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  1. Fair play, cheers everyone who replied,  nice to see some positive responses for a change....sorry about the maths yeah its £880k....obviously.
  2. I know people are always posting stuff saying ''my uncles brothers mate knows the chairman....bla bla bla'', but I have a very close mate from university who currently works at Shrewsbury Town and is friends with some of the board members. For the sake of his job there I''m not gonna explain his position at the Shrews anymore than that. I belive we were told the undisclosed figure was around £400,000 for Holt. But my friend ensures me it was infact £680,000 plus a signing on fee of £200,000. I think thats a staggering amount, £860,000 total for him when we keep hearing how we have no money. I like the player, think he will score and does alot of physical work, but 16 of his goals last year were penalties (in all comps) and 860k is alot...Just wondred what everyone thinks of this   
  3. Spoke to a Luton season ticket holder the other week. He said Martin was very hit and miss for them. Fair play he was their top scorer with 14 goals, but in League 2 he scored 10goals in 40-odd games, one in 4 at L2 level aint great. A sub at best for me. Give Cody his chance.... PS he did say Spillane was very solid and would do a job at L1 level
  4. This is bad, very bad if Byfield is the level of player were going for. Worrying
  5. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMonkey"] We must be the only club in the world who thinks we can progress by going backwards. If this was any other injury prone, 33 year old left winger in the states, we''d hear nothing but criticism and and allegations of a lack of ambition. Huckerby is a legend but all that is past. Let''s move on.   [/quote]   Cannot believe people dont think hed do a job for us. he left a couple of seasons too early. Ye hes 33 not 40...hes still got a couple of years at lower league left easily, if darren anderton can do it at 36 Hucks can do it at 33. Hes still nippy, has much more technical ability than most players in this league and if he came back it would give the place a lift cause the fans love him so much and he loves the club. Maybe do a Giggs and start playing more centrally in midfield when his pace really starts to go. Defo worth a shot in my eyes....
  6. Can anyone think of any Norwich players who went to a World Cup/Euros while actually at Norwich??? I Can think of two initially Fleck- 1990 World Cup Scotland Woods- 1986 World Cup England Townsend- 1990 World Cup Ireland, although not sure bout this one  
  7. I think your right we should be alot more ruthless. The level of players im not sure really...i honestly think most L2 and L1 players would see coming here as a great oppounity, just for the faciltiies and size of the club etc. So i think if we go for young talented prospects from the lower two leagues we can get fairly cheap and maybe throw in the odd free transfer with experience from the Championship, wed have the right mix. Examples- Andy Bishop from Bury, Sodje/Hahnemann/Murty from Reading  
  8. iv spoken to a couple of Luton season ticket holders and they both rated spillane, said he was solid, athltetic and looked a good prospect. think he can play RB CB or CM so versatile aswell. They also said even though martin was their top scoerer he was fairly unreliable, so not sure bout him.
  9. Iv spoken to some Luton fans who go to alot of games, they said Martin, even though he was their top scorer is fairly unreliable at L2 level so if he is included he will be just a squad player. However they were very appreciative to have had pillane on loan. They said he was solid and looked a good prospect, can play rb, centre half or centre mid so useful versatility. He might be with the Ireland u-21s this summer so be interesting to see how he gets on their. Rudd is a talent from what iv heard, one of the reasons Lewis was sold was cause Rudd was coming through, maybe to early to hold a first team place in such an important position. I thought wed released Renton
  10. just read the article i was getting that info from, ye it was wrong, sorry bout that... Parkin is s**t not good so we dnt want him ...fair play
  11. I know there has been loads of these types of posts but just thought id mention if you havnt heard.... Sam Parkin got released by Luton today, he scored 25 goals last year in league 2. Would be a good back-up or potential option if we cant get Lee, plus wages wont be massive and he must live fairly locally. Sam Sodje...released by Reading, strong fast centre back, could do a job in league 1 Free transfers are probably gonna be the basis of our activity in the transfer window so thought id just mention these guys and see what every1 thinks
  12. [quote user="ACE"]Ohsopoor has pace but its not consistent.  He is lazy and is not going to suddenly start bombing up and down the riht wing.  And playing a player out of position in a new team in a new league?  Thank god you are not the manager. I remember when we got him Crewe fans said he was fast but positionally dubious and with a poor atitude.  Strange our scouts missed all that eh? [/quote] A standard positive response from ace
  13. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="Say Hello To The Angels"]it''s a shame they went up i was rooting for sheff utd, burnley like wigan, hull and stoke have no right to be in the premiership. [/quote] I don''t understand that. They clearly do have a right to be in the Premiership...because they got promoted. That''s how football works... The only teams that have no right to be in the Premiership next year are those that did not get promoted. Past history counts for nothing, and i think it''s stupid to claim that teams like Burnley, hull or wigan don''t deserve to be in the Premiership. [/quote] Completley agree, no one has ''the right'' to be in the prem, its pruley based on the football. Hull, wigan, burnley etc... are there because they have played well and been run correctly. Teams like Newcastle belive they deserve to be in europe because of their history and their size, thats absolute b****x. They have been run badly and played poorly, so their in the Championship next year...end of. Burnley will do ok i reckon, traditionally the playoff winners do better than automatically promoted teams. I hope they do well, gives teams like us hope that it can be done ona small budget.  
