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  1. Nice one, now if they can only get Ivan Santini and the jobs done.
  2. No I''m bored and I just been watching Youtube.
  3. Naismith and Lafferty linked up extremely well at Rangers.
  4. When Jerome came on yesterday City went to a 4-2-3-1 formation.
  5. When Jerome came on yesterday he played wide on the left in a three behind Mbokani, with Redmond and Hoolahan as the other two of the three
  6. Jerome is a great player , but not a natural goalscorer. I''ll have one last go at explaining my thinking. If City currently had Kenny Dalglish, Peter Beardsley, Gary Lineker, and Michael Owen all in their prime on their books they would score no more goals than they are now, because City do not currently play a style of play suitable for any of those players strengths. But they were all World Class strikers in their prime, so what I''m saying is whoever your striker is you have to set your team up to get the best out of them. To emphasize my point Grant Holt. Paul Lambert set his team up for Grant Holt. In the first season back in the premiership Norwich scored most of their goals from crosses and it was not until Hughton came in and changed the style of play did Grant Holt''s goals dry up.
  7. I agree. I think the squad is better than Bournemouth and Leicester''s too, but Alex Neil is still learning his trade and is still a little tactically naive.
  8. Hooper played in the champions league against Barcelona as a lone striker. And Liverpool never played to Andy Carroll strengths. Newcastle and Wets Ham under Allardyce did and he was effective. Villa played more direct yesterday when Gestade came on and looked more effective and earned a draw when it didn''t seem likely before. Like I said, how you play does not matter, it''s playing to your strikers strengths that makes the difference. Carroll is not world beater, but he was the beats available at the time and when the teams played to his strengths they were more successful. I''m not saying Hooper and Lafferty and Mbokani are world class strikers, but they are the best City have got. And I am saying if they are the best strikers you have then surely you have to play to their strengths. Goals get results.
  9. Rudd, Martin, Bennet basssong, Brady, Tettey, Howson, Redmond, Hoolahan, Jerome, Mbokani. When City lined up like that for 15 or so minutes they looked far more effective and positive and more of a threat.
  10. I wager if Norwich had started the game against Bournemouth with Mbokani, up top with Jerome, Hoolahan and Redmond just behind in a three and taken the game to Bournemouth like City took the game to Middlesbrough in the play off final there would have been a different result. City should have gone for the jugular against a team that got stuffed mid week at home by West Ham. Lack of Positivty I''m afraid.
  11. Alright I''ll put it this way. If you had Michael Owen or Gary Lineker in their prime would you have played like Wimbledon. Gary Hooper played in a successful Celtic side as a lone striker. And Luiz Suarez played as a lone Striker successfully. So what I''m saying is like it or not to be successful you have to play a way that suits your strikers. Cameron Jerome is not a high scoring goalscorer. he''s a quality forward and footballer, but not a natural goalscorer.( Note the fact that Crystal Palace stayed up with him as a striker, but he only scored two goals in 28 games for them that season) So If Your natural goalscorers are Hooper, Lafferty or Mbokani then you have to study how their previous teams got the best out of them then you have to play that way. Either that or if you are determined to play one way only then you have to break the bank and get the best striker you can that plays the way you want at the price you can afford. Do you see that happening at the moment?
  12. Not at all I''m just saying maybe there''s more than one way to skin a cat. Other teams play different styles that suit their players. Like Watford and Leicester, but Liverpool and Crystal Palace currently have the same problem City do. Klopp is not playing to Benteke strengths and ultimately they are suffering too
  13. No, but Alex Neil did say about Kyle Lafferty once that he didn''t get in the side because Norwich did not play the way Northern Ireland did.
  14. No for Alex Neil to be more open minded and not so blinkered. Hopefully he will learn in time from experience
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