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  1. You obviously don't have any mirrors in your house then 😉
  2. yes mate photo was taken from the radio times as they done a article about the difference between the 2 semi finals.
  3. Dont worry Im still about, just calmed down a little now...
  4. Hi Darren I have just sent you a private message.
  5. We have sold just under 2500 and with pay on the day we are expecting to sell out.
  6. I once shared a cell with Peter Mendham, top man always let me slop out first and let me have the top bunk!....Best 6 months of my life.
  7. Yep there are a few Yarmouth Yellows out in Miami so if you are on twitter get in touch with @7gof
  8. Good luck to him......he should keep them up!
  9. Poor old Fulham they will have to play Liverpool now.
  10. I first started following city back in the 70''s and always traveled away on Lily Kemps bus and please take it from me that Lady is a 100% diamond. When I 1st started following city times were hard and I sometimes struggled to raise the money for my ticket or petrol money for the bus and believe me I was not the only one but Lil and Pat were favorites of all the city players and they always would leave any spare players comps tickets for lil to hand out to ticketless fans and we allways managed to get in one way or another. When the bus was not coming Wisbech way I would thumb a lift to Norwich and often spend the night on Lils sofa for either early starts or times when we would get back too late to thumb it home after a midweek match. In those days you would be very lucky if we took 200-300 fans away from home and police escorts were non existant but everybody looked out for each other and Lil often had to step in to keep the peace. If anybody is fortunate enough to meet Lil at a match take time out to have a chat with her as Im sure she will tell you some stories that you will find hard to believe.
  11. Broke yet again! http://www.eadt.co.uk/sport/ipswich-town/owner_marcus_evans_remains_committed_to_ipswich_town_as_delays_in_cash_flow_comes_to_light_1_3091497
  12. Pinched From NUFC forum https://www.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=214905520200861172635.0004db4261f6252a83e59&msa=0 Diamond Strip Bars such as Destination, Clear Bar, Revolution, Floritas, Madame Koos, Baby Lynches, Perdu, OhSo, Tokyo, House Of Smith, Long Bar and more These bars are amongst the most popular bars for people to go to, they are modern trendy clubs are pretty much all in a row on the same road and are open past 2am. The kind of people that go here dont mind paying a bit more for their drinks £3-4 for a bottle of beer £5 double vodka & coke also they can be the t-shirt wearing fake tanned type people, these bars can be known as being a bit pretentious, but its still the place to be, if you watch Geordie Shore, these are the bars they go to. Quayside Cracking place to go drinking, especially in the afternoon on a sunny day, cracking river views but also night time as well, the bars here are more group stag/hen friendly and are not as pricey as above. The Gate Gigantic Glass complex in the middle if town with bars such as Lloyds,Mood, Players, Beyond etc also have Aspers Casino upstairs. Quite a young crowd get into here and the place can be quite busy, decent deals on drinks and a good place to start if your wanting food as well, there''s a Nando''s upstairs amongst other restaurants. Bigg Market Lots of bars for the young crowd, very busy and frantic, cheaper drinks, kind of a cheaper and more chav version of the Diamond Strip bars, too many to name individually but expect a very busy section of town crowded with young people. For the Match Recommended bars to watch the match would be Shearers, The Gate, The Vault, Fluid, Sam Jacks, Beehive all these are 5-10 mins from ground, near the Central Station my recommendations would be Long Bar, Union Rooms or The Lodge, but even here you''re only 15-20 mins from ground, all these bars will have multiple large screens for he game. For the best pre match banter go to either Sam Jacks or The Vault, my advice is Sam Jacks, both have cheap drinks, strippers and class pre match crack, just Sam Jacks is better and closer to ground. All bars in Town Centre are away fan friendly and you can wear your strips.
  13. Age 55 Deff would stand if available would not expect to pay anymore in fact I would expect it to be cheaper Would not appose any standing area after all had cracking days out at the likes of Yeovil, Peterborough ect.
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