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  1. I spoke with a Stoke fan and he didn''t think Walters would come anyway, would only leave for wba. Call me childish but I don''t want him anyway.
  2. This is getting silly now. We need a real quality centre back with top flight experience.
  3. Shameless plug but it is for charity. Selling both men''s large home and away Asics shirts on eBay 141762326829 141762330730
  4. Just an attention seeker. Best following the EDP guys or the mirror and sun jounros who are city fans. Anyone else is guessing from what I have seen.
  5. Much better than the home one. No stupid square. Ive bought it tonight (not ruddys obviously!)
  6. [quote user="City1st"][quote user="Block E Buh"]I dont like that he''s an ITFC fan, I dont like what he said about suicide, but playing devils advocate, at what point do we not have free speech?[/quote]eh ?who has tried to ban himor stop this ''free speech'' ? [/quote] http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2014/08/12/robin-williams-dead-alan-brazil-talksport-comments_n_5670941.html
  7. I dont like that he''s an ITFC fan, I dont like what he said about suicide, but playing devils advocate, at what point do we not have free speech?
  8. Love him or loathe him I think its good to have well known NCFC fans. Simon Thomas, Jake Humphrey, James Nursey and Mick Dennis all give us a voice and stick up for us when people like Lineker and Shearer are having a go for sacking CH for example.
  9. Forgive me if this has been posted, but is the commentary available online now we have been regulated (relegated)? Or is it still only build up and Canary call?
  10. Can see CH going there, playing us this season, then selling James vaughan again!
  11. I thought the three of them came across quite well. Yes they''re a bit quirky and made mistakes but, their hearts are in the right place and the club is debt free and for the first time since I can remember we''ve been relegated but DONT have to sell our best players. Not many boards would be so open with the fans, let''s see where we are in May 2015, I''m feeling positive.
  12. The delay is due to malkys right hand man at palace is still agreeing terms and compensation for palace.
  13. I think in 20 years there will be a lot more, there are still more white people in UK than black so law of averages suggest that there will be less. But things will change. Football is big business so if there was a black manager good enough they would be in the job right now, no one is picked on colour in this big money game, its the best for the job.
  14. I want my team NCFC to win every game regardless of who the manager is, I hope he wins so we climb the table but there will be those hoping we lose so they can moan and boo. Free world I know but I want 3 points end of.
  15. CH record is Prem only where as GR was championship. But, you could argue they had different budgets to spend but then you could argue GR budget for the division was very good. Stats can be turned to how you want them to.
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