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  1. Nail on head. We will forever be Yo Yo with these owners.
  2. Norwich  R  Us

    Norwich v Wolves

    Urghhh. Real disappointment again. However good some spells of play are, conceding an average of 2 goals a game is only ever going to end with us coming up short. It's just not going to happen for us this time.
  3. Norwich  R  Us

    Do you think we will stay up?

    Sadly no. Honestly love the clubs philosophy around nurturing youth and know it's the only realistic long term approach for a club like ours, but this season must be teaching senior management tough lessons on how ruthless it is at the very top. There's just no time available here for the team to be learning from mistakes, but that's an expected process for such a young, inexperienced team... Prove me wrong Norwich, prove me wrong
  4. Norwich  R  Us

    TNC Podcast - Onel Hernandez

    Yeh like them as interviewers or not you can't say they haven't grafted for years, continuously improved and ultimately built something special for other fans to enjoy. I really admire that.
  5. Really interesting listen again, hats off to the TNC boys for working hard and creating these kind of opportunities.
  6. Norwich  R  Us

    can you tell who is who ?

    Hope Todd's protective boot is part of the costume...!
  7. Norwich  R  Us

    Grim Injury News

    "Norwich have confirmed that the 26-year-old, who wore the captain's armband for much of last season's success, did suffer foot ligament damage in that challenge but are not yet able to provide a timeframe on the defender's recovery." According to the Pinkun report. Not something he's going to be able to recover from quickly
  8. Nice in depth analysis from the Newcastle game, i'm glad to report even Steipi gets a shout out in this one https://www.canofootball.com/articles/tactical-analysis/norwich-city-and-sheffield-united-the-new-boys-with-the-new-ideas-a-statistical-analysis/
  9. Norwich  R  Us


    What are we having to scapegoat exactly? A convincing win and dominating team performance against an established premier league team?! This sounds like a very content situation to me
  10. Norwich  R  Us


    Having quality players on the bench hungry for an opportunity, whilst the starting 11 repeatedly deliver on match days is just a sign that we have a healthy, competitive squad working as designed. I'm Amadou doesn't play much this season, well it will only be a good thing really!
  11. Norwich  R  Us

    Tomorrow’s national papers!

    Oof steady on, things are rosy but setting unrealisticly high expectations is just begging for disappointment. Enjoying the journey is key as wherever it ends up there's already so much to be proud of right now. P.S. didn't you also see Cody McDonald being the next Ruud Van Nistelrooy
  12. Norwich  R  Us

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    The coaching and playing style is just perfect for his attributes and has brought out the very best in him. Pukki and Farke's Norwich have clicked beyond comprehension and he is experienced enough to know this isn't always the case. It's special, he knows it, and he's seizing the moment and then some. Long may this magical relationship continue (and remain fresh in his memory when other clubs start sniffing around!)
  13. Norwich  R  Us

    Ever felt so comfortable?

    Pukki gets plenty of plaudits for his incredible movement and football intelligence and rightly so, but every time I see him I am really surprised by his pace with and without the ball, especially when he accelerates beyond defenders with those explosive bursts. Dare I say it but watching yesterday I was thinking he's got similar characteristics to a young Michael Owen (and he did all right in the prem!)
  14. Norwich  R  Us

    Onel out for 3 months

    Franck Ribery is available
  15. Norwich  R  Us

    Farke on German TV

    And just when I thought I couldn't like him anymore!