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  1. Exactly. We looked likely to conceed straight after the whistle for the 2nd half. When he was on the pitch. We were too weak when it came to their corners. Angus was bullied at the corners. Why wasn't one of our players pushing back to give Angus space to react. Mentally weak to give up after conceding the first and lacking defensively minded ability. Plus the attackers missed easy goals to put us far ahead, so we couldn't be caught. It's clearly the players and not wagner. Which we all know. If we do some how manage to go up, we need to strengthen a lot and the same can be said if we stay in this league.
  2. What, a centre back when it was 2-2? Think gibbs lasted two seconds, then a winger came on.
  3. How was it anything to do with bringing subs on? Defence is poor. Can't defend our own box. We missed a fair few chances to go 5 up. The players are letting us and the management team down.
  4. Change your Sky to Welsh and they speak in English.
  5. Hate on Delia and Webber's but not Sir David.
  6. So, it was players who were already playing and not the subs.
  7. International football is different to league football. But to the point, the defence is no longer adequate to perform at the highest level. Either way, if we remain in the championship or do by some luck get promoted via the playoffs, we clearly need a whole new defence.
  8. Who else could of played? Duffy out and Batth is legless.
  9. No, it was an aged defense. Which has been exposed all season.
  10. But it was the left hand side which conceded the goal, which was unchanged. We were still fairly open at the back all game. Would have conceded no doubt anyway. Needed a 3rd.
  11. Sideway step. Need the right players, to play his way. Can't afford a whole team replacement.
  12. Jack Stacey isn't anywhere near the level of Max Aarons. Hopefully a new lb and rb is brought in, in the summer.
  13. Because Merseyside is a made up one by Sky. Was always nothing, until recent times.
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