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  1. Maybe there is a performance element to it dragging on. Improbably getting promoted results in a world of difference in value. I am like you no way would I invest in something without the ability to change things. I am surprised they can do a deal with the current owners as doing well enough to stay/not doing bad enough to leave is not the recipe for a bargain per se. Why would you spend ages on Norwich when other teams go kaput and you can have total control, a bargain and delighted fans having been saved.
  2. Bit harsh Both got to the prem from the champs. Wagner managed to keep his team in there there which Farke never achieved as much as I love the guy. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/taking-a-closer-look-at-previous-german-managers-in-the-premier-league-1662553829000 Farke - 49 matches, won 6, drew 8, lost 35; win percentage 12.2 Wagner - 60 matches, won 11, drew 15, lost 34; win percentage 18 Both got sacked Wagner then got the Schalke job which is a massive one which did not work out. I would hazard a guess that non city fans would have the view they are very similar careers with quite similar career paths despite having a different style Wagner being more pressing (if I remember correctly and back in the day that HT team looked really good). Farke would obviously be considered king of the Championship but then many clubs would have sacked their manager during the first prem campaign. Yes he got sacked by young boys as they demanded to be champions (they came second) he also won a game against Manchester United which was in the champions league group stage... a level which Farke has yet to manage in? So if the guy is motivated and sees us as the ideal place to prove to everyone he is the real deal I consider this a good appointment. https://terrierspirit.com/david-wagners-tactics/
  3. Heart = stay Head = if near 10 million he does not suit the new system as much and is off on a free soon. He is an experienced player and may well not want to be on the bench as Sargent surges in form. If I was reaching the end of my contract and had a chance to play in the premier league again with a new contract and a bump in salary of say over 20 percent + and bonuses etc….. would be tempting at his age.
  4. https://www.clowesfund.org Looks like more American investors. As the £ plummets and the FED rises faster than the BOE its going to be supermarket sweep.
  5. Interesting with the falling pound there is going to be a large number of US investors snapping up football teams/companies/anything. But seems like only two ways to make money. 1) Get in the prep and sell after picking up a bargain club in the champs. Risky as need to be there for a few seasons in a row. 2) Get promoted and the owners can vote to remove relegation/reduce size. A scenario so lucrative for the big six that getting mates to buy the smaller teams and vote against their own interests could be a possibility for up front cash/compo. So unless there is some form of sports business intra company tax deduction type thingy I don't see the allure outside of options 1 or 2. Anyhow fingers crossed it all works out and its for the best.
  6. Interesting ... From this it looks like Middleborough not that far out Derby County: Frustrated buyers say £22M price tag for Pride Park forced cost of deal above £50M. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10657199/Derby-County-Frustrated-buyers-say-22M-price-tag-Pride-Park-forced-cost-deal-50M.html
  7. Every business that folds, every factory that shutters more often than not results in creditors loosing money or agreeing to pennies in the £. They will take a haircut as DCFC dont have the liquidation value better something then nothing. Prices paid are made on the margin so in essence it is interesting to see how much Derby are worth in a fire sale. Norwich is not for sale so Delia can say 100 - 300 million + I respect your points but i feel it is comparable as its one of the closest clubs to our size and will give an indication of the demand out there. I can spend 10 million on a bronze statue of Mr Blobby ..... does not mean anyone is going to pay 10 million for it. Carrow road value for Norwich = xx million Carrow Road value no Norwich City = demolition and development which is substantial but not same league.
