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  1. The problem is Sargent only started to look good in the bundesliga 2 and Rashica had been ****e for his last few seasons in Germany.
  2. Hardly surprising, it wasn't his style of play which was the issue. It was that he didn't have the players to play it at a higher level. Plus he didn't have a plan b.
  3. No one moaned when Lambert got lower league players in... Young and hungry they said.
  4. What we need is a tactically wise manager who can change the game depending on the opposition. Hence the reason for different types of players in the squad.
  5. Farke style doesn't work in the premier league unless you have money. Strong technical players come with a price tag.
  6. They look like decent championship players. They will be competitively relegated.
  7. Don't think brentford will be a mid table side. Can see them getting relegated, second season syndrome. Ivan and penalties kept them up. They don't get many goals. See how their defense shapes up next year.
  8. Everton have lost so much over the last few years, so not too sure they can buy themselves out due to ffp
  9. Farke is better off in Germany, unless he likes playing away.
  10. I don't think most people mind being a yo-yo club if they just say that rather the nonsense they usually spout. It's obvious that the Premier League is a Billionaires playground. Even Brighton, Brentford and Burnely have money behind them. Us and Watford have the least, both relegated.
  11. 15-18mil will do. Never will make it here. Has talent but has stagnated. Same with Aaron's who will be off in the summer for 20-25 mil.
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