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  1. Norwich  R  Us

    Additions for next season

    I think the first 11 deserve to start next season but some quality cover is needed to strengthen, especially in the wide positions. It may have been a different ending if Max / Jamal / Onel / Emi had suffered a spell out with injury, we were very lucky with all 4 in that regard as the balance was clearly effected when Emi was suspended. Same with cover for Pukki, don't think Srbeny will be the answer, neither Rhodes and we won't see Oliviera again.
  2. Norwich  R  Us

    Relegated without Buendia?

    I feel sorry for you
  3. Norwich  R  Us

    How much longer.....

    Considering what's happened since, this is pure poetry
  4. Norwich  R  Us

    How much longer.....

    A thread brimming with flapping basket cases. Some of the commentary here is nothing short of shameful, I just don't understand how people can lower themselves to it. This Lincoln guy is surely the worst of the lot, hands down the most pitiful excuse for a City 'fan' I have ever encountered on the internet. Misery personified. Thank you Delia, Michael, Webber, Farke and this talented and hungry squad of players for giving us a rolls royce of a season and memories and moments that will last a lifetime Also a shout out to Hogesar and LDC for the much needed balance, it seems not all heroes wear capes
  5. Norwich  R  Us

    Warm Glow

    Wow. Now that's a thread that definitely needs a bump. Tempted to sign up to TWTD just to do the honours!
  6. Howson left in a slightly acrimonious way as well right? Doesn't seem his style mind.
  7. Norwich  R  Us

    Villa - 5th Place and Nothing to Play For

    Krul to step up?
  8. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/apr/28/patience-scouting-system-norwich-promotion-premier-league
  9. Can't make 4th and only 2 wins and a ludicrous goal difference swing would give Derby the chance to move above them now. Surely they are going to rest their key players against us what with the play offs right around the corner. Today's bizarre draw couldn't have been a better result for us and our title ambitions, let's go and take that trophy boys.
  10. Norwich  R  Us

    Thanks Delia and Michael

    Webber was pretty scathing in today's pinkun interview about what he thought of the fans chanting nasty things about Delia last season. 8:20 onwards for that, but the whole interview is great. Says Farke "inherited a ridiculous wage bill, a ridiculous aged squad and a horrendous culture..." Webber is refreshingly blunt, no nonsense out of this guy for sure, love him!
  11. Norwich  R  Us


    Madison is part of this story. Farke believed in him and gave him his chance. He shined, attracted interest and moved on for very good money. This stabilised the club's financial situation and allowed us movement elsewhere, which ultimately improved the capabilities of the squad. Another amazing piece of management by Farke and Webber and nice to see James' still has some yellow and green in his heart, will get a good reception at Carrow Road next season
  12. Norwich  R  Us

    502 Bad Gateway

    Yes it's shocking, probably the busiest time for archant and the service is failing, no good for anyone
  13. Norwich  R  Us

    Thanks Delia and Michael

    Their hearts are pure Yellow and Green. No doubts.
  14. Norwich  R  Us

    Nélson Oliveira

    This was my concern, Reading won't be able to match his Premier League pay bump so he could choose to drift around our u23's a while longer if he was that way inclined... I fully trust Webber mitigated such a situation in the Reading loan deal, where presumably if there is an option to make it permanent then the contractual details of this are already set in stone for all parties. (I hope!)
  15. Norwich  R  Us

    Fill yer boots

    Now I don't use this forum much but I'm beginning to sense this catchphrase is your go to escape route every time you type yourself into a corner You are quite funny though so please do continue on with your little internet personality routine. I'm off to study Sheffield United's fixture list while crying myself to sleep over the impending disaster of not adding a championship title to our honours list. See ya x