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  1. Come back to the original post !! I dont think we want lewis back. Forster is ok , he is free at the end of the season , so make him welcome and you never know. But other posters are right we do have steer,rudd waiting but to be honest we needed them to have a few more 1st teams games , it will be very tough next year.!!!
  2. EssexWhite , you must be a little worried that 3 teams behind you could go level on points with you if they win their games in hand.!!!
  3. Hold on ! you wave to your neighbour !!!  You live on albert square or something !
  4. are we a club struggling to score goals then , at this rate we will have a squad bigger than most premier league clubs. There was me thinking we were gonna struggle to fill a subs bench.
  5. I agree , there is only one Darren Huckerby. He for me came to Norwich when he could have had a pick of clubs in the championship, let alone a few of the premier clubs when he signed from Man city. We love him and he loves us , we should never compare him to any other player. But holt has come in and done a superb job and if he can do the same in the championship then we can start to raise his profile as a true norwich great. The one and only  Grant Holt !!!!
  6. We are top of the league, We are top of the league!!!!
  7. Your right about teams wanting to swap places with you . Infact we will be next week
  8. with Martin out of contract at the end of the season, should Lambert drop martin and play Oli to force martins hand into signing a contract or just concentrate on this season and hope promotion is enough for Martin. Im undescided
  9. where is he , he cant have gone to his first leeds game , or has he !!
  10. Well perhaps chrissy martin , until he signs a new contract
  11. Must be honest it looked like the keeper got a touch after it hit the bar , thought he gave handball!!
  12. Yet another game where we sounded like the home crown . Paulton Rovers were louder than colchester.
  13. Still think we wont catch ya. Wait till you come to carrow road.
  14. Football League rules say you can give someone permission to talk to another club and attach conditions to those talks, which we did - no appointment before compensation agreed. It doesn''t matter what Perry Groves thinks. And as you lot keep banging on about, Lambert and McNally are mates, do you really think they weren''t talking anyway. The Football League won''t listen to Perry Groves, they''ll look at the facts. We''ll get some money, more than you want to pay and less than what we asked for.   As colufan states that we have appoionted with compensation, then there really isnt anything to answer and the club is in the wrong, but colchester should have done something about it at the time. The truth is they didnt, they went off quietly and got in a new manager then after months tried to get compensation but were now asking for double what was on the table originally. Colchester only have themselves to blame in my opinion and fair play to Norwich. They could have gone to the football league when we got lambert but they didnt , which tells me they have F***ed up .
  15. Oh yeah , I would also rip the hotel down and make carrow road a 50,000 seater stadium.
  16. If I won £80million , I would give half to the club.No Questions, would''nt want it back. Would just want someone with the clubs interests at heart making decisions at the club. Would Rather give them my £40m than have some russians |£100m to be honest.
  17. Perhaps hes gonna share a lift with Doc to Plymouth
  18. Interesting that the area of the pitch in the photo , is the area of concern from the original game.
  19. He''s not going for 2 reasons. 1st he''s not scottish 2nd borough are not going to make play off and have started to settle for another year in the championship , so they dont have 3million + to sign him .
  20. I agree but Gunn brought in 11 was it . He didnt last long . But I hope Lambert Stays , Having said that , lambert will be deciding who he wants to bring in and im not sure he would still be doing so if he was wanting to get away.
  21. I am happy with being left out of the limelight at the moment . Much rather creep up quietly . Top spot will be ours!!  Leeds now have an FA cup run to worry about .. ha ha , and the JPT  
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