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  1. I wonder how different the reaction would be for us City supporters if it was this time last year being top of the Championship? Very different I suspect. For me I want this mess to go away as soon as possible as the longer it goes on the bigger the financial damage so if that means finishing the season and getting relegated then so be it. The financial problems that everyone of us face for years to come will be a lot bigger than being p'd off for a few days following relegation. Sadly I think we are in this for many months ahead and a very, very small silver lining is that the season will be null and void.
  2. God I miss football, this is more painful than I thought and it's only week 2. Standing on the platform at 11pm of White Hart Lane Station at singing Wembley songs to the Spurs fans 20 days ago seems like a lifetime ago..... so let's have a lift in mood! We need to be in the virtual last 4 of the FA Cup so score predictions please? (bear in mind it's Fifa 20) against United so they're bound to have at least 120% of what we have before start! It's live on FB at 4.30pm on the FA Emirates page! I'm going for a 2-1 win for City with Emi and Pukki to get the goals!!
  3. Totally agree Ricardo. We have been through our cupboards, fridge and freezer this afternoon putting a list of what we have and hoping that we have at least 2 weeks of provisions. We don't but we're in a better place than many and we'll deal woth it as we need to. I certainly won't allow 'stock piling' but I don't want to be judged if we decide that we need to shop at 6am to get what we need to get for the week. God knows how the proper elderly and NHS staff are getting by! I stand by what I've said before..... Ban shopping trollies!
  4. I can't understand why the measures that Italy have put in place have had no positive reaction compared to China where the virus was supposed to originate. Italy has 1/80th the population of China and they have more deaths and almost as many cases. Something doesn't add up.
  5. So what's the answer then? How would deal with the situation? Given the circumstances I feel that he and his government are doing a sterling job. (believe me I'm no BoJo admiriner!) The world is full of people that want to criticise what's in front of them with no real answers!
  6. We have had a delivery every week for the past 2 years and can't get another until 10th April. Won't bother after this week anyway as the majority of it wasn't available. I have a sensible solution to this..... Ban shopping trolleys...... Baskets only. Everything will get back to normal pretty quickly and it takes the pressure off of supermarket staff that have to try and implement pathetic company procedures that people don't listen to
  7. Use the dirty b@st@rd as a trial for an antidote for COVID-19!
  8. Great artical on BBC website highlighting that if this is controlled correctly they expect 20,000 people to die from this virus in the UK. The thing is that most of these people would have died anyway from virus' other than Corona. On top of that because we will he mainly house bound, murders will go down (not entirely sure that's correct as my other half is already doing my suede in!) and RTA's will be considerably lower. All this results in the usual 500,000 people that die each year being maintained or even lowered. All iff's and buts I know but a good incite.
  9. Agreed, I feel that they're doing a great job. Makes you wonder how this would have happened if Corbyn was PM? I don't have much sympathy with the self employed either. I've spent most of my working life beside them on construction sites telling me that they're better off then me, make all the tax dodges that they can and putting nothing aside for 'sticky patches'.
  10. Totally agree and I've been saying this for a while.
  11. Thinking the same. Lea Valley Extra has been mentioned but can only book through yourparkingspace, and it's quoting £90!
  12. Eveving all I'm driving down to the game tomorrow eveving but parking seems to be a bit of a lottery. Anyone know of any decent parking in and around WHL? Thanks in advance
  13. Good to see that you’re positive about tomorrow
  14. Evening punters! I have a feeling that QPahahaha are in for a hiding tomorrow. Im going for a 6-1 City win and Teemu to get back on the scoresheet with a hat trick
  15. Funny that, Mick Dennis said on talksport this lunchtime that he''s more likely to go to Liverpool than Villa. I think he may well be right
  16. Surely banging two massive drums right behind the home end goal every time the away team takes a corner, free kick or goal kick up that end cannot be right? I was in an executive box right up that end (and almost got ejected for celebrating the goals too much!!) and the away supporters even mentioned that they get lots of complaints about it. The funny part is that we scored from 2 set pieces up that end.
  17. My mate that sits behind me sits in the Cathedral Lounge and it was inside his programme, so it wasn''t just the 59''s lounge
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