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  1. Just seen via twitter that Andy MacDonald, Director of HR & Compliance has also left NCFC
  2. Had a bit of a problem at Millwall a few years ago, we'd drawn 1-1 in an evening game with David Fox scoring our goal. https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/crime/young-city-fan-hit-by-coin-after-match-1-727432
  3. Ref is James Linington, he did our1-0 win vs Boro. This is his record this season https://www.soccerbase.com/referees/referee.sd?referee_id=1054
  4. Went right off Pilkington when he tried to push his brother's pyramid selling scheme on twitter and then got peed off when he got called out over it. Not a bad footballer back in the day, but that day is now well behind him.
  5. Remember seeing a few of those names when my Dad used to take me to Saturday afternoon reserve matches when we were visiting grandparents in Norwich. Also Steve Grapes scoring a hattrick and Malcolm Darling scoring when we saw City play QPR which was my first ever first team game at Carrow Road in Easter 1971. And the No2 for Arsenal was presumably Brendan Batson who went on to play for WBA.
  6. It was a terrible challenge, flew in two footed. Straight red. But we somehow won the game thanks to a twice taken penalty and a last minute goal from Fr Mulryne
  7. Lazarus? He played for QPR and scored a goal for them in the 67 League Cup Final. Met him a couple of years ago when his son was playing in a golf event in the same group as my daughter Gemma. Saw a fair amount of the first half of the match in the pub yesterday evening. 1p5wich will do very well to avoid the drop.
  8. Guy work is s/t holder at 1p5wich, good football fan, can always have decent chat with him about the teams we support. He appreciates what MM has done for them keeping the mid-table but says the football is rigor-mortis inducing and overall not unhappy a change has been made. My view: - Danny Cowley and brother would be an interesting appointment for 1p5wich, might re-vitalise (if that’s even possible!) them. So let’s hope it’s not him.
  9. For those with twitter and like a read https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/ has done some brilliant investigations on Trump and his associates, which the main newspapers are picking up on. His best twitter threads have been rolled up in his likes (at time of writing) there are 23. A bit about him https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/934157648513118208 and a few of his thoughts about his twitter feed https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/938175694407860225 Apols if links are not clickable and only copy/paste
  10. Enjoyable thread, thanks to all contributors. One thing not mentioned so far with Hughton is that in his first season he was restricted by the second tranche of the debt repayments agreed when City were in League 1. From memory our promotion “cost” City £20+ million in repayments, around 50% of which would have been reflected in the playing budget in season 12/13. Attackers generally cost more ££ so getting defenders in would have been sensible give the Lambert squad he inherited. Overall in season 12/13 I don’t Hughton didn’t do a bad job at all given the restrictions in the budget
  11. Thanks for posting the link to the article There’s a whole chapter about Steve Morison in a book I’ve read called Family, Life Death and Football by Michael Calvin’s on Millwall’s 09/10 season. They won the play-off in the year City were promoted from League 1. It’s one of the best non-NCFC books I’ve read. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Family-Death-Football-Frontline-Proper/dp/1906850267 (apols if link is not clickable) The chapter is called Scapegoat to Saviour was about November in 09/10 season Below are quotes some paraphrased on Morison: 1 From the author: “Morison his pet project needed a reality check, was losing respect within the dressing room” 2 Kenny Jackett “He’s built like a brick shithouse, quick, strong fit but in too many games he doesn’t play his weight. He needs to use his physical attributes” 3 Kenny Jackett comparing him to Neil Harris, “It was an attitude of mind. If he throws his weight around fans will give him more of a chance” 4 Morison, “Even though I’m big, I don’t feel big but I’m starting to feel I’m a presence. On the pitch you have to be someone you’re not” 5 From the author: “He was growing into himself and was beginning to make those to judged him early change their minds” My impression of Morison from the chapter; he was a quieter character maybe slow to adjust to higher club, probably had the same sort of issues at City about moving on up in standard. I thought we saw all of 2-5 at Norwich in the time he was here. (No idea about 1, obvs)
  12. Was reported Maddison re-joined City for training 3rd Jan, unsure if that was when loan expired or by agreement. FA Rules on registrations below, rules 15 on FA Site. I’m not 100% sure if the “previous” Friday means the Friday before (1 day) the Saturday when most of the ties are played of 8 days if previous Friday. (i) (i) A “registered player” is one who is either, in the case of a player under written contract, registered with The Association or, in the case of a player without a written contract, registered with a League in which his Club competes in the current season. Any such registration must have been received and accepted by The Association or League by 12 noon on the Friday previous to the date fixed for playing the Round, and the registration must be continuous through to the date of the match. . (ii) In order to be eligible to play in the Final, the players must have been correctly registered and eligible for the Semi Final Round of the Competition. (iii) An International Transfer Certificate for Players coming from overseas associations (including Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland) takes precedence over a Player’s registration. Therefore, this is also required by 12 noon on the Friday previous to the date fixed for playing the Round for the Player’s registration to be valid.
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