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  1. I empathise with people''s comments. I chose not to buy Fulham tickets due to price.I''m all for freedom of speech but basic economics dictates McNally is well within his right to be charge as much as he can get for tickets when demand clearly outstrips supply.We all want our club to become an established prmeiership club and that takes money. I''d expect nothing else from our CEO to maximise revenue by charging as much as he can get. It may not be fair on us the fans but based on his decisions in the last two years he can do whatever he wants and will get my complete backing! (As long as the club prospers I dont mind missing out!)I think some people need to understand if you want 2/3 top signings in January, maximising ticket revenue and all  revenue streams for that matter is invaluable. We can''t have a successful side, full of high earning players without high ticket prices.Well done McNally. Keep up the good work - Until we get another 10,000 seats this is how its got to be.
  2. We''ve got to remember we are now a well run, professional club with a corporate approach to business. As soon as Mr McNally becomes invovled the banner will be scrutinised for health and safety, fire safety, repuatation management/pr risks etc. and then take an age to get a decision.This is a CRACKING idea and for it work it needs to be kept informal and be fan led. In the words of Nike Just Do ItThanks and well done OP. More than happy to contribute a fiver or whatever is agreed...(providing this is kept simple!)
  3. Lets fsce it. Mcnally clearly has a dislike for how p''boro do business so any mention of us turning down £550k was purely and simply because it was P''Boro.Mcnally now knows Cody Mac''s market value is atleast £550k so I suspect he''ll be keen to get a little more say £600k and then be happy to do a deal with a decent club that acts with integrity and professionalism. Someone like Huddersfield perhaps... Whatever happens woudl love Cody to have a great career with us or A Nother. He''s been a good servant and our success.
  4. I don''t hold out much hope for those 1000+ people on a list. Does anyone know of anybody not renewing?? (bet you could count them on one hand!!!)
  5. OP: I''ve not even read your post but the title is enough to drive me to anger!! Why do people need to start waving white flags????? We''ve been incredible this season, shown more consistency, more quality and a greater desire than any other side I''ve seen. Rather than wasting energy on pessimistic statements lets all throw our efforts into proving how much this means to the us and sing our club into the prem! Lets not forget the players read forums so the more negative comments that get posted on here, the more the players might just start to question their chances........ OTBC
  6. From what I''ve seen Lambert has a real preference for the players he''s brought into the club so I expect to see Fox starting over Smith....(although personally Id like Korey to start)
  7. This may be controversail but I''d like to see Korey moulded into a centre half. IMO he has all the attributes to be a top class centre half....(and would help us dislodge the 2 bits of wood we have currently!)
  8. You lot are nuts!!! Lets be realistic....Top half would be a  good season and then allow us to kick on next year.Why oh why must some people heap pressure on the team and have unrealistic expectations....For those that think we will get into top 2 please WAKE UP....Our journey back into the prem is a marathon not a sprint!!!
  9. Id agree with all of that big nose. McNamee was apalling in the first 45 being pushed off the ball every time he got it so respect to Lambo for pilling him off!!! Isn''t it strange how it always takes Holty 2/3 games to back up to match sharpness after a couple of games out....Lets hope he keeps suspensions to a minimum next year.
  10. don''t see the point of the question but yes. They were the better side for most of the game and without foster we''d have lost convincingly.
  11. I thought Rose was class and given a run of games could do great next season. His distribution was great with many a good cross under pressure. Likewise that lethal throw would be worth a few goals next year. I''d sign him for sure. Saw Russell Martin hobbling around outside before the game. Probably suffering from a broken ego at being dropped rather than anything else.
  12. I was in the Jarrold yesterday and I was one of those who was making eyes at an idiot who had a one man crusade to sing songs (badly!)...This same idiot shouted that he thought the lino was a c*nt and that the MK Don''s keeper was a black bastard so based on that I think I have every right to judge....I''m all for a sing song and some banter but there is a line and it was crossed yesterday. Maybe I should have made my thoughts known to this idiot but I was waiting for the steward to say something but all he did was watch and say nothing.
  13. Great so based on all thsi good stuff, does someone care to suggest at what game promotion will be confirmed??? Got to be Orient away for me assuming we win our next 5 and MIllwall/Leeds loose/draw a couple....
  14. [quote user="Nuff Said"]£500,000 was suggested as the fee in another thread on here. Seems like a lot for League 1. Is he really that good, and isn''t there anything better we can do with the money?[/quote]I think he''s out of contract int the summer so there''s no way Millwal could command £500k for him as they''d then loose him in the summer and get nought....more like half that imo.
  15. [quote user="Binky"][quote user="Mister Chops"]Must be some kind of "Go West"/"Grant Holt" possibilities.[/quote]Good shout Mr Chops. Think most want a "chant" rather than a song but this could provide both. There are 2 intro verses before the "Go West" anthem (you probably only need one of them) with each line beginning "Together" - that could be retained or "Canaries!" substituted for all or some of the "Together"s. Then the main verse to "Go West". The chanters could sing the "Together" (or "Canaries!") and "Grant Holt" while those who can, could sing the rest. (Together) We can Fly So High(Together) City ''til we die(Together) Grant Holt is our man(Together) We''re his greatest fan (Grant Holt!) He can run and run(Grant Holt!) And he scores for fun(Grant Holt!) Captain of our team(Grant Holt!) He''s a goal machineToo complicated? (btw - on You Tube there''s simple hand-clapping intro to it...)[/quote] Quality Blinky....loving it!!! How can we get it to the terraces?
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