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  1. Well if they think they are going to get 20 million for those then we will have to either be in the premier league or at the top of the champs. It cuts both ways if they sell all the best current players and bag the cash then pull it off on a shoestring = genius. If not and they pocket the cash and we drift to mid table mediocrity then the success of the past will be a deemed a fluke/good fortune.
  2. Statements like that are meaningless in this day and age. The fact is we do not have to sell them on the cheap, which we have not. As long as any premier league team pays the going rate for any of our players they are off. The model is sell for profit so I understand so the proof of the pudding will be the new signings made once the sales have been concluded. Now that will be a massive achievement promotion on a shoestring > best players sold > rebuild and then promotion challenge would be most impressive.
  3. If you are one of the other sellable players you must be thinking hey maybe I should make sure I jump ship also asap. A few months of not performing as expected in the champs in a depleted side will bring that value down for us and for them also. Who is going to be next off?
  4. Imagine you have a building site, kitchen, office any place of work. Your staff have won an award/recognition and now they are getting offered 75k when you are paying them 25k They are gone that is that some will work out their 1 month notice in a professional manner others will be demotivated and/or arses about it. Get them out and get new folks in asap no other way to resolve this sadly the gap in prestige and cash is too high.
  5. There clearly is a project Get players in and sell them for profit and or if possible raise standing of club at same time. I expect anyone of value to be sold and why would Pukki hang about past Jan either if the replacements do not deliver. As soon as we spent sweet FA after promotion the "project" was clear with these sales and the Prem money banked i cannot think of another way we could have made more money. i may well help the club attract good young players as they know we will not keep them prisoner either by no selling them right away and or keeping players above them so they do not get a chance. I am not mad about it as it is clearly the plan I would be surprised if the recruitment team did not get a commission/bonus on sales. Once relegated and the wage cuts came in it is an optimum time to sell players, highly valued from the Prem and wages low so they want to leave asap and not do a Naismith. IMHO just hurry up and get them all sold be upfront about it and pay out for some decent replacements.
  6. Agree football feels like a pyramid scheme which will fall down once the real recession/lower tv contracts come in and or other leagues rise up again. Despite huge amounts of money many of the top teams rely on sugar daddies and even quasi government money. We have an amazing football heritage in this country with lots of smaller teams and all dream that if they win enough they can rise up the leagues. Sadly that dream attracts rogues who gamble with a local institution like many do with companies all over the UK borrowing and spending money on the never never. Yes this finds its way into wages for players...but to not draw the line will result in less teams and less jobs for players in the medium long term. A club cap would allow teams to blow all of it on one star and 10 kids if they wanted or to spread it equally. If a sugar daddy comes along they can still get an advantage by by training facilities, coaching and developing players. Just look at us for example we would do ok in such a system. You may argue hey other bigger clubs can buy our players any time... but they can pretty much do that anyway. http://www.just-football.com/2011/04/nfl-v-premier-league-socialism-v-capitalism-in-sport-format/
  7. Yep apparently dynamic winger full back. Arrons replacement most likely?
  8. I was under the impression that after relegation players get an automatic pay cut. Ergo given the wages we pay are probably not that high players would be mad to stay if they have better offers. Krul: Does he still have ambition if so he needs to stay in the premier league if a number one slot comes up. Off Cantwell: Seems to be getting mentions and hype from other players and when on TV delivered the goods. Off Buendia: Lovely player but I dont think will get as much money as we think he will. I would not buy him if I where a middle lower team in the premier league...has he really been that effective. Better for a stronger team if they are interested 50/50 Pukki: More valuable in championship not enough power and pace for the premier league. May be tempted to sell if an offer from abroad comes in. 70/30 stay Lewis: Still looks raw but wonderful athlete definitely will be interest Off Aarons: As above but seems to have a higher reputation Off Godfrey: Another player with the athletic ability to be top draw yes he makes mistakes but he is also playing the games I would take a punt on him so I think 50/50 It will be a massive achievement to be promoted again next season. I remember watching the 1-3 loss to Sunderland back in 2017 and thinking how slow and ponderous our play was. Arrons and Lewis gave us width and pace where it was lacking before.....they are both going to go most likely. Two Premier league, fast end to end fullbacks leaving.
