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  1. Adds weight to my belief that something as gone fundamentally wrong in the dressing room.
  2. We were beaten by a well drilled and strong team, who do the basics very well. Their set peices are fantastic, literally everyone on a sixpence. All this fluffy 'if we'd have scored we'd have been fine' is nonesense, Sheff Utd were in second gear. Not sure if Max was instructed not to take on their full back, but not once did he attempt to beat Egan or Osborne, his worst perfromance for sometime. The Sheff Utd team that played today, is essentially that of last year, how have we fallen so far behind them? We're so powderpuff in both areas, we go into every game knowing we'll conceed at least one and are unlikely to score, however we only spend a short period actually intensly trying to score. When your only trying to score for 10 minutes per game, you're not going too. Duda is literally the invisible man in what should be such a key area for us. Dreadul summer window, dreadful winter window, all about beating Man Utd now. Lets also be honest, its wasnt Farke's Plan B, it was desperation.
  3. Is this the once a seasoners moaning about the away fans standing?
  4. Do the corportate packages change in cost? usually £150 This may have a corporate job.
  5. Derby obviously. As much as we've done well against top sides, Man Utd have give us two proper batterings. However we'd play them after a couple of crunch Premier League games (Man City and Spurs) whereby at which point the Europa may be their best chance of getting Champions League football next season, and our quarter would be after their 2nd leg.
  6. Let's not get it twisted Alex; We all want us to do well, we all want us to get through to the next round and avoid relegation. Lakey never predicted we'd win, he never used any evidence or rationale as to why these two games would be any different to the majority of the previous 30. I share many of the positive beliefs he does, but he is a WUM - He strategically times posts when he knows most will be down and prods them with him stick, he knows exactly what he is doing, when hes doing it and thrives off it.
  7. What a game. What a night. Fantastic for almost all that game. Cantwell/Idah penalties were great. Timmys prep was superb. A game we should never have been losing, felt so comfortable. A game that showed us even when we go hell for leather, we can have some quality and create chances. A catalyst for Saturday? All eyes turn to Derby/Man Utd tomorrow.
  8. For the league game we ended in a cracking little Turkish pub/cafe; Brown Efes Draft and a Chicken Gyro.
  9. For the league game I used parkonmydrive, £6.80. Around 15 minute walk away. Walked passed a couple of industrial units that were doing parking for £20
  10. Useless from a 'throw in, in their final 3rd' however not useless when in our final third and turning defence into attack quickly.
  11. I'd argue its not VAR that saved us but actually the referee didnt apply the rules and hid behind VAR.
  12. I know what you're saying and its rigth but this is exactly why the rules/use of VAR just aren't working. How can a handball for defenders and attackers be different? How can it then only be handball if a goal is scored? How can it be handball if the ball goes literally millimetres from Godfrey onto Inechano? How can the referee be allowed to not make a decision based on the fact VAR will check it?
  13. It actually as though; Becuase its allowing referee's the opportunity to not make a decision. Last night 27,000 saw the ball hit Inechano's hand - at which point it's a free kick to Norwich. The referee allowed the game to go on, knowing if Inechano scored VAR would check/rule out. However, what if Krul tipps Inechano's shot wide and they score the from corner? Just to add, never in a million years is it actually a 'handball'.
  14. Which is one of the fundamental issues with the rules/VAR in its current form.
  15. We're at the least, throwing punches.
  16. Does nowhere near enough for a No. 10 That 10 role is so important to us, we can't afford to have someone in that role who isn't creating, pushing the burden onto Emi/Todd. His big chance tonight and with a goal gaping he could only hit straight at the goal keeper. Bournemouth aside I'm yet to watch him and think 'we've got a player here'
  17. We made a good side look very average. Felt fairly comfortable. Max, absolutley outstanding. We're 100% better off with Emi on the pitch. Duda not exsistent. Outstanding technique by Jamal for the goal. We certainally wasnt at our free flowing (though we've not seen that for sometime) best, but I'm buzzing with them 3 points.
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