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  1. Almost every other Premier League club with significant away support operate a loyalty points system. We are now in the minority that don't use away points.
  2. Just choose your favourite pub with Sky. You''ll have the place to yourself!
  3. The ultimate irony is that the Ipswich Fans Twitter account that has been shopping Norwich fans to the Police for the pitch invasion is actually registered to this Scummer "Sitters" !! Hoisted by his own petard......
  4. You''ve been at UEA a year but you still don''t know where to drink???!! Hmmmmm....
  5. You could try The Norfolk near Colchester main station. They''ve got Sky Sports on multiple screens and its close to the station for anyone travelling from other places in Essex/Suffolk.I watched our Portsmouth promotion game in there and it was fine.
  6. I''m a season ticket holder for 26 years and I anticipated this being a very attractive fixture and a sell out. Consequently as soon as the draw was made I contacted my mates so we were ready to go as soon as ticket details were announced.Hence I have no sympathy for sleepy season ticket holders. I''m glad that Norwich fans that don''t normally get to go to the "glamour" Premier away games (because they always go to ballot) can enjoy a cracking day out supporting City.It''s not difficult to work out that it would be popular, just consider the evidence:- Its a very easy game to travel to from Norwich by road or train. - There''s a big covered terrace. (We all love a retro, old skool day out)- We haven''t played at London Rd since the 80''s, so all the ground tickers will be out.- There are some great pubs in Peterborough.- It''s the FA Cup 3rd round and we always take plenty away in the FA Cup. (4,000 to West Brom last season after we played them the week before)- General sale and terracing means there will be quite a few private mini buses and coaches organised. Good on ''em, it will be a great day out!
  7. No. To most players and coaching staff there is no difference. Its a JOB and a CAREER. But to us fans there is a huge difference becuase we have a massive emotional attachment to the club. You really can''t see that?
  8. So, next time one of your colleagues at work leaves to go to a competitor for a new challenge and a pay rise, will you stop speaking to them, abuse them and call them Judas? No..... thought not. Its just business, plain and simple. Why do you apply different rules just because its football?
  9. Having been on Sat its now up there with West Brom as one of my fave away trips. Mainly because its easy to get to (train to Stratford and overground to Highbury & Islington) and then loads of good pubs in Islington. We went to the Duchess of Kent who had a good range of real ales and great BBQ burgers. Just hope I get a ticket next season!
  10. Ha ha! Do you lot not realise when you''ve been trolled? Can''t believe some people are actually debating this.
  11. I suspect he''s already on his way. He will make a lot more money by moving to another club on a Bosman than he would by signing a new contract with us. Lets face it, if he was staying the City would have renewed his contract already.
  12. There is a 1 hour highlights programme on Sky Sports 2 at 9.30pm on Sat night. We are the only game so we should get plenty of coverage.
  13. There''s a 1 hour highlights programme on Sky Sports 2 at 9.30pm on Sat night. As we are the only game we should get most of the coverage.
  14. [quote user="Icecream Snow"]Can''t get the 5 letter centre back - driving me nuts[/quote]He''s a legendary centre half. One of the best to never win an England cap.........
  15. I would recommend The New Inn on South St (close to town centre, just off Butt Rd near the Police Station). Its a quiet corner freehouse and very friendly. Great real ale and Sky/ESPN. There''s a TV in the bar but also a large HD screen in the room out the back. Just ask the staff and they''re happy to put it on for you.http://www.colchestercamra.org.uk/pubs/COL/10833If you want somewhere close to the main rail station then The Norfolk on North Station Rd. Greene King Beer is average but they have several screens around the pub.http://www.colchestercamra.org.uk/pubs/COL/10839Town Centre will be lively although much more chance of running into your mate''s service men. However, The Marquis on North Hill will have the game on but is known as a "Liverpool" pub. Also attracts squaddies so you may wish to steer clear.http://www.colchestercamra.org.uk/pubs/COL/10686
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