  14. [quote user="Mr. Bump"]Exeter away [/quote]   exeter away, totally agree, proper old school stand no cover, hopefully itl be -10, raining and windy. Proper football support that is... 
  15. Dnt care at all about all that ''glory hunting fans'' b****x, english club with a fair few english players in it compared to the rest of the top england teams, i hope they do win. Everyone thinks barca are favourites and sure their attack is amazing, but defensivly they are seriously average and especially now with alves and abidal out. Gonna be a few goals i reckon...2-1 united.....good luck to them
  16. [quote user="ACE"]Oh and sorry, but you "did something" by sending a letter and starting a facebook group.. Er, yeah, well done, very brave and out there. Idiot. [/quote] 100% behind you crabman, all very good points. Im fed up of coming on here and seeing people post pointless, abusive posts about Gunn or the board or whatever. I understand the frustration of relegation is still fresh in everyones minds, but that time has passed, we''re where we are because thats where we deserve to be. All these ''fans'' moaning and whinging constantly about the situation do my head in, i bet if in 1year and we get relegated to L2 they would love it so they could say ''i told u he would be cr*p, i moaned and whinged about him all year, i know exactly what im talking about...blah blah blah eeehooor eeeehoooor''...bore off...If your a supporter, support the club.   ACE...the most negative fan i have ever seen, if your that depressed mate get professional help.
  17. agree with the Lita and Miller poitns, people talking bout players way above our station, but if we can get together the money Palace want Lee is defo on his way here. He lives in suffolk and is settled there with le family and wants to stay perminantly. Doesnt matter that we''re L1 Lee wants in and I think he''ll do a job in that division  
  18. No No No He is very very average, unproven, lighweight for L1 and will prob want to got to a championship team anyway  
  19. These quotes above are seriously worrying, how arrogant are you...we''re not Newcastle fans. Just because of the size of the stadium etc...doesnt mean we will walk this league or deserve to be any higher. We''re here playing teams like Scunthorpe because thats where our performances have led us to. Scunthorpe are a decent team in this league, they''ve got a couple of Irish internationals and a lad called Paul Hayes who is a 15-20 goal a year man in this league. He is also ex-Norwich academy, who we released on a free, how much would we have to spend to bring him back. Not thatd hed want to come of course.
  20. Really dont know what to make of this set up at Ipswich, no doubt theyv invested heavily, Keane and the Olympic guy wont be cheap, plus further investment for players etc.. This Evans guy will buy his way to the premier league by the looks of it. I really think itl backfire, Keane got Sunderland up straight away because of his initial presence being enough to motivate the players when he first arrived, similar to how Ipswich''s form improved when he arrived. But long-term, he spent loads at Sunderland and did OK. I reckon itl be the same at ITFC, hel spend loads and get them up, but they wont become an ''established premier league club'' under Keane.
  21. Im not defending his performances last season, but his record in L1 is very good. Admitadly his good L1 record came in the late 90''s and early 00''s, but dispite that he has always scored at this level and up until last year had a good record in the Championship.  Doesnt really matter anyway, no one will buy him or want to pay him what he earns here so hell stay, just whether he can deliver this year or not.  
