from where we were if not longer. I dont think there is anything wrong reminding fans of the squad we have and where we have come from but I like many other fans BELIEVE that the way we are playing at the moment and the commitment from the players is such , that when saturday comes, we can beat anyone. Im sure that lambert reminds his players everyday thats they can and its a game of football 11 vs 11.
  12. Is the reason that morison chases everything is so we can play closer to the defending team and press them when they have the ball deep in thier own half.    I would assume that if morison has been asked to do this then our midfield would be doing the same to win the ball back, so if this isnt working then i wouldn''t put all the blame at morison''s door. in earlier games i seem to remember pilks and bennett playing well when going forward but not so keen to defend or do any chasing themselves (im not saying they are lazy) they just havent been doing it? I like Morison , however he needs a lot more help.
  13. Given that the F.A and premier league want to encourage attendances does that mean that if i can prove that the game was sold out i can still watch it !!!!
  14. am i be harsh for saying that it was just unlucky and leave it there. at least you seen some of the game and they got you home safely, I have missed the odd half a game for being stuck in traffic, frustrating i know but just have to accept it. Does your boss expect you to make up the time when your sick !!!
  15. has anyone posted a link to this on the ipsh!T site
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