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  1. So people are still paying for sky - I doubt everyone has cancelled their subscription - but sky have stopped paying clubs, who can no longer afford to pay their players. Makes sense. The blockage in the system is coming from Sky. Sky should automatically reduce the fees for everyone who pays for it, and every player's wage should go down accordingly.
  2. It's more high octane but being defensively solid is their no.1 priority. Which is fair enough.
  3. Yeh but when we had Hughton as manager we basically had our go and just staying up in the league and playing defensively. They've had a good season but that's basically what they're doing. We all hated it. After a season and a half we all got very bored. So now we're having a go at staying up playing positive football. It hasn't worked but that was what I was meaning in being ahead in our journey. Ok some clubs like Wimbledon in the 90s don't mind playing that way but we've always tried to play good football. We've now got a model where we can try playing this way in the long term.
  4. They are better than us but I would still rather watch us. They have basically kept the same ethos that served them so well in league one - physicality, good in the air, crosses, tough to break down - and transferred it to the prem. If and when it clicks with us - as it did against Tottenham in the second half and did at times against Leicester - we are miles ahead of them. It takes a lot more skill and good coaching to try and play the way we play.
  5. Genuinely think we are further ahead in our journey though. They remind me a bit of when we got promoted under Lambert - high energy, physical. But they are more defensive. Thing is, we then had years under hughton when we basically realised we all hated defensive football, it wasn't worth it. Now we are in the Premier League having a go at playing attacking football. Yes it isn't working out but at least we are trying to play good football and ultimately it will pay dividends as we are good to watch week in week out and our players are worth loads as we bring through the youth. Our squad must be worth a lot more than theirs. I would still rather watch us every week. What is the point of kicking your way to stay in the Prem year by year.
  6. Well this isn’t good.. shocking defending again; change the record! This goes back for ages under Farke right back to the 4-0 defeat against Millwall. Great to watch, can slice open champ defences, but can’t defend. Its probably the most profitable business model to produce a team who are good on the eye and good technically - but the results must then come second. The mid week interview with Webber annoyed me as well ... bottom of the league and hardly a critical question asked??
  7. Ok not as bad as at half time. But still a massive loss against a rival. A draw would have been a good result I guess and we were very close to that. But we can’t concede 2 goals every game and hope to stay up. A small step backwards after Everton and arsenal.
  8. Wow. Absolutely woeful. So bad it makes you think the whole club, owners, manager and players are ALREADY thinking about next year in the champs. Or their next move to a ‘big’ club. Yes that’s Webber, Farke and half the players. Fuming.
  9. (Assuming Klose isn't available....) I reckon Farke will go with: Krul Aarons, Godfrey, Hanley, Lewis Trybull, Leitner Buendia, Stiepermann, Hernandez Pukki Pretty much our first pick team from last year.
  10. Doesn''t mention the fans of Norwich on his way out which I think is a sorry state of affairs, he''s been with us since the academy. Remember at least one away day when a bunch of people thought it was funny to be cheering ''Well done Jacob'' whenever he came near. Says a lot.
  11. Look at the players in their squad, look at the players in our squad, think about how much each cost, and you realise there''s not a lot in it. Obviously I don''t know exactly but there''s not much in it. The reason Bournemouth failed FFP was because of their lack of income, not a huge outlay. They''re ahead of us because they''re currently a better team, a better run squad, with a permanent idea about how they want to play, not because of more money spent on individual players.
  12. You''re putting words in my mouth. I don''t want to be Bournemouth or Swansea, I want us to be Norwich. But both clubs have been better than run than us and therefore they will both be in the PL next year. That''s a fair comment. Let''s not justify our current inferiority with lies such as Bournemouth have spent more than us, they haven''t.
  13. Bournemouth have not spent a lot more than us though have they. Ok they are backed by a billionaire but the actual amount they have spent is similar to us. Go through their starting 11, our team should be as good as theirs. So for them to be 11 points ahead of us at this point is demoralising to say the least. A comparison between us and them is a fair one.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/35313058 Sounds a done deal .. ''everything more or less agreed''
  15. Yep But bigger problem is that Redmond and Hoolahan are not a goal threat. They should offer more of a goal threat for the quality they both have.
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