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  1. Does any Norwich fan want to sell me their ticket and coach travel for Man Utd away? Went to the club and they said the club has sold out of tickets. My mobile number is 07772677931. From Craig
  2. I have two Norwich City old home shirts that I am trying to sell and get rid of...One of them is an adult size medium shirt (2003-05) with long sleeves with the proton logo. I would take £15 for it. The other shirt I have is a home shirt - an adult size small (1999-01) with the colmans logo sponsor. I want £15 for that shirt as well.So if anyone is interested in buying one of these shirts or both of them then please contact me on my mobile 07772677031.From Craig
  3. JF we can''t sign Benik Afobe now from Wolves - because the transfer window is already closed - besides we don''t need another striker because we have already signed MBokani. I didn''t want Afobe anyway because I didn''t think he would be any better than Grabban - just a championship player - not good enough to score goals in the premier league. Afobe has only played for championship teams throughout his career - so there is no guarantee - he would score goals in the premier league. But anyway we have got MBokani now and he is the guy we are putting our faith in to score us goals to keep us in the premier league.
  4. Grabban is not good enough to start a game for Norwich. He had his chance against Palace at Home and missed too many chances to score. He looked awful when he came off the bench when he came off the bench against Sunderland away. Also we have better strikers ahead of Grabban - MBokani (first choice), Jerome (second choice), Hooper (third choice). The three strikers mentioned will get a chance before Grabban does. He won''t even be on the bench against Bournemouth at home.The problem we have is we have a player who is unhappy at our club. We should have sold him to a championship team and then he wouldn''t affect us. The worse thing we could do is sell to Bournemouth and then he scores goals for Bournemouth - which leads to us getting relegated.
  5. Yes this would be a pointless signing - Barry Bannan plays as a central midfielder according to wiki. We certainly don''t need any more central midfielders as we have enough already. More of a priority is signing a left back & right back & centre back & striker - but at the minute we doesn''t like anybody will have signed by Saturday August 8th at the rate we are bloody going at!!! Its so pathetic that we have only signed two players!! You need more than two new signings to improve a team!!
  6. Sorry these foreigners who watch games in an armchair and claim to be Liverpool / Man Utd / Chelsea aren''t fans. All they bloody do is sit in front of a TV screen from a million miles away. Proper fans support their local team. They attend the home games and attended all the away games. Some of these foreigners have never been to watch those teams I mentioned in their life - they are couch sofas - supporting team is attending games by paying for tickets and giving the club money!! There is such a thing is a fake plastic fan - if you are from Norwich - you wouldn''t support Liverpool would you? How can you support that club when they are the other side of the country to you? Its absurd ridiculous!!! What is the point in someone from Norwich choosing to support Real Madrid - just watching from a TV screen and never going to the games?
  7. I couldn''t help but notice some of these foreigners on Facebook who claim to support Liverpool, Chelsea & Arsenal & Man City. Yet some of these people are from places like Somalia, and other countries from around the world. These aren''t true fans. They are plastic fans who just support a winning team. Most of us Norwich fans are proper fans - we support Norwich because we were born in Norwich. What is the point in supporting Barcelona if we are from Norwich? Some people are so ridiculous!!!
  8. You are so bloody negative. That is not the way to think you should we hoping Norwich stay up - not hoping we get relegated - sounds like the sort of thing an Ipswich fan would say - I hope Norwich get relegated. Norwich will finish midtable or top half. For 5 years people like you have been wrong. Norwich are now in their fourth year as a Premier League - so we haven''t gone down after all - have we? Yes we have been in the Championship for one season - but four of those seasons have been spent in the Premier League. Norwich are a club on the up - we will be the next Swansea / Southampton / Crystal Palace. It won''t be long before we are pushing for Europa League football with Alex Neill as our manager. 
  9. alartz no need to resort to name calling!! To be honest I can''t see Andreu getting into the team ahead of Hoolahan. If Andreu was going to have any role in our midfield - I would think he would operate as Hoolahan does just behind Jerome in a 4-5-1 formation. Unless we play Andreu as a left winger - not sure if he is left footed though is he?
  10. I would rather we sign Robbie Brady. He is very versatile - can play left back or left wing. He would provide good cover for us  and he would make Olsson fight for his place. He is good at scoring goals and creating goals. I am sure if we offer Hull City enough money we can buy him. I have done some research on him and I am impressed with the amount of goals & assists he has got for a left back / left winger. Alex Neill has got to try and sign him. Robbie Brady Hull City (left back / left winger) 2011-12 - 3 goals & 3 assists & 39 appearances 2012-13 - 4 goals & 13 assists & 12 appearances 2013-14 - 3 goals & 2 assists & 39 appearances CAREER TOTAL - 10 goals & 18 assists & 63 appearances
  11. Adnan Januzjaj began his career with FC Brussels - but joined Anderlecht at 10 years old. When he was 16 years old in March 2011 Man Utd signed him and he joined Man Utd''s youth team / academy. To be fair to the lad he hasn''t really had a chance to play for Man Utd. I think he needs games and experience and I am sure Norwich City could offer that. He got 3 assists and 4 goals in just 27 appearances. So I am sure if he played more games he could get more assists and goals. He could do a job for us as a winger or attacking midfielder. We should sign him on a season long loan. I guess the other option is to sign left winger Robbie Brady from Hull. Will have to do some research on him and provide some stats. Man Utd 2013-14 - 4 goals & 3 assists & 27 appearances (league)Total appearances including cup competitions - 56 apps
  12. Yeah what you have said has nothing to do with the topic I am discussing. I think the reason ITV Anglia stopped working with Norwich City - producing DVDs is because ITV Digital damaged their reputation by not giving money to football clubs. Norwich City when they were planning to build the Jarrold Stand back in 2003 were owed £3.8m and they never received this money. Also a lot of other football clubs were relying on the TV money income from ITV Digital.Before the collapse of ITV Digital - ITV Anglia had produced 10 DVDs for Norwich City since 1995-96. Obviously after Norwich City didn''t get the money owed to them by ITV Anglia - they obviously thought ITV were no longer trustworthy.
  13. A friend of mine told me he didn’t get the job this year of doing a season review DVD for Norwich. He used to do a lot work for anglia tv - who used to produce Norwich City season Reviews but they lost their contract. Does anyone know why Anglia TV lost their contract with Norwich? I know DJM Digital used to encode and author a lot of the old DVDs.
  14. Well Morty judging by Lafferty''s stats his loan spell didn''t go very well with Çaykur Rizespor. He made 14 appearances and only scored 2 goals according to wikipedia. 2 goals is not good enough for a striker. He is as bad as RVW - he has the ability to score goals - but he just score very often. There is no way he will be good enough to play for us in the premier league. So I think we should sell Lafferty and RVW.
  15. Alex PritchardCAREER STATS Brentford - 2014-15 - 12 goals - 7 assistsSwindon - 2013-14 - 8 goals - 44 appsPeterboro - 2012-13 - 0 goals - 6 appsAlex could be a good signing for Norwich - certainly over the last two seasons at the clubs he has been at on loan he has demonstrated he has the ability to score and create goals. So yeah I wouldn''t mind seeing this attacking midfielder sign for our club. Mind you I thought Tony Andreu was signed from Hamilton as an attacking midfielder to replace Hoolahan. Andreu hasn''t played often though and I am sure he has ability to create and score goals himself - but obviously he will need first team opportunities to prove himself. 
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