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  1. Well done Swindon on the time, I did 3:27 today, quite pleased but wanted better. I saw Big John in Bermondsey at about 11miles, waiting for Mrs Ruddy.
  2. I think he is in Jarrolds the day of the Wolves match signing copies of his new biography.
  3. I don''t think there is one now. I joined the list early May and was told I was 1400th they then phoned when the last renewal deadline passed and offered me one.
  4. Also an U17 ticket, he does not look under 17!!
  5. I just hope it''s not Brian Gunn II. Keep us up, then go back to the under 18s.
  6. Doesn''t he still owe us a dressing room door?? I believe he put his foot through the away dressing room door after the famous Milk cup semi! He has to replace that just to get an interview!!
  7. With safe standing nowadays they do not take out the seats. It''s just a case of being allowed to stand in front of your allocated seat, but you can sit down if you want. They have this at the Allianz arena in Munich and it worked very well.  
  8. I thought it came from after a uefa cup match. We''d just beaten vitesse and the club put tickets up for sale and sold them before the away fans had returned from Arnham. This obviiously angered them & to appease them they had to hastily finish/ make the infill hospitable to accommodate the fans. It being part built at the time. At the match there were anti chase protests and he described it as "like a nest of vipers".
  9. Newcastle I thought should have been better. Last season the issues were the extra games caused by the UEFA cup. There is no money in this competition so it does not allow clubs to get squads to deal with the extra matches. But due to the dodgy off field issues regarding Joe Kinnear and Cissee this will means they will struggle. Stoke, they are going to go through a big transition regarding style of play, Pullis to Hughes is like chalk and cheese, and players may struggle to deal with the new style. Fans will also get restlesss if they struggle early on. Sunderland, when things are going well I think they''ll do okay, but when the inevitable sticky patch arrives, and every club goes through it, I do wonder who Di Canio will dela with it. If he has the man management skills to pull premiership players through it. He can''t bully them like a League one club players based on his reputation.
  10. I logged in Monday planning to get 2 tickets but when I saw they were £45 I thought forget it. I''m sure they''ll sell the tickets, just not to me. In previous years when tickets were early £30s I went a lot, but now it''s likely to be cheaper cup games only. I could afford it, but choose not to, especially as I watched practically every match last season home and away on line for free. Paying £100 just to be there seems too much.
  11. I was asking a friend earlier how many he''d scored, I thought 4. Didn''t he also score 2 in one match when we beat Leicester away??? I think that was Peter Grant reign??
  12. I''ll agree with Molby and Rocastle. Worst has to be Simon Tracey
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