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  1. Why does Rupp need goals and assists? Not that sort of player is he. All about winning and retaining the ball, his job.
  2. 2 mil for a backup left back is good deal. McCallum will go back out on loan.
  3. You can pay to take a covid test to prevent isolation.
  4. Aaron's would stay for another year in the prem. If we went up.
  5. Course it is a foul. What if the keeper took our their player to claim the ball, wouldn't that be a foul? So same when they are backing into our keeper.
  6. Get your head out of the English leagues and you'll see he's been playing in the Germany legaue regularly.
  7. It's a wind up account. We wont be seeing them.
  8. Getting promoted is worth a lot more. Calculated gamble.
  9. Wasn't it our poor midfield which left our defence exposed last season. Centre back is desirable but not a necessatiy. Still got to see if the youth lad can step up.
  10. Most will only block pop ups and will still show banner adds.
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