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  1. Ok not as bad as at half time. But still a massive loss against a rival. A draw would have been a good result I guess and we were very close to that. But we can’t concede 2 goals every game and hope to stay up. A small step backwards after Everton and arsenal.
  2. Wow. Absolutely woeful. So bad it makes you think the whole club, owners, manager and players are ALREADY thinking about next year in the champs. Or their next move to a ‘big’ club. Yes that’s Webber, Farke and half the players. Fuming.
  3. SplatCat

    Team for Newcastle (h)...

    (Assuming Klose isn't available....) I reckon Farke will go with: Krul Aarons, Godfrey, Hanley, Lewis Trybull, Leitner Buendia, Stiepermann, Hernandez Pukki Pretty much our first pick team from last year.
  4. SplatCat

    Josh Murphy

    Doesn''t mention the fans of Norwich on his way out which I think is a sorry state of affairs, he''s been with us since the academy.

    Remember at least one away day when a bunch of people thought it was funny to be cheering ''Well done Jacob'' whenever he came near. Says a lot.
  5. SplatCat

    Slight Positive?

    Look at the players in their squad, look at the players in our squad, think about how much each cost, and you realise there''s not a lot in it. Obviously I don''t know exactly but there''s not much in it. The reason Bournemouth failed FFP was because of their lack of income, not a huge outlay. They''re ahead of us because they''re currently a better team, a better run squad, with a permanent idea about how they want to play, not because of more money spent on individual players.
  6. SplatCat

    Slight Positive?

    You''re putting words in my mouth. I don''t want to be Bournemouth or Swansea, I want us to be Norwich. But both clubs have been better than run than us and therefore they will both be in the PL next year. That''s a fair comment. Let''s not justify our current inferiority with lies such as Bournemouth have spent more than us, they haven''t.
  7. SplatCat

    Slight Positive?

    Bournemouth have not spent a lot more than us though have they. Ok they are backed by a billionaire but the actual amount they have spent is similar to us. Go through their starting 11, our team should be as good as theirs. So for them to be 11 points ahead of us at this point is demoralising to say the least. A comparison between us and them is a fair one.
  8. SplatCat

    Will Naismith sign for City


    Sounds a done deal .. ''everything more or less agreed''
  9. SplatCat

    Centre Midfield


    But bigger problem is that Redmond and Hoolahan are not a goal threat. They should offer more of a goal threat for the quality they both have.

  10. 92 Vintage, were you even at the game? How on earth can you say that we were "plain ***''??? You obviously understand absolutely nothing about football. You should be embarrassed spouting such utter rubbish.

    We are top of the league, have had plenty of good results this year, and tonight dominated against Charlton (they even admit themselves - look at any of their forums) yet got undone with a smash and grab in the last minute, which can happen. I suggest you get over Adams being appointed and start seeing things how they are.
  11. SplatCat

    Still doubting the manager?

    I get the feeling that if Zola, Mackay or Lennon had been appointed, and had had the start we have had under Adams, some of you lot would be absolutely loving it compared with the "cautious optimism" you are demonstrating now!!
  12. SplatCat

    Today's match


    Full re-run here of Bournemouth''s equaliser on Saturday. Really frustrating to see the very poor defending on our behalf.

    Garrido and Redmond are clearly switched off. When the ball is on the left Garrido at one point has his back to the play and is jogging towards our goal. Then when the ball is transferred to the right he inexplicably charges forward to close down Stanislas, who is far up the pitch, leaving a hole for their Right Back to run into. That should be Redmond or Johnson closing him down, not Garrido. Literally can''t believe his movement.

    Then Redmond is done on the inside when he shouldn''t be, and they can play a simple pass to cut out 10 of our players and be gloating about a great team goal.

    Incredibly frustrating how a simple bit of organisation and/or communication would have saved us. bah,
  13. Yeh, yeh, Adams is frightened of McNally. Anything to moan about on a night like this.Tool.
  14. SplatCat

    Adams and the press

    Like Adams said the other day, transfers get sorted out by men above him, all he does is have a say on who he wants in/out, and gets a team ready for the saturday. He''s been saying it all summer. The thought of him saying to the Press "we want to keep Fer" and then secretly trying his utmost to sell him is laughable, it doesn''t work like that. It''s better for him to say he''s part of his plans because that''s a better negotiating position, and as far as it''s his business it''s true.
  15. SplatCat

    Sick of Redmond

    Redmond is 20.