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  1. well i and im sure many other fans can, he played in that role many times when hoolahan went off!
  2. [quote user="ucl-canary"][quote user="Jim Smith"] Another option is that Martin plays wuite well in the Hoolahan role at the tip of the diamond so could play there if need be. I assume Hoolahan will be first choice there but if he is out of form or injured could see us dropping Martin back into that role with Jackson and Holt up front. [/quote] When has Martin ever played there? He was out on the wing a few time last year and did ok, but never at the tip of the diamond as far as i remember. I would have thought Fox or perhaps Surman would be more likely backup to Hoolahan. [/quote] martin has played in that role quite a few times, you obviously don''t go to the games!
  3. exactly what i was thinking, he''s proven in the lower leagues but done nothing really for us!
  4. [quote user="Dogger "]Its at 5pm - Pete just txt me[;)][/quote] you just joking or is that true?
  5. i''m a season ticket holder so get to all the games but like too see all the videos and interviews, is it called canaries player now?
  6. Hi all, thinking of getting canaries world and just wondering what i get from it, i know about the players interviews and stuff but will i get too see videos of pre season training?
  7. is he signing then or is it just BS?
  8. You would have thought they would of tried to word it a bit different following the recent going ons.
  9. [quote user="Dogger "] [quote user="scrimmage"]Haha, nice. Can''t you just ignore him like everyone else does? [/quote] Can be hard to ignore him though, as he is everywhere!! [/quote] exactly
  10. [quote user="When Saturday Comes"] He has every right to support who he wants. [/quote] well i wish he didnt support norwich!!!!
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