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  1. Gloating at Keano is surely one of the small bright spots in an otherwise bleak season so far?
  2. Daley looks like he will be playing down the right to give us some pace, and MacDonald ain''t no winger.  So the question actually is Cody or Wes.  And you don''t need anyone to tell you the answer to that one.
  3. OK I had to come over and have a look, its a bit like looking at a train crash. I find it a bit sad that this thread is basically about concern with corporate agendas, yet a run-by-fans forum, that is evidently visited by many of you, is only being used to produce quotes to attack a fellow city fan.I find that quite depressing personally.  (PS, Butler, feel free to come over and de-sanitize it, its not going to do it on its own is it.)
  4. It would appear a few people still think we are in the Championship and that our squad, including the young lads, should be of a quality to immediately mix it with premiership players.  I think there are still a few around who need a wake up call to the fact we are in  league one perhaps.
  5. It may have happened four years ago, but Footie Focus on Saturday closed with that famous outburst, so it is still relevant, and for once I totally agree with Wizard.
  6. Suddenly? Fry & Laurie were a national comedy duo on TV for years.  He has done films, stage and TV, and he is a highly intelligent speaker - perhaps you have been living in a bubble?!
  7. To be fair to Jamie, he can''t do any worse than Martin or MacDonald has done so far???
  8. Morning all,Can''t see a win myself, praying but not expecting.  I just hope that people do not boo the team today, these boys are not used to the pressure cooker of 25,000, and they need support today.My god, I just did a get behind the boys post....
  9. For "his" site, read "Norwich City Fan Site" that any NCFC fan should want to support? [quote user="Mr. Bump"]More guess work from ACE, hoping that his vague stab in the dark will come true. And if not, at least he will get some hits on his website[/quote]
  10. Thought I would pop on here (although it would be lovely for some of you to support local, indepedent websites obviously....)We can''t get it "right" all the time as we are governed by the people telling US.  We have to make decisions on whether it is reliable enough to stick our necks out for.  Of course if its wrong, the source was wrong and we hold our hands up.For example, we have a source in the club, yep right in there.  But even they have been "wrong" in as much as they say something is going to happen, but due to hold ups etc it is out off a few days and then looks like it was wrong/speculation.It would be foolish to just say "well they are spouting crap if we hear nothing today" type black and white nonsense.Oh, and if you look hard enough its not just us reporting it...
  11. He is a sham, he got hardly anything right other than a couple of early lucky guesses.  Read his twitter posts and then check the info against what actually happened. 
  12. Come over to the dark side...... ;-)[quote user="can u sit down please"][quote user="Norwich"]Any more news whilst your are at it mate?[/quote]Not a sausage yet im afraid. But i trust Delia and Michael to oversee the appointment of someone to take us forward [;)]I''ll keep people informed by all means but to the 3 people who have emailed me telling me to "grow up" why would i want to with them?This board is getting tiring and i cannot be that arsed with it much more.[/quote]
  13. Great post, and the first it of sense I have read on here since starting to scroll through the headless chicken and hate messages...
  14. There is a fake Lakey around.  The team has only been announced so far by the fake Lakey....
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