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  1. The Board (or should I say the owners) are clearly not backing the Manager, there are obviously considerable funds available to spend on players but the Board seem too scared of spending big because they think we will probably get relegated. What sort of message is that sending to everyone?
  2. Fat lady doesn''t sing until 8pm, but I''m not holding my breath
  3. Thanks, great interview. It''s good to have an articulate Manager who is at ease with the media. Alex did well to side step the question about where he wants us to finish and gave the perfect answer.
  4. Spot on Ray. Time to all pull together and get behind the team and players. We''ve got more than enough quality to get promoted, everyone just needs to keep the faith and support going.
  5. Completely agree with Boro being an absolute disgrace aided and abetted by one of the most hopeless refs we have ever seen. I hope we get them in the play off final and am confident that AN will have one or two tactical surprises in store to undermine their cheating tactics. Lets not forgot AN and the players since he arrived have done brilliantly, we just need to keep the faith. OTBC.
  6. Portsmouth away was good fun to. Ted McDougall, Phil Boyer, Martin Peters, 4-1 I think. Those nice Pompey fans throwing bottles down from the back of the stand.Are there any better ways to get promoted?
  7. Great news that Phelan is staying, his experience will be invaluable to AN. I am pleased with his appointment notwithstanding it being a bit left field. What he has achieved so far has been outstanding and he deserves a chance to show what he can achieve on a bigger stage.
  8. The writing is very clearly on the wall again, as it was since last December when the board chose to take no action until it was too late. There are 2 very good Managers without jobs at present, now is the time to appoint one of them, but have the Board got the courage to make a much needed change?
  9. No need to sell a player that has more potential than anyone else we have apart from perhaps Josh Murphy. We are trying to get promoted not build up the bank balance.
  10. Only one shot on target all game, heavy legged players who show no belief. Same old same old. Olsson should have had a shoulder op last year, he is in pain every time he goes to ground and was outpaced when he committed the foul and got sent off. This would not have happened if he was fully fit.
  11. Good interview and an honest appraisal of what went wrong. All credit to Russ for speaking to the media at a very difficult time. My vote would go for playing like Swansea rather then Stoke, although the latter are now more of a footballing side under Mark Hughes.
  12. Top 3 favourites would do a decent job with the right backing, as we cannot keep paying the lowest wages in the Prem and expect to stay in the league. My preferred choice would be Uwe Rosler, but doubt if we could get him away from Wigan. I think Hoddle is past his sell by date, I seem to remember Wolves were pretty woeful with him as Manager, could not win games, did not score many goals and that was in the Championship.
  13. All is not lost. WBA are no world beaters and we can certainly win today. It was not long ago that we could always count on McAuley to score a goal or 2 for us.Having seen Man C yesterday, and the headlines about Mancini this morning, I would not rule out getting a result there either.
  14. We have not had the rub of the green this season and have been the victims of some terrible decisions by some appalling refs and linesman which has definitely cost us points. The only refs I would trust to make fair and just decisions are Howard Webb and Mike Dean, if we get one of them on Sunday we can definitely still stay up. If we can beat Arsenal and Man U with the personnel we have now we can surely beat WBA who have nothing to play for. One last big effort all round required by everyone, all other comments can wait until the end of the season.
  15. Excellent performance, some of the team will definitely have good careers in professional football. Well done to them all and to Neil Adams. Might be a bit churlish, but it would it would be nice to see a bit of passion from Neil on the touchline, perhaps Paulo De Canio could give him lessons!
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