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  1. Rolf Harris

    Team for Wolves

    Godfrey has admitted he is a better cb than dm but people still put him in the midfield.
  2. Rolf Harris

    Rupp and Duda

    Rupp is clearly there to protect. We're too open with Buendia and Cantwell. If both are to play aganist the big sides we need two strong DMs protecting. Which we currently do not have.
  3. Rolf Harris

    What makes Farke special then?

    If we stay up or bounce back up next year, will there be some apologies? I think not..
  4. Rolf Harris

    Canary Call

    Is this forum archants version of canary call? Discuss....
  5. Rolf Harris

    What makes Farke special then?

    Yeah you are an idiot. Times change, leagues get harder. Everyone has money and can splash out on players. We're clearly a few players short of having a good team. Daniel is a decent coach and still learning as manager. What we're your expectations this season? Win the league like Leicester? Win champions league the following year? Everyone must of knew it would be hard when we scrapped over the line last season.
  6. Rolf Harris

    What will Farke say

    Duda was bad. Had his moments. Need more games to get up to speed with his. Clearly an improvement on what we had there. Would of linked better with Buendia. Rupp did what he suppose to and protect Aarons. How we won the pen it allowed Aarons to dart into the box. Rupp job was to help with attack/defensive and cover the back 4. Not sure why Byram didn't hit it with his right rather than cross like he did.
  7. Rolf Harris

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    Just stating what is true. We can't run around for 90 minutes.. The fitness isn't there.
  8. Rolf Harris

    What will Farke say

    Other than Hernandez for his pace. What would the other two of brought?
  9. Rolf Harris

    What makes Farke special then?

    Isn't that individuals mistakes?
  10. Rolf Harris

    Not good enough

    I think he has got plenty of goals for us. Surely he is to finish the season with 15+ goals which is good going in the legaue?
  11. Rolf Harris

    What makes Farke special then?

    Won the championship in his first proper job after two seasons.
  12. Rolf Harris

    *****Official match thread v Spurs*****

    I would imagine the players are quiet tired and fitness is way off in this league. The players are suited to the championship where they will excel.
  13. Rolf Harris

    What will Farke say

    Only player who could of changes anything was Hernandez and he came on. What do you want him to do? Do you want him to bring on imaginary class players? We have clearly a limited squad for this league.
  14. Rolf Harris

    Team for Tottenham

    Krul, Lewis, Hanely, Zimmerman, Aarons, Trybull, McLean, Cantwell, Duda, Rupp, Pukki.
  15. Rolf Harris


    Was minimum a yellow and the guy got a yellow shortly after for another late challenge. Should of easily be off.