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  1. Rolf Harris

    can you tell who is who ?

    Drmic is a Green Army Man
  2. Rolf Harris

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Why does position matter? The argument was about size. It was simply pointed out that Aguero doesn't get bullied by big defenders. So in the same context why would it matter your size against a DM.
  3. Rolf Harris

    "We were not physical enough" - Farke

    Forgot Aguero was like 6ft5. He seems strong for a little one. Size doesn't matter...It is how you use your body. Bundia would be miles better with Agueros centre of gravity.
  4. What a difference, actually having a DM makes.
  5. Rolf Harris

    Team for Bournmouth

    I am less worried at having Amadou at CB again than not having DM again. The clear issue is leaving your two CB exposed costs you goals. We have two FB that pushes up, we need a DM protecting them. We played well against Citeh when we had a DM and was totally left wide open in the last three games when we didn't. Leitner and McLean can't tackle without fouling. I would with one of Tettey and Trybull or both if possible. Which allows one to sit and the other to win the ball back which will help on the counter. Two FB's can push up high as they like and Cantwell and Bundia can push infield which steips supporting Pukki. This should allow us to overload Bournemouth.
  6. Rolf Harris


    Aren''t we entitled for some money if he does well?
  7. Rolf Harris

    Kingsley Schindler signing ?

    Would say the signings have been good. Seems the tactics are the issue with the team selection.
  8. Rolf Harris

    Team v Brum - Tettey! Yay!

    Steipermann was the flexible back up player. Was back up left back, midfielder, striker and so on. If Lewis was playing husband would of been on the bench.
  9. Surely a beamback will be done?
  10. Rolf Harris

    Team v Lynn

    Godfrey. Play again on Tuesday.
  11. Rolf Harris

    On FB We've Signed Ben Marshall?

    Seems Millwall are after another winger now.

    Wigan and Millwall have joined the hunt for Motherwell winger Chris Cadden

    Guessing, a successful chat with Farke and Webber.
  12. He will be classed as home grown, as he has trained in this country. Doesn''t matter about what international team he ends up playing for.
  13. Rolf Harris

    City Summer Transfer Thread.


    Give us half the money back.
  14. Rolf Harris

    The sale of James Maddison


    Leicester have bidded. Decent fee.
  15. Rolf Harris

    And we let Ruddy go

    Can he score goals though? A goal keep wouldn''t saved our woeful season.