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  1. Judging by some of the results, they in better shape than some of the opposition:NORWICH City Ladies ran out incredible 23 (twenty-three) – 0 winners over Aylsham to secure a semi-final place in the County Cup. The game saw Nadine Basson claim seven goals with Anna Larkins also chipping in with a double hat-trick. The game saw eight of the eleven starters for the Ladies get on the score-sheet. Within two minutes the Ladies were two goals to the good thanks to Vicki Stephens and a first for Basson.
  2. Purple Canary wrote:  Rebuild the City Stand from scratch (apparently the only way to do it) and you have up to 18 months of work, with not enough space to put the 4,000 or so displaced fans, and massive loss of revenue to go with the £20m or more cost.   Where is your proof that the City Stand needs to be rebuiilt from scratch. When it was built, the foundations were designed to be strong enough for a 2nd tier, and despite other peoples opinions, the club own the road behind the City Stand with the intention of expanding the City Stand 2nd tier onto it at a later date. I can see that stand being worked on if we  maintain Premiership status at the end of the upcoming season. In regards to Parking Issues, The city has a very good Park and Ride network and a Train station easily reachable from the ground, so whats the problem. The fact you can walk to town after the game very quickly and easily in my opinion is a great advantage for both home and away fans. DO we really want a no character, no atmosphere new stadium? give me Carrow Road any day.  
  3. [quote user="Dereham Tifoso"][quote user="PurpleCanary"] There is another argument for doing it that way. Do the City Stand first and the 4,000 or so fans there (presumably mainly season ticket holders) have to be relocated somewhere when there isn''t anywhere to relocate them. A massive loss of revenue. [/quote] Not necessarily, there are ways and means if some engineering thought is put to it- Leicester Tigers RUFC managed it at Welford Road  [url]http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=731484&page=12[/url]. Whether (1) We could achieve the transition between new and old in the close season and (2) whether we have sufficient space behind the City Stand on the old Carrow Road to do similar are different questions all together.   [/quote] I may be wrong but I am sure the club bought the road behind the City Stand for the purpose of expanding onto when they put a 2nd tier on the City Stand
  4. [quote user="Chelmsford Canary"] I remember Iwan''s last game against Preston, and I can admit, there was a slight tear in my eye that day he left us.   [/quote]   Could be wrong but sure Iwans last game was away at Crewe
  5. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4482085927 In the process of sorting it out so it may looks a bit dated at the moment, so if anyone wants to be a fellow admin, just let me know
  6. I am also in Chelmsford, and a Norwich Fan I am the baddow end of Chelmsford, there is a nice pub in Moulsham - The eaglehind who has said he would put the matches on the Big Screen I was a season ticket up untill 2 years ago, when the cost of having a child something had to give both in finance and time, so reluctantly i gave up my season ticket - My son was born the day we unveiled Paul Lambert as Manager.... If you have facebook, there is a Chelmsford Norwich City fans group, - it dont have that many members and the page needs a makeover but feel free to join it and hopefully we can find a few more to join the page...
  7. off topic, anyone know how i could have posted that as a hyperlink
  8. interesting http://www.football-league.co.uk/twitter/20110427/official-twitter-league-tables_2293560_2337445
  9. I not going to comment, I just posting this link, can someone give a clear indication if points can be deducted when the season is over, all what is classed as end of season http://www.ccmb.co.uk/fudforum/index.php?t=msg&th=271886&start=0&rid=0&S=040700d9b5734e7807c467f456d21a59
  10. HI Any of you based in Chelmsford fancy watching the game in a pub tonight? Any ideas on some good pubs?
  11. [quote user="Kathy"] [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]I can never understand, when it can take months to move house, why NCFC do not hold a small portfolio of homes. However luxurious a hotel room is you still don''t have a proper front and back door and it ends up soul-less.  How often have new players been taken under the wing of settled players? Surely, this would help staff morale and improve performance?[/quote] I''m pretty certain they did years ago. In my stalker days (I was only 14 at the time. Be reasonable!) I feel sure both Kevin Keelan and Alan Black both lived in what were referred to as ''club houses''. I''m sure if it was economically viable David McNally would have instigated something along those lines. [/quote]   If the club wants a portfolio of homes, just take control of the hotel built into the ground!
  12. only reason i was interested was I was told by a Colchester fan that when he was in charge there, he only spent Friday-Monday in Colchester and the rest of the time back home, just wondered if this was the same while at Norwich,
  13. Does anyone know whether Paul Lamberts Family have now moved south, I have heard conflicting reports!
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Theoklitos Des Hamilton Paddy Boyle Kevin Scott Elliot omozusi Mark Rivers Garry Brady Carl Robinson Andy Hughes Ulf Ottosson Zema abbey subs simon Tracey Mark Libbra David Marshall David Neilsen we''d win the league at a canter... evereyone else who has played for us since 1981 when i was born has been crap. [/quote]   What no space for Dean Coney?
  15. Does anyone have a copy of the old Norwich Badge, I done a google search but nothing came up
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