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  1. Fromage Frais

    Best Norwich city player and why

    Ian Crook for me I remember thinking how you add him to a team it becomes a passing team enhancing the talents of those around him. Oh how he would be appreciated in this day and age... as opposed to being overlooked in favour of Carlton Palmer el al. Looking back at the old days how England never made better use of Crook and possibly even more so Le Tissier ...big club snobbery. However as others have stated the single biggest impact on a city side i ever saw was Huckerby.
  2. Fromage Frais

    Prudence v Naviety

    Agree with this. Bigger teams than us are spending more money every year to get out of the Champs and to financially dominate now are we going to say buy a top striker for 10+ million to replace Pukki for example? If we are then it would have been better to buy a player or two for 5-10 million this season it would have made all the difference. We never seem to have enough pace and power when we have ben promoted recently.
  3. Fromage Frais


    This we are in the business of selling players for money now the recruitment team would then have to prove their worth replacing him. 29 year old free transfer > 15/20+ million £ and also possibly getting xxK a week more and lets face it a lovely place to live and champions league football and some title chances. Its a risky move Pukki is untested in the premier league unless he tears it up he wont be worth much more than he is right now given his age. From a football perspective get lost... from a business perspective cost of replacement+risk of loosing player+ profit = x It may very well be that they would not pay what he is worth to us (a good chance of that tbh) Put yourself in Pukkis shoes I dont know what we are paying but this might be his last shot at a big move. If he flops in the premier league this wont come again.
  4. Fromage Frais


    I do also. When I watch Kane in an actual game ie for City when on loan, in the world cup against the first half decent team and tonight....he has not looked world class to me. I am sure he is wonderful but Spurs looked toothless tonight.
  5. What a strange game boring as hell. Spurs disappointing pressure on and intensity was low, I was left wondering how they got there in the first place. We have been really spoiled this season and i did not fully realise till I sat through that tripe this evening.
  6. Fromage Frais

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    Yes .. He is the 14th fastest player in the premier league apparently. https://talksport.com/football/348058/20-fastest-players-premier-league-walker/
  7. Fromage Frais

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    This guy seems to fit the mould. Good pedigree > overhyped > fell away. They come here get mega fit and get rebuilt in a supportive environment. Looks to have outstanding technique but that only gets you so far in the premier league which is full of very strong and very fast 6ft + athletes. They have seen something in him though maybe another x% they can extract with fitness and mentality.
  8. Fromage Frais

    What price Webber?

    There you go. So are Manchester United going to put him in charge of the entire football side of things and pay him 1.5/2 million? Or are they just going to put him in charge of transfers and then in that case would he be paid that level as it would not be so senior.
  9. Fromage Frais

    What price Webber?

    This. Put yourself in the Manchester united owners shoes. You need immediate success and top level players to get that. Webber is good but .... I would hazard recruiting and managing multi million £ superstars is a different skillset to players that can make a difference in the championship. Why hire a guy from Norwich when you can hire a top level equivalent with champions league experience from Italy or Spain etc? I just do not see it happening at this moment in time or at Manchester United a more dangerous link would be with a team like LDC mentions a Newcastle/Villa/Everton sized club who can use transfer savvy and youth to complete with the superstar recruiters. Manchester United fans are not like us they are not going to endure a season or hardship whilst Webber shifts pogba on. Nor are they going to accept a Farke type coach unless he hits the ground running... The local rivals have Pep Guardiola Webber is either going to be rolling the dice on a Farke type (who may not be able to deal with prima donna superstars) or hiring a big name manager. I think its actually better for Webber to be here at Norwich and being middle of the premiership. 1) He has total control here 2) from this https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/941383/Premier-League-money-directors-salary-every-club-sportgalleries I see that Directors earn between hundreds of thousands to 2-4 million for the best paid. Why can he not earn this kind of money with Norwich 10-20k pw? less than Naismith. 3) Norwich can sign players for x million and sell them for xx million ie they should always look to make a profit from transfers. Maybe he does already but I would probably give my sporting director a bonus % on transfer profit and imho it will be much more attractive at Norwich as players will generally want to go for the higher money. The best young players will want to come as they know they will play and then get sold for the big bucks. When you sign a 50-100m player you only have a few clubs to sell to and the clubs run at a loss to win things.
  10. Fromage Frais

    Daniel and the 'misfits'

    [quote user="Hercules"]" I think it would foolish to bring in a player on loan simply to sort

    himself out for a bigger move in the summer with absolutely no benefit

    to us in the process."That''s my thought.Likewise I don''y think we have given up on making the top six. All we can do is keeping picking up points and see where that leaves us. We had the same rather bizarre ideas in the PL where we were supposed to concentrae on avoiding relegation rather than trying of get as far up the table as possible. As if some how they were mutually exclusive.However we undoubtedly have taken a more pragmatic view given where we were before the transfer window and we have continued with development of the squad, rather than throwing everything at keeping us in the top six or two.There are many varied reasons were players are not at their best. Look at Chelsea. Clearly something is amiss there given the money they have spent.The club has gone back to what it does best. Finding players with the right approach that have not only something to prove, but a recognition that when the chance comes along, grab it. Holt, Martin, Hoolahan well proved that.. as did a host of others along the way with them.We''ve all seen players who did not want to be here, and couldn''t wait to hop into their car and head down the A11 after the game. I think it was Roberts who talked about the team spirit in 04/05. That is something I sense we have now. Players like Zimmerman have bought into this, as has Maddison and I don''t doubt others.So misfits or not we look to have a squad who will work their collective backsides off for the cause. For those who thought the season was over then think again. I can assure you we will be a lot closer to the play offs than we are now come May.


