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  1. One of my heroes from the Ron Saunders era. I will never forget the newspaper review of the Norwich match, with the lovely quote " and Forbes collected his customary booking ". It was suggested that the referee should book him in the dressing room before the game to save time on the pitch.
  2. And how does he square this with what he has said about Leeds in the past - including how he hates Leeds ( like we all do ) !
  3. And don''t forget Ruddy ! Presumably you are assuming Pritchard gets relegated with Huddersfield ?
  4. That sounds Hughtonesque, although I suppose he was more about defending our 0-0 position. But Farke''s comments about how well we have played after the last two games are surely sufficient for him to be dismissed without a pay-off on the grounds of lunacy ! But it won''t happen ! For sure !
  5. Kevin Keelan - never seen a better keeper since. Wouldn''t disagree with Ted McDougall, but could we have Phil Boyer too !
  6. Don''t worry - he''s actually Stefan Weber, for sure !
  7. "Jimmy for Scotland, Paddon for England". I was in the South Stand. And can I ask a question which I have never had a answer to , and which still puzzles me: why did Kenny Foggo never get a look in that season, having been so good the previous one, and really helping us get promoted ? He was sub twice, and never started a game. Did Ron Saunders just assume he wouldn''t be good enough for the top flight ? After wondering for 44 years, it would be good to know !
  8. Oh. There''s been a misunderstanding. When I said sign T. Abraham, I meant Tammy !
  9. I warned about players getting injured in pre-season a couple of weeks ago, after what happened last year. There must be a way of gradually building fitness, with fewer risks ? So please don''t use these injuries as an excuse for a poor start to the season. And also don''t use the fact that players have to get used to playing together as an excuse - it''s the club''s choice to sell / buy so many. Wenn Sie nicht verstehen, kann ich auch auf deutsch erklaeren, wenn es noetig ist - for sure !
  10. Yes - very good and enjoyable to read. I don''t boo Alex Neil, I boo the board. Saying in The Times that they want the manager to stay for 10 years, it would have been difficult to sack him a few weeks later when it was patently obvious that things weren''t working / wouldn''t improve. So the decision to remove AN had to wait until it was realistically impossible to reach the play-offs. That''s the crime.
  11. Sorry Big Toe ! Didn''t mean to deceive you ! But if Alan Irvine had anything about him, and any desire at all to stay in a job here, he would be changing things to try and get something more out of our squad of players - whether he was in charge for one game, or until the end of the season. Certainly as far as away games are concerned, there is nothing to lose. It might be playing with two up front, it might be three centre halves at the back, it might be bringing in some youngsters, it might be telling Lafferty to prove that he has a future here if he can show some interest........ anything different ! And you have to say that play-offs became mathematically impossible as soon as there weren''t enough home games left to pick up the points needed - no point pretending that this team will pick up the points away from home ! Irvine''s behaviour looks like someone just waiting to be sacked and pick up his cheque. And I''m sorry my computer skills don''t extend to photo-shopping a Donald Trump wig onto a photo of Alex Neil !
  12. Did Alex Neil really get the sack ? Or did the board save money by asking him to wear a wig and call himself Irvine ? Looking at the team, and listening to the manager''s comments, I am not convinced that AN has really gone !
  13. In August 1970, Roy Allison who had been responsible for the training ground at Trowse retired. So Trowse was the training ground before 1970, but I''m afraid I can''t find any info prior to that.
  14. LDC - I don''t doubt where you''re from, but the Singing Postman was born in Lancashire - and a postman in Grimsby !
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