  8. It is hard to build a team for promotion from the champs with a view to the premier league. Better to do as we have before build a team to win the champs and worry about the rest later. I certainly would not sell any player in our team who is a proven champs performer unless worth it/they demand to leave. GK= Champs proven The defence = Champs proven Midfield = Weaker than last champs season* Attack = Weaker than last champs season** * Skipp not replaced and a lack of creativity it maybe that with a Skipp replacement other players improve against the lower quality opposition. ** Rashica and Sargent not proven in the Champs logically both should do better against poorer slower opposition. Pukki older and Emi was a fantastic player whom was too good for the champs last season. I do not see the consistency/durability of Kabak or Norman and the money should be used to get as decent a CDM as possible if they do not have long term faith in Sorensen. It will be very interesting to see who stays or not I think a few decent additions and the stark quality difference between the champs and Prem will be revealed.....ergo we should be competitive
  9. A fair point. "A back-and-forth followed between Boro and the EFL last summer, with the club’s solicitors asserting last July that the sale of Pride Park had not been at Fair Market Value. The club commissioned their own independent valuation which suggested a fee of £22.7m would have been “more realistic”." https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/58m-difference-middlesbrough-derby-valuations-18835544 So realistically circa 30 million and another 20-30 million for the stadium. 50 - 60 million + certain debts as in administration . Still not getting to 100million I feel it is very comparable as a similar sized club in the championship. We also have a whole squad rebuild next year though I admit we probably have a few more saleable assets. That is probably why there is little interest we are not a bargain and there are no guarantees of promotion either so why bother. If Derby was not applicable or a bargain... why is Mike Ashley et all thinking hey Derby have debts and no stadium lets buy Norwich instead... which he could do easily. Unless you are a premium top club football looks like the kind of market where unless you are cheap/motivated/distressed it is hard to get a deal done.
  10. I think the price for derby is in the 20-30 million £ zone I dont see anyone paying near 100m Inflation, and recession on the way anyhow so maybe more folk will be as "poor" as we are once the interest rates filter through on all those debts
  11. This. Chelsea may play the same sport but they are in a different planet. Norwich is a lovely club with a great fan base and outperforms its size. It has low prestige outside the UK and limited upside potential. The money to be made is buy cheap > get promoted > sell Ironically the most likely Prem buyer may well be a USA based mate of another clubs owner as that premier league vote could one day be used to form a breakaway premier league or join a super league. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2011/oct/17/foreign-owners-premier-league-relegation https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/premier-league-big-six-rebel-against-owners-charter-3s07763p3 Imagine one vote needed so the glaziers get their mate to buy Norwich (if in prem again) and then condemn Norwich to never being in the premier league again. In effect buying Norwich/el al for 100 million to add a billion $ each to the value of the top 5
  12. Therein lies the business case on how to make money in football MA is a billionaire he has already sold one premier league club and he feels like Derby at around that level of investment can be bought > promoted and then sold for say 100/200 million or roundabouts. You can argue MA is annoying when you are a Newcastle and you think you should be signing megastars and loosing 400,000k a day like Chelsea (nuts). But for Derby I do not see the bad side, they are in Admin and some debts wont get paid and others might MA comes in, club at a low ebb does he want to be a meh loss making champs side... of course not he has the money so I expect them to be strong contenders in due course on a budget yes but they will have plans. Once up the moaning will start but he will be able to cash out and then repeat.
  13. Rashica has looked ok ish for a few games. https://www.whoscored.com/Players/289014/Show/Milot-Rashica I would not say he has stamped himself as a premier league player as yet and still living off a bit of new signing hype. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/milot-rashica/profil/spieler/291739 I think they have it bang on we signed for around 9m and he is currently down a bit on that around 7m. Champs is slower so i would expect him to tear it up there to be worth 7-10 million One in the sorry you want to leave Rashica but you did not really do much last year and we are not taking a loss. Hammer them in in the champs and you can leave in January for a profit or leave once we are promoted. Saying that if he comes back and gets some goals/ assists and the whole team makes more of a fist of it maybe he can go if a profit can be had leaving money for a couple of players who want to be here. Sadly atm though we are so crap everyones stock is falling and I dont see who would want to pay more so a bit in the champs (which still gets you sold out over 10 million if any good) may be not the purgatory it once was.
  14. Agreed. We are not going to get anyone whom is obvious from the prem. We are so bad atm no point spoiling next seasons promotion possibilities by blowing the budget. However.... i think this years Prem X1 may well loose against last years Champs X1. So for me we need a DM and a fast striker for next year anyhow so may as well buy them now with an eye on next season in the champs if at all possible. If thats possible who knows its going downhill so fast I would be considering a signing just to prevent the season becoming a toxic nightmare.
  15. I quite liked the look of most of the signings tbf. However they did not and still do not address the issues We lost Skipp and needed to replace him with a tough physically able DM before skipp we had tetty we now have worse. The thrashings come from the midfield getting over run. We still do not have an overly strong, great in the air or mega fast striker. There is no plan B we dont steal goals or set pieces I dont even ask for a wonderful player just someone with a facet that causes havoc. We need a number 10 I assumed this was to be BG but since we seem to like playing him deeper then we should have signed a number 10 at least someone who can get into the box
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