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  1. Well archant is ncfc mouth piece. They only know what they are allowed to know and say. I suppose Bailey could have sources within the club.
  2. Marcus Evans ticket tout or dodgey pension fund Americans.
  3. They paid 7mil for him. May be their finances ain't great either.
  4. Ed Sheeran the plastic fan who is only interested to keep the locals happy while he builds his mansion.
  5. Comedian. Forgot how many games we went to this year.
  6. Why does Rupp need goals and assists? Not that sort of player is he. All about winning and retaining the ball, his job.
  7. 2 mil for a backup left back is good deal. McCallum will go back out on loan.
  8. You can pay to take a covid test to prevent isolation.
  9. Aaron's would stay for another year in the prem. If we went up.
  10. Course it is a foul. What if the keeper took our their player to claim the ball, wouldn't that be a foul? So same when they are backing into our keeper.
  11. Get your head out of the English leagues and you'll see he's been playing in the Germany legaue regularly.
  12. It's a wind up account. We wont be seeing them.
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