  9. Good so you confirm its there and this time you actually read it. Yes the other stuff is from national newspapers the Times is usually considered a quality paper and did not support brexit etc. How do you know they are righties? Maybe they went to donate money to BLM UK and read the go fund me page... which kudos to them has raised over 850,000£ https://uk.gofundme.com/f/ukblm-fund YESTERDAY by UKBLM Fund, Organiser "We’re guided by a commitment to dismantle imperialism, capitalism, white-supremacy, patriarchy and the state structures that disproportionately and systematically harm Black people in Britain and around the world." I am not saying thats right or wrong power to them etc etc. But considering that we rightly or wrongly live in a capitalist society that requires political change and thus the organisation is not simply one of morals. And if the capitalism is "dismantled" what will replace it..... My point with references and proof is not that BLM is right or wrong but it is a self defined movement with political aims. So football teams should seek long and hard before aligning themselves with it. To be honest if they keep raking in money at this rate they may remove the socialist/defund police stuff to keep the gravy train rolling.
  10. Ok https://blacklivesmatter.com/what-we-believe/ Para 7 and Para 17 Gary McFarlane the gentleman next to John Boyega https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/06/12/make-no-mistake-blm-radical-neo-marxist-political-movement/ and if thats to brexity right wing for you https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/hard-left-hijacks-black-lives-matter-movement-lpmfn3f2j https://www.marxist.com/international-reports-from-the-black-lives-matter-movement.htm I support their right to freedom of speech and their own personal life journey. However to hand over money to BLM and publicity without knowing or denying the objectives is silly, they themselves are clear about it and upfront.
  11. Sadly its delusion to think that someone painting BLM on a statue of a revered figure would not be a feast for racists seeking to recruit. You must know how it works in a protest you have about 80/90 percent decent folk then x% who are either hardcore supporters or people out for a ruck for the day. The objective is to start something and then magnify it out to co opt the others either in violence or to visually make it look that the bad behaviour is larger than it was. As soon as a fool tried to burn the flag and the statute was tagged the nasty pieces of work thought excellent we can now use this to try and build up support and increase our power. You now have the festering situation that needs to be addressed of BLM and left wing agitators supported by the well meaning middle class/students on one side and the poor white section of the country (uneducated white boys are actually the worst off in UK with only 5% seeking further education) being worked on by the far right. If one takes 2 minutes to visit the BLM website and read it you clearly see their wish to defund the police and is comrade this and comrade that. It clearly has a political agenda it is indisputable far beyond the simple and universally decent messuage of rights and love between races. We may look back on this period and think actually this made things worse.
  12. Ian Crook for me I remember thinking how you add him to a team it becomes a passing team enhancing the talents of those around him. Oh how he would be appreciated in this day and age... as opposed to being overlooked in favour of Carlton Palmer el al. Looking back at the old days how England never made better use of Crook and possibly even more so Le Tissier ...big club snobbery. However as others have stated the single biggest impact on a city side i ever saw was Huckerby.
  13. Agree with this. Bigger teams than us are spending more money every year to get out of the Champs and to financially dominate now are we going to say buy a top striker for 10+ million to replace Pukki for example? If we are then it would have been better to buy a player or two for 5-10 million this season it would have made all the difference. We never seem to have enough pace and power when we have ben promoted recently.
  14. This we are in the business of selling players for money now the recruitment team would then have to prove their worth replacing him. 29 year old free transfer > 15/20+ million £ and also possibly getting xxK a week more and lets face it a lovely place to live and champions league football and some title chances. Its a risky move Pukki is untested in the premier league unless he tears it up he wont be worth much more than he is right now given his age. From a football perspective get lost... from a business perspective cost of replacement+risk of loosing player+ profit = x It may very well be that they would not pay what he is worth to us (a good chance of that tbh) Put yourself in Pukkis shoes I dont know what we are paying but this might be his last shot at a big move. If he flops in the premier league this wont come again.
  15. I do also. When I watch Kane in an actual game ie for City when on loan, in the world cup against the first half decent team and tonight....he has not looked world class to me. I am sure he is wonderful but Spurs looked toothless tonight.
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