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  1. [quote user="Joanna Grey"] [quote user="Canaries Utd"]I know it''s been talked about before, but I have just had the Red Ring of death appear on my XBox, recommendations please for new console. I use it for occasional gaming and DVDs.[/quote] Get your Xbox fixed under warranty. [/quote] Definitely the best thing to do, I think that you can still get it fixed for free. And, Xbox''s are far better than PS3''s anyway.
  2. Great Post FramCanary, you voiced my opinions perfectly.[Y]
  3. I would happily take Shane Long, Jimmy Kebe and Matt Mills.
  4. The comments are absolutely horrible! Even if they thought that their microphones were off, they still shouldn''t be saying stuff like that. Also, the lineswoman made the completely correct decision anyway!
  5. [quote user="ryan1992"]Ketchup? If true, I dont see why we need him with Drury, S. Smith and Lappin at the club, surely another right back is more of a priority[/quote] Couldn''t agree more, we actually could do with a right-back, we don''t need a left back at all!
  6. [quote user="colneycanary"]Strong rumours from up north are linking us with a move for the 20 year old free kick specialist striker. Currently plays for Dundee Utd and has 21 goals in 46 matches for them. Would cost 100k so in our price range and his full name is Leigh Grant Holt Griffiths which Is rather strange![/quote] That is awesome! Would happily have him here, would rather him than George Boyd!
  7. I really don''t havehigh hopes for this one, so I am going 2-1 Cardiff, Bellamy and Chopra and C Martin with ours.
  8. Good news that Lappin has signed new contract [Y]
  9. [quote user="kdncfc"]That red card has to be one of the most diabolical things I''ve ever had the misfortune to witness, even a yellow would have been harsh. Surely we have to appeal against that one, yet another bloody clueless ref. [/quote] Couldn''t agree more, most laughable decision I have ever seen. Harte got him sent off because of his bloody diving around on the floor. Holt only brushes Harte''s ankle for christ sake, that referee is way out of his depth. Hopefully we can hold onto our lead. Also that red card has to be recinded surely?
  10. [quote user="DOGGER"]Gotta Laugh at Holt!! LOL!!![/quote] Agreed, he looks hilarious!
  11. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"][quote user="Delia Out"] [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]More to the point... how does Delia Out! know it''s ''spot on'' when he has made it clear on other threads that he''s only 15 years old? He avoided this question last time so maybe I''ll get an answer this time eh? [/quote] For all you know I could have been lying about my age and I''m really 65! [/quote] Well that would certainly put a different slant on you being ''at school''... [/quote] Perhaps ''school'' is work [:$]
  12. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]More to the point... how does Delia Out! know it''s ''spot on'' when he has made it clear on other threads that he''s only 15 years old? He avoided this question last time so maybe I''ll get an answer this time eh? [/quote] For all you know I could have been lying about my age and I''m really 65!
  13. [quote user="Coelho"][quote user="Gingerpele"]Its only £25[/quote] £17.99 on Amazon at the moment! [/quote] Nice [:D]
  14. [quote user="Cluckbert Chase"][quote user="Canary"] Cobblers..... Normality simply resumed that''s all. Such unprecedented success could never be maintained given the income available, and like Portsmouth recently we had to pay over the top in so many ways just to tread water. I find it remarkable and ridiculous that so many of you just don''t get it.  Just be grateful for all that he gave us.... or if you can''t remember....don''t believe all that you read and are told. It not a matter of "getting it" it is just a matter of opinion on Chase and what he did for the club, but life moves on and so should people who still live in the "glory days" of Mr Chase. [/quote] It''s not a case of " living the glory days of Robert Chase''..... it''s about protecting the truth instead of perpetuating a cynical and dishonest myth. He won''t bother to defend his name as I am sure he couldn''t give a toss about the club or it''s fans after how they so disgracefully turned against him when things got difficult, based on a media hyped lie........ Believe the Deliarite claptrap or the truth... It''s up to you. [/quote]   Spot on [Y]  
  15. [quote user="I am a Banana"][quote user="Delia Out"] What is ''OP''? [/quote] opening post / original post. [/quote] Cheers [:$]
  16. [quote user="lappinitup"] [quote user="Delia Out"]Shame we sold him! [/quote]Jamie Lad scored twice on Saturday. Shame we sold him too! [:S] [/quote] Obviously not, but I believe that Spillane could have gone on and done well here.
  17. [quote user="Budgie"]Bob the builder - Is it actually legal to impersonate (or pass your self off as someone) without their permission?[/quote] How do you know that it isn''t really Robert Chase?
  18. [quote user="Give Peas a Chance "]No the OP was spot on.... The referee has waved for advantage (his 2 arms rising upwards away from his body) yet clearly there is no advantage - hence why a free-kick should of been given. There are 2 factors why this free-kick wasn''t given: a) Clattenburg - he has to be right and in charge and doesn''t allow for common sense refereeing i.e. going with his assistant who was much better positioned than him b) Where the game was being played - Old Trafford, referee''s are afraid to give decisions as they know if they don''t go with Utd they won''t be refereeing in the Premiership the following week. Its the poisoned challices that is everything thats wrong with the Premiership. You only have to look at the G. Neville incident the previous weekend for evidence on this. I''m fed up with Man Utd getting protection from referees and the league needs to get tougher on them in terms of their general atttitude. No wonder they have done so well in recent seasons, they''ve probably gained 20+ points from the league and referee''s lax attitude towards them![/quote] Spot on, especially with the Neville incident. Any other player and that would have been a red card, for either of the two horrendous tackles.
  19. I''m sure that many of you probably watched it, but I am extremely annoyed that United''s second goal was allowed to stand. I''m sure that those who watched it are also amazed at how the goal was actually allowed to stand, and for me it is blatent cheating! When Nani dived, he scooped the ball up in his hands and then put it down again, meaning that it should obviously be a free-kick to Tottenham. The referee waved away United''s appeals for a penalty and walked back towards the centre of the pitch, not watching what was happening. Gomes then threw the ball out to take the free-kick and Nani stood in the way and prevented Gomes from taking it. Nani then turned around and slotted the ball into an empty net. It is an absolute outrage [:@] The referee turned around after Nani had put the ball in the net and consequently went over to see his linesman, who had his flag raised as a sign of an infringement. The referee then walked over to the linesman and discussed the situation. Rio Ferdinand then barged in on the conversation and bullied the officials into giving the goal. It is pathetic that the referee can be bullied into decisions that are quite clearly wrong and against the laws of football. If any other team had pulled this unbelievable stunt, it wouldn''t have counted. But as it was Manchester United who commited the offence it is legal! I hate the way that the big clubs (mostly United) get different treatment to everyone else and get their own rules, it really annoys me [:@] Does anyone else agree with me on this matter?
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