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  1. As much as anything I think when he makes a mistake he has the temperament/experience to bounce straight back, that''s pretty important. A young inexperienced keep might have gone to pieces or lose confidence. I think he''ll continue to have to odd calamity but at least I feel sure it wont affect his form.
  2. [quote user="glory.win or die."]I''m not sure it is a big step up from our under 23s to Ipswich first team.. Our under 23s are better, and play in front of more fans..[/quote] Your probably right but I think you''ll find it''s going to be a much harder job trying to make Ipswich look decent. He''ll have to introduce the players to a ball first, it''ll be like that aardman film "Early Man".
  3. Well Lamberts certainly backed his own ability taking this job, the few times I''ve watched Ipswich on the TV they have been the worst team in the division by a fair margin.
  4. To be fair to Gill this is a big step up and he doesn''t have to uproot his family. As another poster had said i''d have been more upset by Culverhouse joining who also had a long playing history with us, however I think Gill was doing a pretty good job with the u23s.
  5. [quote user="Crabbycanary3"]You get the feeling that he will have to get a very high percentage of stuff right, very early in his reign, otherwise, the Norwich connection will be used by certain Binner fans to get on his back. Culverhouse left Grantham, over a week ago, so unless there has been plenty of foresight by the 1p5wich Board, then it is a just a coincidence and 2 + 2 may equal 9[/quote] This is all abit odd, Culverhouse leaving made me think he''d link up with Lambert, but there doesn''t seem to any mention of him in the report on the Ipswich forum just two guys called Henry (fitness coach) and Taylor as assistant. Maybe just coincidence and there is still bad blood between the two, the funny thing is the Ipswich fans probably find the idea of Culverhouse more unacceptable but personally I think Lambert is far more likely to succeed if Culverhouse is there.
  6. Success of this for them hinges on whether they get Culverhouse imo. Lambert on his own might motivate enough to get them out of trouble but to get them higher I think they''ll need Culverhouse.
  7. Their fans are getting desperate and to be honest who can blame them they look every inch a league one team when I''ve seen them on TV and not a particularly good one either. Last season in our bad moments at least you could see there were some glimmers of what we were trying to do, it just wasn''t clicking often enough, they look totally clueless. Personally I don''t want to see them relegated, struggling permanently towards the bottom of the division is enough for me. I don''t think Lambert would actually be a bad decision for them aslong as they could convince him to get Culverhouse alongside him, that might be the real sticking point as they haven''t worked together since Culverhouse left villa under that cloud and he''s also got the big playing connection with us.
  8. [quote user="keelansgrandad"]Could be equally bullsh*t but interesting to see that Robbie Brady is on £35K at Burnley. And he has to put in more game time at Burnley. They started their season in June![/quote] He hasn''t been putting in much game time for anyone since that bad knee injury back in December.
  9. Good luck to him he always had talent just needed to find some consistency and we''re not always the most patient with our attacking players. He''s going to have a big job on to keep Cardiff up though.
  10. [quote user="Aggy"]What benefit do Leicester get out of him earning his first cap? Why would it be a trigger for a substantial payment to us? Him playing 30/40/50 games for Leicester I can see the benefit for them. Him scoring 10/20/30 goals for Leicester I can see the benefit for them. That benefit flows back to us as part of the sale price add-ons. Other than perhaps a few extra shirt sales with his name on the back, how do Leicester benefit from him playing international matches? £250,000 doesn’t seem an unreasonable amount to me, although I genuinely don’t know how much these sorts of clauses would usually be for.[/quote] It''s not about what benefits Leicester, it''s a marker that he''s been a success at their club so a measn for our club to expect another payment as he''s obviously doing the business at his new club to an extent that he''s getting a call up.
  11. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="Nuff Said"]But if it’s “Burnley-esque” then it would be pretty good. Wouldn’t it? I’d take what Burnley have achieved at the moment.[/quote]So would I, but I can guarantee that IF we did get promoted then many fans, whatever they might say now, would demand that we took the gamble of spending big because this would be our chance to stay up and become a settled Premier League club...[/quote] Makes me laugh Purple when fans come out with the concept of "settled or established premier league team". There is no such thing bar the top 6 big clubs, everyone else is one bad season away from relegation just like Stoke and Villa.
  12. There can be no denying that we are not that potent infront of goal or even at getting infront of goal often enough. For me it looks like every game is going to be tight, but we really don''t have enough about us the smash a team off the park currently. Saying all that I think we look better than last season and I do feel with a slight speeding up of the play and being alittle more direct that the goal scoring is not insolvable.
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