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  1. Spot on, the ITK guy confirmed this too (thankfully). Guessing that reality has triggered his recent 'discussions'
  2. There is an 'in the know' guy on twitter and has got a lot right recently and appears to have an inside line or two at the club... anyway he recently said Drmic is our highest earner and on around £50k a week (benefits of a free transfer). If this is true, a parting may be very mutually beneficial outcome here
  3. Urgh that is an ugly interview. If his popularity was waning before... well, that attitude is not exactly going to win many people back.
  4. Yes the Watford loss was a real mental blow for everyone this season. They hadn't won a game up to that point, then along came Norwich to hand out gifts! Man City and Newcastle clear highlights, really thought we were going places after Newcastle.
  5. But do you think we can just shake this historic level of failiure off? Where will the belief and confidence come from after this savage humiliation? A huge player turnover is my only thought but what does that mean, a brand new squad rebuild? How was that in the project plan? My fear is the spiralling damage from this white flag season is way beyond what our clearly naive and inexperienced regime were expecting and it could be unrepairable - I can see fan discontent boiling over if we don't hit the ground running nex season and someone very high profile taking the hit for that. Interesting times... (Well, off the field at least )
  6. Gosh. As stats go, you can't get much more damning than that. These escalating levels of failure, bordering on humiliation now, are going to weigh heavily on our players for a long time to come. There's just no way they are going to regain full confidence over such a short preseason. I really hope Webber hasn't inadvertently ripped the heart and soul out of his own burgeoning project just to save a bit of money this season. Time will tell whether the financial savings outweigh the psychological scars but I can't help but think it's going to be incredibly tough to turn things around next season and that will inevitably end with the club and fans coming to blows.
  7. I think it's quite refreshing to hear someone speak the truth and say that the club is a massive old entity and he is merely a custodian passing through for a short time. That perspective means he's making decisions and laying down foundations that benefit the club for the long term, rather than doing what's best for himself in the short term. That can only be applauded. What do you want to hear? He wants to stay until he's 65? Barely anyone in any walk of life would set such an unrealistic expectation like that, let alone in the crazy world of football. The alternative is McNally who despite all his great work, very much rolled the dice at the end and when it went all wrong, left the mess to someone else.
  8. "Slick technique can be fools gold in the Premier League" and "we need to toughen up" according to this view from the outside. https://amp.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/jul/13/norwich-slick-technique-fools-gold-premier-league-relegation-daniel-farke?__twitter_impression=true Seems like a pretty accurate take: we were worked out, set pieces and out of position fullbacks became an achilles heel regualry exploited, confidence and vibrancy drained and there was no plan b in the 'philosophy'
  9. Have to say I did raise an eyebrow when Farke and Webber were telling the world we were favourites for 20th place at the start of the season. Perhaps brutal honesty and realistic expectation setting? But surely setting the lowest bar possible so early in the season was never going to fill the players with the confidence and belief they needed to impose themselves at this level. I just cannot imagine those words ever, ever, ever leaving the mouth of Chris Wilder, or any other 'up and at them' type leader / fighter. Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course, but were we mentally beaten before we even stepped in the ring?
  10. "Swallowing relegation for the greater good is a damning reflection of what modern football has become" Interesting view from the outside on our plight and the future: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/norwich-city-news-relegation-todd-cantwell-daniel-farke-epl-table-a9603081.html
  11. Why is this 'Yawn' when it's a constraint that 100% contributes to our inability to establish ourselves as a Premier League club? You can recognise that without being disrespectful of all the amazing work they have done, I never understand the all in or all out position here.
  12. I'd go for: ______________ Krul _____________ Aarons _ Godfrey _ Klose _ Lewis _____________ Tettey _____________ ____________ McLean_____________ __ Cantwell _ Vrancic _ Buendia __ _____________ Pukki _____________ Rationale: We need wins, so we need goals. If we go down, go down swinging. = Our most attacking full backs (though Byram is a really close) = Klose for experience and ability with ball, and why not? Nothing else has been consistent or 'concentrated' enough. Godfrey for speed (though Hanley Zimm may be less error prone, so a difficult call.) = Tettey shielding the CB's, only focus is on doing the dirty work and breaking up attacks = McLean as he has a great attitude and is ok on the ball... haven't seen enough from Rupp for me, I feel this is our weakest position and Leitner doesn't appear to have the right mentality to be in contention sadly. = Cantwell and Buendia pick themselves for me. Vrancic in centre due to not seeing enough from Steipi or Duda - creatively or goal scoring. Vrancic had a run of form at a similar time of last season, can get stuck in, has got a shot on him and is our biggest threat with set pieces (did I mention we need goals?) = Pukki is too obvious Or very similar personnel but bring Zimm into a back 3, McLean drops out. ______________ Krul _____________ ____ Godfrey _ Klose _ Zimm ____ Aarons __________________ Lewis _____________ Tettey _____________ ____________ Vrancic _____________ __ Cantwell ___________ Buendia __ ______________ Pukki _____________ As for Farke, I feel he will start with the 4-2-3-1 formation and pick Rupp, Duda and potentially Byram for solidity. Maybe get more expansive as the game enters the final stages.
  13. Avert your eyes @Terminally Yellow This light hearted thread is going to make you tremble in virtuous disbelief P.S. My money is on Trybull. Source, pure guesswork.
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