  22. [quote user="Joey Deacan"]Here you go Gunny BARNSLEY Out of Contract: Rob Kozluk, Luke Steele, Michael Coulson, Jonathan Macken, Luke Potter Released: Dennis Souza, Marciano Van Homoet, Diego Leon, Kyle Letheren Birmingham - Released: Radhi Jaidi, Médhi Nafti, Martin Taylor Blackpool: Out of Contract: Claus Jørgensen, Danny Coid, Francesco Carratta, David Fox, Stuart Green, Brett Ormerod, Jermaine Wright, Marlon Broomes, Bristol City Out of Contract: Dele Adebola, Louis Carey, Liam Fontaine, Izzy Iriekpen, Lee Johnson, Jamie McAllister, Jamie McCombe, Scott Murray, Cole Skuse, Chris Weale, Jennison Myrie-Williams, David Noble Burnley Out of Contract: Graham Alexander, Steve Jones, Alex MacDonald, Gabor Király, Alan Mahon Cardiff Out of Contract: Miguel Comminges, Mark Kennedy, Darren Purse, Riccardo Scimeca, Charlton out of contract: Darren Ambrose, Deon Burton, Rob Elliott, Jonathan Fortune, Matt Holland, Svetoslav Todorov, Zheng Zhi Coventry Out of Contract: Marcus Hall, Andy Marshall, Leon McKenzie, Palace OOC: Scott Flinders, Clint Hill, Paul Ifill, Shefki Kuqi, John Oster, James Scowcroft, Derby: Mile Sterjovski, Andy Todd Doncaster: Sean McDaid, Ben Smith, Neil Sullivan Gareth Taylor Ipswich Town: Dean Bowditch, Ivan Campo, Chris Casement, Tommy Miller, Matt Richards, Dan Harding, Liam Trotter, Forest: Ian Breckin, Paddy Gamble, Garath McCleary, Emile Sinclair, Adam Newbold Plymouth: Rodolphe Douala, Emile Mpenza, Luke Summerfield, QPR: Jake Cole, Jordi Lopez, Liam Miller, Damion Stewart, Gareth Ainsworth Zesh Rehman, Danny Maguire Reading: Michael Duberry, Brynjar Gunnarsson, Marcus Hahnemann, Leroy Lita, Graeme Murty, Sam Sodje, Scott Golbourne Sheff Utd: Ian Bennett, Ugo Ehiogu, Gary Speed, Danny Webber, Mamadou Seck, Ben Starosta, Aymen Tahar Sheff Weds: Wade Small, Steve Watson, Kenny Lunt Southampyon: Kelvin Davis, Jason Euell, LLoyd James, Chris Perry, Rudi Skacel, Ryan Smith, Michael Svensson, Jake Thomson, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Stern John, Swansea City: Matty Collins, Dorus de Vries, Kristian O''Leary, Andrea Orlandi, Dennis Lawrence, Chris Jones Watford: Steve Kabba, Mart Poom, Theo Robinson, Andrei Stepanov, Gareth Williams, Wolves: Jody Craddock [/quote] Very good homework, interesting list of players here, no doubt one or two may end up at Carrow Rd. I think if were gonna spend money on players the most wel be looking at is 200-500k total, so itl have to be players from L2 or lower L1. The likes of Rickie Lambert, Simon Cox etc...are being looked at by clubs alot higher so theyl all be in the region of £1mill+, way out of our league. I think Andy Bishop at Bury is a great shout. Hes had three excellent seasons at Bury in terms of goals, hes 25yrs old, has experience of the lower leagues, i reckon we could get him for 200-500k. Other L2 players worth a look- Ben Davies (Midfield - Shrewsbury), Omar Daily (Winger- Bradford), Grant Holt (Striker- Shrewbury) Dave McCraken (CentreHalf - Wycombe) Scott Shearer (Goalkeeper - Wycombe) Also Leigh Griffiths at Livingstonem, 18yrs old, 22goals in 40 games in Scot Div 1, Scotland B international.
  23. [quote user="Grif"]I feel sure all the above players/points have already been discussed in countless other posts. Then again, why bother checking those eh?![/quote] The four got released like 3 days ago, still a fresh story, worthy of a new post, pointless reply though you still read the new one
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