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  1. [quote user="Gareth"][quote user="Gareth"][quote user="I am a Banana"] He did ok! But captain...thats too far!? [/quote] He could''ve been made captain because he''s charismatic, or communicates well or reads the game well. Unless you know otherwise than to question his captaincy on the back of a (generally) composed and calm performance from the entire team seem harsh to me.   [/quote] That should be ''then'' [/quote]   Actually it shouldn''t, ''than'' was used in the correct context in that sentence, deeming your correction incorrect. Yours, Grammar Police x
  2. For those of you that didn''t take it, I bet you are delighted it''s bought us that crock of s**t aren''t you!?
  3. went to Barnet v Exeter last year and this guy was completely toilet. If we do sign him, I hope he was just having an off day!
  4. You heard it here first. Byfield to sign for City.
  5. ''Asda Smart Price Vodka'' Oh my god - talk about paint stripper!
  6. Jaaskelainen AlvesRio FerdinandPuyolEvra C. RonaldoGerrardEssienMessi TorresHenry
  7. Russell - So crap we signed him twice! HAHAHAHA!!That has really tickled me.....brilliant. Top 3 crap players in my opinion:3. Fotheringham - Shocking. 2. Otsemobor - Not bad going forwards but doesn''t have a defensive bone in his body which for a defender is arguably quite important. For the speed that he lacks upstairs he does make up in natural pace...but pace doesn''t necessarily matter when the ball''s at your feet in your own box!1. Sibierski - Complete toilet. For a reasonably tall centre forward, I could never work out how he never won headers and couldn''t hold the ball up. This award would have gone to Carl ''I shrink when I jump'' Cort who also posessed neither of these qualities, however Antione had a rather respectable premiership history behind him and hadn''t been out for the last 5 years with injuries! Antoine.....YOU''RE FIRED!
  8. [quote user="GinjaCanary"]Could be worth a punt, after all Virgin Money is based in Norwich[/quote]So is Virgin Wines. :-)
  9. Done. Hi Richard, I have studied Business Studies to the highest level in the UK and have a great respect for you and the fantastic brand that you have created. I love the culture and modern persona associated with the Virgin brand. However, I notice you don''t touch on professional football too much. Do you fancy investing in Norwich City Football Club!? We have a very strong and large supporter base due to our geographical position and pose a fantastic opportunity to couple the sports advertising that is already on view in motor racing at Brawn GP with further advertising in Football - call it intergrating your marketing communications I guess!....2+2 = 5 and all that!?Though my post comes somewhat tongue in cheek, a part of me is absolutely screaming out for somebody like you to invest and run our football club as the current owners, though they mean well, evidently don''t know how to run a business. I hope your future endeavours continue to flourish in the same way as your brand.Yours,A Trialist
  10. [quote user="Beaker"] [/quote]HAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant!
  11. Matty Gill has achieved back to back promotions with Exeter...I can''t see him joining us to be honest.
  12. [quote user="Gimp Mask"][quote user="The Voice Of Reason"][quote user="Gimp Mask"]It''s called League 1, not Division 1 or Division 3.Get used to it we''re gonna be there a while![/quote] COCA COLA LEAGUE 1 = DIVISION 3 [/quote]Yes thats not the point the point is its not called Division 3 you inbred wank stain[/quote]Firstly, do you have something more contructive to talk about because to be quite honest, this is one of the most pointless posts I''ve seen in a long time (with exception to the numerous duplicate ''board in'', ''gunn out'', ''shake it all about'' posts that have appeared recently). Secondly, have some self respect and convey yourself in a way that will result in your opinion respected rather than launching a tirade of playground ''abuse'' at the first person that decides to disagree with the point you''re making.
  13. [quote user="Norige"]If you can get a seat in teh Snake Pit thats the best place and pretty much the only place in the ground that makes any noise nowadays.[/quote]Not a chance. Lower Barclay mate - Block D or E.
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