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  1. They have done a bit of Tom Cruise trickery to get him the right height in this shot!
  2. By one stolen point due to hawk eye not working. Wonder if Bournemouth will sue.
  3. On a plane back to Germany. Suspect his got the movers brining his stuff back.
  4. Does the rule apply when an owner sells the club to themselves for a betting scam to go through.
  5. Think it is harsher on Wigan caught up in a scam. EFL need to sort out their rules on owner vetting.
  6. Believe Wigan going to court regarding relegation. So wouldn't celebrate too soon.
  7. Will Watford sue the Premier League if Villa stays up by goal difference?
  8. What remained of what was previously spunked away.
  9. Is it Farke or the players. Looks like it is the players.
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