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  1. I am currently in a relationship with a very lovely woman who is unfortunately from Ipswich. After a few months of getting to know her she said she was an Ipswich Town supporter. I''m not sure how I feel about this. I love this woman so much but I''m not sure if its possible to have a ncfc/itfc relationship. What are your suggestions/thoughts
  2. I give up! How on earth do you post pics on here?
  3. [url]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BDorB6fCUAAMnl9.jpg:large[/url]
  4. I can also see where you are coming from Kangaroo but unfortunately there are not many other options. I really like the yellow and green st georges flag though. Very tempted to get one made, just look at these when we were at the san siro! [img]https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BDorB6fCUAAMnl9.jpg:large[/img]
  5. Thanks for the ideas guys! I do like that yarmouth canaries flag and thanks for the heads up about fire certificates! *rolls eyes* Does anyone remember when we got promoted from League 1 and loads of stalls outside carrow road were selling flags obviously not from the club shop and the club tried to stop people bringing them in? Pathetic wasn''t it. I really like the idea of the Norfolk Flag. I''m just thinking of how I can incorporate the words NCFC on it. There is one here at a silly price! http://flagandbuntingstore.co.uk/acatalog/Norfolk_Flag.html?gclid=CL-18LyE17cCFY3HtAodwxEARA
  6. Hey guys, I''m thinking of buying a big NCFC flag and getting something printed on it to take to away matches and possibly at home. Anyone got any ideas on what I should have on there? I was thinking of 4-1 & 5-1 on a yellow and green st georges cross but I swear I have already seen one about.
  7. This game must not go ahead. I don''t see why we should let them come to our place and play us for a friendly. It won''t be a friendly. There will be red cards/fouls/scrapping and probably violence and vandalism around the ground and in Norwich. Surely the club wont pay for extra police costs just for a friendly?
  8. I hate the look of benteke''s face when he scored against us in the QF. Becchio to start with kamara up front
  9. What would be best? I reckon a Sunderland win which will leave villa in the dumps and not confident ahead of saturday. A draw will be ok though
  10. I have to agree. Must have been at least 3000 norwich fans at wigan yesterday but it was probably the worst away atmosphere I have experienced in years. Hardly any singing it was just like being in the N&P
  11. Can''t wait to see this guy! He will either be a massive flop or a massive success! I hope it''s the latter! From watching his interviews and general play he seems a really nice guy who just want''s a chance to play in the EPL and for Norwich. It is really nice that he is so excited to come here. Makes a change from recent years... I just hope people give him a chance and don''t slate him off after a few games. We need a song for him! How about .... Kay Kay Kay Kay.....Kei Kamara. Similar to the Simeon Jackson song. I know it''s generic but it''s a start!
  12. Glad I made someone happy...Come on guys, lets give it some!! OTBC
  13. Everyone needs to sing their hearts out tomorrow. Frankly, the atmosphere in the Barclay and around the ground has been pathetic in the last 5-6 home games. Really quiet and dull. This season more than ever the snakepit have been more vocal and even encouraging the Barclay to sing and all the Barclay can offer is a mumble "we''re the barclay" It''s proven that when the ground gets behind the team and really support them they play better and they try harder! So tonight... SING/CHANT/GOAD/JUMP/ & possibly come up with some new songs rather than the recycled generic sh*t that we always sing. :)
  14. This is disgusting. If this is true then then it is just truly shocking.
  15. Yes Please Jacob!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JemKpKHVLOE
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