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  1. I am worried We are on a roll and I should be really optimistic. it''s just that I can''t get out of my head that we are NCFC - Blackburn away on a Tuesday night just smells like disaster to me. Please tell me not to worry and all will be fine!
  2. Yes that pub is always packed with NCFC fans having a good sing song!
  3. Love it or hate it Canary Call is part of NCFC''s fans diet. However, I don''t like the way that Butler asks fans to call in and then talks to them like s***. Also, The Scrimmage on Thursday evenings is painful
  4. His contract is worth £14m. He has proved over many years that he can score in the PL. If he does and they stay up and get £60m it is money well spent
  5. Paul lambert came with a reputation of delivering in English leagues as a manager and achieved as a player with a European Cup medal to his name. This manager comes with no reputation so will have to earn it
  6. Out. Sick of hearing "it''s the directors not him" If that''s the case he is not worth the wages and bonus money just to be an office manager
  7. Can I assume that you don''t realise that the CEO has the final say on all matters and that the board are merely there to assist and give input?
  8. The bloke who rang in and criticised McNally had some valid points, even Butler went quiet and kind of agreed. Forbes response was terrible and straight from the textbook of club responses
  9. its because the sun is the keepers eyes first half but goes behind the river end second half
  10. This is also a bar that sells drink and they didn''t have a toilet. Actually, that''s a lie. They do have a toilet (one) but that was closed on Saturday. I had one drink needed the loo so went to the Holiday Inn and drank there instead!
  11. He''s scored 200% more goals than lafferty and in less starts!
  12. Like someone tweeted the other day - Other than his goal at Spurs what has he actually contributed in 3 seasons at the club, apart from saying nice things and being a generally nice bloke? Maybe right back is his position he is certainly well down the pecking order for the wing
  13. If you want songs about former legends then let''s just sing this for 90 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVxEH2yC5PQ
  14. Obviously it''s common knowledge about the pub in each corner of the ground. But is there an away fans pub in Brentford?
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