    I also do not see the logic in having a loan without a purchase clause unless its a player who is guaranteed to give us a boost or something we are missing.

    It must be good for Norwich as if we can get the "misfits" we are a small city away from London and for young german players who may have spent to much timeout with the lads it can give them a fish out of water focus...but still with friends and a support network of professional ex pats.

    A new start so to speak and they can leave their baggage back home
  11. Fromage Frais

    Moritz looks good

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Suspect he has been lined up as the Maddison replacement for the summer.[/quote]

    My thoughts also.

    By the summer I would have thought the hope is most would have accepted JM departure (for a great big bid) and then have the blow reduced by knowing ML can cut the mustard.
  12. Fromage Frais

    It's all baffling

    Ok forget about football.

    Your a Billionaire and I have a proposition for you.

    There is business I have for sale its about 30 million £ and most likely it looses money operationally to stay competitive.

    However you can buy members of staff for say 500k or a million £ and then every couple of seasons you can sell them on for 5 6 and every so often 10-20 million if you buy right.

    And if you lucky you may get promoted and the business will then turnover 100m and you can sell it for 50-100m profit.


    You can buy this business spend 50-100 million £ on excellent staff you get promoted or loose loads of money.

    Once promoted you can sell the team for about the same you paid out to get there. also if you dont spend another 50 million you may get relegated.

    My feeling is that with the wage bill trimmed and the costs down your more likely to sell the team.

    You certainly cannot sell it with Maddison etc as he may be worth more then 50% of the whole business and nobody is going to want to pay for him and then sell him for the same ish value (or he gets injured).

  13. Fromage Frais

    This Edwards Loan...

    You dont need to borrow a bad apple.

    Another week and then get rid we have new players that need to be concentrated on.
  14. [quote user="Big Vince"]It has been reported today that the former Brazil striker is looking to buy a second-tier club in England or Spain.

    He has a net worth reputed at $150 million.

    Clearly not megabucks by today''s standard, but still a lot more than the Suffolk Socialists. Even if he put in just £5-8 million a year it might just help keep the team together and progress rather than sell everyone off and go for League 1 instead.

    Will Wynnie for once in his life set aside his xenophobia and prove that he has nothing against foreigners who are Brazilian? Surely he should at least speak to the boy. After all, he could have great contacts in Brazil and Spain and a bit of samba dancing on the pitch at half-time would surely liven up the place, as it is currently dead.[/quote]

    150 million $ thats £105 million £

    He does not have the money unfortunately.

    I dont think the club is that valuable but it must be worth more than 20-30 million+ given that wolves sold for 45 million and 60 million for villa...

    wigan apparently are going to be sold for £20m. Bizarrely James Madison looks like 20 million+ nearly the same value as the whole business! That puts the financial gulf into perspective.

    So after buying the team for 30 million plus costs Ronaldo will have 60-70 million which I hazard is the same new worth as MWJ and DS give or take a few 10''s millions.

    Unless he has significantly more money than 105 million there is no chance...or maybe he would be the face of some oligarch investors with billions which is more likely.

    250 million for a new custodian (sensible and organic), or 5 billion + and do a wolves required at least.

    No fool is gong to want to spend all their wealth on Norwich city.

  15. Fromage Frais

    450-500K a week !!!!!

    [quote user="Hairy Canary"]How can there be a wage cap? This is a private company paying an employee what they think he''s worth - not coming out of taxation or anything like that.

    Totally obscene but it''s up to them.[/quote]

    You could have a team wage cap or variation of.

    That way you could pay a lot of one person or spread it around more. a la NFL


    NFL 2016 $167 million cap per team £120 million £

    Manchester city £244 million


    Manchester United £263 million


    Its all fun for a while then it becomes a bit boring Leicester winning the premier league was fantastic i can hardly remember the other winners recently as its a boring limited selection.

    At one small stage the "smaller'' teams had a boost after the television deal which meant they too could have a team of internationals and it felt like progress culminating with Leicester.

    This latest bout of wages though is utterly silly and undoing that progress. It will be interesting if a revolution in the gulf or sudden loss of interest from a sugar daddy in the premier league will bring the bubble down.

    For teams like Norwich the game is about buying players for 500k and selling for millions now.

    Ipswich where so lucky their golden days happened when they did, today those players + manager would be out the door after a season.