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  1. he should been shipped out in January.... the bloke is another Mark Fotheringham
  2. As the title says.... anyone that is winging because we are now out of the cup, go and support that other lot of crap down the road... that was probably the 4-5 bad performance since Lord Lambert has been in charge, now im not being funny, it happens. yesterday we was poor, and yes it cost me 55quid to go and watch such crap, for 5-10 mins after the game, i was upset, as would of liked a cup run... but as for you morons that are still complaining about it, get over it, its over, and we are 8th in the Premier League with Manchester Utd visiting Sunday. Holt was rested, as Lambert clearly thought, that sundays game is bigger, and in my eyes yes it is. Ruddy was rested, because Jed Steer was unbelievable at West Brom a few weeks back and the young lad, deserves his chance. Ok Hoolahan was poor yesterday along with a few others, but TBH i think Hoolahan is starting to slip away in this league, yes he is skillful, but he takes too much time, and gets himself into trouble, by trying to be clever, which is frustrating. anyway, as I said iou all still wanna complain about the crap yesterday, then go and support Ipswich down the road, theyl be more than happy to have you there. Onwards and Upwards.....
  3. Hello and a good evening to you, I have 2 spaces available in the car for travel upto Aston Villa on Saturday. I will be leaving Norwich at around 0930hrs to get upto the ground for around 1230hrs. I am prepaired to pick up en route, or from Norwich. just looking to cover fuel costs, so with a full car, wont cost ya alot If anybody is interested then please Email jemandmatt83@yahoo.co. Thanks OTBC
  4. no probs mate.... looking like an expensie day out or me lol
  5. the course is being held by our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, so is in house, along with fellow employees from across different depots in the UK, but have been told to report at main reception on Monday morning. I was there for the thumping we gave them, il let you all know if the place has improved!!! Although i think to keep it subtle on the first day, il wear my Super Paul Lambert shirt
  6. Well, next week I am on a ADR (transportation of dangerous goods) course which is being held at Colchester Utds ground. Have been told to dress in smart casual.... wonder if il get away with my NCFC shirt collections and Jeans with Green and Yellow Retro trainers?
  7. Good Evening, I have 3 spaces available in the car for travel upto Manchester. I will be leaving Norwich at around 0800hrs to get upto the ground for around 1200hrs. I am prepaired to pick up en route, or from Norwich. Normally i have a group of lads who come, but have been unsuccesfull in the group 3 ballot. As a rule, i normally split the diesel cost between however many are in the car, so im guessing around the £10 mark. If anybody is interested then please Email jemandmatt83@yahoo.co.uk Thanks
  8. Hello, Firstly anyone who applied has been successful . just to let you know if you are consideing using the train, that being bank holiday there are a number of planned replacements, both Saturday and Sunday... As a result I will be taking the car, parking at tottenham hale and using the tube... Anyone wanting to come down in the car with me can... I''l charge £10 per seat to cover Cody of travel and parking. Thanks peeps
  9. I''m in, if it involves a few beers and stop offs... Cabbage do me head in also... Let me know
  10. I normally try and fill a car also for most away games that I can fit in around work. I come from Norwich, but be more than happy tO come via Bury... Normally fill the car and split it each way... Just bought a new one too so be cheaper with diesel.. Keep in touch, but can make Wigan I don''t think altho is possible
  11. some moron on facebook page, has stated that he has seen on sky sports this evening that Lansbury will be signing weds/thurs... when asked for a link he could not provide one. now i have scouted all throught the net and there is no mention of this... although i would like this to be true, i cant see it... but il be the first to appologise if it is true and he does sign... watch this space i guess
  12. [quote user="paul moy"]Indeed... the German friendly is nine Euros = 8 quid and includes 3 matches[/quote] Get a grip... I asked who WAS going not who isnt... If you can get to Germany and back for less than £15 then i''l hold my hands upto you and whilst I do that, I''d appreciate it if you can tell me where I can do the same!! £15 ain''t alot, and if it helps a local side out buy putting cash into there coffers then i''l pay it all day long!!! Some people...
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