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  1. [quote user="norfolkngood"]i heard we are waiting for Nelson to go and a lower league striker is coming in just waiting for Nelson first to go[/quote]

    Any ideas on who the lower league striker may be?
  2. Think the loan window is open until the end of the month
  3. I wouldn''t be disappointed if we ''go with what we have got'' to quote previous managers.

    Would expect R.Martin to move on and would like to see a couple of youngsters go out on loan to lower level football league clubs (where they can get time on the pitch), maybe Aarons, Oxborough and even Cantwell, but this depends on how many we need to keep for the bench to cover out homegrown quota.
  4. jeagle

    Balancing the books...

    Mathematical extrapolation works like that though, you take a season (46 games) and work out that if he gets a goal every 2.5 games (which over the course of his whole career he has) then he will get 16. Simple maths.

    I didn''t say he will play every game and I also didn''t say he will get 15+ goals EVERY season...obviously it varies season to season. some seasons he may get more and some less, sorry for not stating the obvious
  5. jeagle

    Balancing the books...

    [quote user="king canary"]Constant reminder that strikers cost money- Nelson has a solid track record at this level.

    He averages a goal every 211 minutes at Championship level- so about one every 2.5 games.[/quote]

    Agree. That makes him a 15+ goal a season striker, which for the Championship is easily worth £5m
  6. jeagle

    Josh Murphy

    Confirmed then, hopefully we have some replacements in mind. I''m not overly negative but it seems we are slowly losing the ''exciting'' players we once had in the squad!
  7. @ Woodman - exactly, it''s a lot to stump up so the club may decide to loan players out again to spread the cost. Unfortunately sloppy management has got us into this situation so we need some clever management to get out of it.

    I for one would love to see more academy boys get chances, but for the right reason (because they are good enough) and not just to make up the number of home grown players!
  8. jeagle

    Josh Murphy

    If Josh and Maddison go we will need to bring in some British (or is it English?) players for the quota, won''t we? You''d like to think we are in negotiations with some already but Webber has done well keeping his cards close to his chest in most dealings so far
  9. Players are often ''paid up'' by clubs, I could name a few who got a proportion (but not all) of their contracts paid up for them to leave. Whether this is a lump sum or over time is negotiable but this is fairly common place in football.

    A players could be on £10k a week with a year left and say ''no I will sit it out'' but the club may want him out so offer him £300k to terminate his contract. Then he can go and sign a new contract with another club for however much he likes, if he''s clever/wanted then he will be better off, but in the case of some (i.e. Jarvis) they might decide to stay put if they don''t think they can get a good deal elsewhere.
  10. jeagle

    Balancing the books...

    I''d guess Maddison will want to leave asap as long as he sees it as somewhere that he will be in the first team/match day squad. Can''t imagine he would pass up on the extra wages for a year and risk his stock not being so high if Norwich struggle.
  11. Toffolos tweet implies he wasn''t happy at Norwich
  12. jeagle

    home grown players

    Hopefully this will mean more of the academy boys are given a chance. The rise that Lewis has made should be a massive incentive for any of the U23s - maybe Abrahams is next to get some bench time and maybe a few minutes here and there.

    If not then as said, McGovern could be replaced on the bench by Oxborough if its just for the quota
  13. I can''t see why they wouldn''t agree to a loan, or at least a buy back option for us if he steps up and does well.

    Strange decision when he is apparently so highly rated
  14. jeagle

    Watkins- Farke not happy

    Sorry awful link!


    May not be clicky tho
  15. jeagle

    Watkins- Farke not happy

    Lincoln - he says about it here...


    It may be the way they do things in Germany? But it''s certainly a culture shock for a young British player - and will test their attitude