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  1. SnakePit Lassy

    Snakepit celebrations

    i was at the front but certainly didnt see it.. :S
  2. SnakePit Lassy

    Season Ticket renewal,

    Mine is £170 too :D
  3. SnakePit Lassy

    A letter of disappointment for Hoolahan

    newton flotman hey?
  4. SnakePit Lassy

    Letter from the Club

    Robert N. LiM : wow thats hilarious...

    There was no need to send a letter out. the way i see it, is if the fans are worried about being squashed/injured, then they shouldnt run to the front of the stand. If they get hurt, then its their fault. letters have been sent out, they have been warned, its entirely up to the fans.

  5. SnakePit Lassy

    Letter from the Club

    i got one... so did dad..
  6. SnakePit Lassy

    Bloody pitch invaders!

    Well in that case, You should be banned from here for posting useless cr*p that noone wants to see!
  7. SnakePit Lassy

    Bloody pitch invaders!

    seriously.. you felt the need to start a new post because of that?

    What a exciting life you must lead.. the stewards obv thought nothing of it as noone was kicked out, and it was their fault in the first place for opening the gate with so many people around!
  8. SnakePit Lassy

    Barclay or Snakepit?

    The snakepit.. of course :)
  9. SnakePit Lassy

    Snake pit? More like mosh pit :D

    ummmm nope :)

    you dont have to look at us..
  10. SnakePit Lassy

    Snake Pit Chavs

    At the end of the day, You are there to watch the football, not concentrate on whats going on around you. I sit in the snakepit, Heard one chant sung by 2/3 fully grown men about galatasary, and that was it.

    As for the chavs, Its up to them what they do. If they are there to cause trouble, let them. Its them who will be kicked out/banned etc.

    If you are going to moan about the snakepit, I suggest you dont come and sit there again :)
  11. SnakePit Lassy

    snakepit 1st half

    I sat very close, and basically one certain steward seems to have a thing about one of the young lads, and thinks its ok to pull him about, grab his arm etc for not sittting down, where there are clearly a large number of other people standing around him.

    Its not a major problem, just annoying that the barclay are sanding with nothing being done about that.. if its one rule for them, it should be the same for us..

    I can guarentee (sp?) they wont be telling us to sit down for the ipswich/Leeds matchs..
  12. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    Is that an attempt to tell people you work at/with Mercedes? :P
  13. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    Well seeing as the international break is boring, i thought i would post it.
  14. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    ...good for you... (Y)
  15. SnakePit Lassy

    FAO Kiwi Canary

    I know him personally, and im 99% sure it is him.
  16. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    He does. a ''fit'' one too apparently!
  17. SnakePit Lassy

    What y'all listening to?

    Not an album, but loving chase & status!
  18. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    There was always going to be one sarcastic poster..


    its you.
  19. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    certainly could be! totally forgot about that!
  20. SnakePit Lassy

    Spotted ;)

    Just seen frazer forster in Norwich :) anyone know if his girlfriend is from Norwich?
  21. LOL at the blazin squad comment!

    yeah i was near it, and it stunk!

    stewards ran around like headless chickens as usual..
  22. SnakePit Lassy

    Mugs on Radio Norfolk

    Opinions. Holt maybe the captain, but i certainly dont think he had a good game today.

    HE needs to learn to run down the middle, and not keep putting balls into the box as he is our target man.
  23. SnakePit Lassy

    Grant Holt and Hoolahan...

    oooh watch out..

    When i said holt and martin needed a kick up the bum, my head was nearly bitten off..

    time to change it round i think!