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  1. Troy went to bracknall town, yes sorry it was a trialist
  2. Some of you may remember this lad from last years pre-season who impressed some of us. http://www.theimp.lincolnfans.co.uk/news/0166_lincoln_trialist_signs_for_psv_eindhoven.shtml
  3. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="ncfclad"] This is from someone who has a good track record. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A71126633 [/quote]WOW!! A new thread on this messageboard about a new thread on another messageboard about a unknown player who MIGHT be signing in the next two days. Thanks for your valueable and informative input! [Y] [:S][:S][:S] [/quote] Suit yourself, no need to cry about it... you dont make the rules on what is or not posted on here. If I wanna post this on this forum then i will, thanks
  4. This is from someone who has a good track record. http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/606/A71126633
  5. The only reason there is for not introducing video evidence is that it will be harder to fix football result, its as simple as that
  6. where in the E block lower do you hear this?
  7. [quote user="Lewie - Holt our saviour"]Holt and Cureton?????Don''t you mean Holt & Cody?[/quote] possibly in the future, but Cody is an impact player who can come on for 20-30mins. I believe that the little and large Holt/Cureton partnership will come good the more they play.
  8. I think Lambert has identified good partnerships in the team that work well together Drury and Lappin Otsembor and Mcveigh Nelson and Askou Smith and Hughes Holt and Cureton
  9. possibly could be jonbull and was probably about the same size as lappin/croft/drury
  10. I do know all the players includin most of the academy, it could be one of the new academy scholars but he looked older to me. he was black.
  11. Went down today, looked interesting. Culverhouse looks a good coach, spent most of the session with all the defenders looking at shape and was continuously telling them all what to do. The defenders were split into two back fours taking it in turns with all the basic attributes like organisation and positioning. The groups were the following: make of them what you will... Otsemobor, Nelson, Askou, Drury and Spillane, Doherty, Stephens, haberham There was also a black guy who i didnt recognise, he looked pretty tricky, could be a right winger by the looks of it?? There is still no gill around and Stefanovic wasnt there but Russell was and involved in training with the group. Also Lappin and Tudor-Jones were sitting out watching
  12. he is my most hated player, but im quite happy with the way he has played in the last two games. I have noticed that he has got more crosses in the box than usual and contrary to opinions the two Reid goals were not actually his fault. The first he got forward and Whaley stupidly gave te ball away allowing us to be exposed at right back. The second he had to come inside to mark their striker as Spillane had commited himself further forward leaving their striker totally unmarked. Whaley was the one who should have been covering
  13. cant be any worse than Doc and Nelson
  14. can I just say that the players deserved the boos against Colchester when it was 7-1. Im just saying we cant aford to do it anymore, for me this is our last chance otherwise administration looms and we could be stuck in this leaue for a very long time.
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